Savitri Devi 19th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Savitri asks Sanchi to keep Baisakhi fast and do puja

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Savitri Devi 19th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gayatri asking Veer what is this misbehavior as he throws his shirt on her. Veer says it is better than what you have done. Savitri tells Veer that everyone is done by Jaya. Veer says why a mother will do such a thing with her daughter. Savitri shouts at Veer and tells that Gayatri has done so much for the house. Veer tells Gayatri that he knows that she is behind the cheap conspiracy. Gayatri smirks. Veer tells Sanchi that he has made the food. Sanchi says she will serve the food. Veer says I will set the table. Sanchi and Gayatri come there. Savitri says son is doing house work now and asks Sanchi if she wants to humiliate them. Sanchi says sorry and asks Veer to stop and she will do. Veer tells that they were both equally responsible and tells that I didn’t marry to get my wife work in kitchen. He says she is a bahu and that’s why she works in kitchen, but she is busy for next 6 days as she has exams and that’s why I will help her in her work and nobody can stop me, not even Sanchi. Savitri says you will argue with me for her. Veer says I am just fulfilling my duty.

Gayatri asks Savitri to come and take her with her. she tells that tomorrow is baisakhi and Sanchi has to keep the fast, but don’t know if she will keep or not. She tells Savitri that Sanchi has become Servant to Veer and asks her to have food. Savitri makes Gayatri eat with her hand. She tells that Sanchi has to fulfill all the duties of a bahu and keep baisakhi fast. Gayatri makes Savitri have food and smirks.

In the room, Veer and Sanchi are in the room and stop each other from coming closer thinking about Jaya’s condition. Sanchi is studying in the room. Veer couldn’t get sleep and is about to go. Sanchi says you can sleep on bed. Veer says if I sleep here, then my heart will want to get closer to you and hug you, I have promised Jaya Maa not to get closer to you, and says it is just a matter of 6 more days wait.

Next morning, Veer looks for Sanchi and sees decoration work going on. He thinks why decoration is going on. He sees Sanchi in kitchen and asks her to go and study. Sanchi says she is doing both things together and gives him tea. Veer asks about decoration. Sanchi says today is Baisakhi. Sanchi says I am happy to help you a bit. Savitri comes and taunts her. Veer says she don’t have time for the talks. Savitri asks her to keep fast, do puja and other stuff. Sanchi says I have kept fast, but I didn’t know about the fast. Savitri asks her to keep nirjala fast and then join them in farm for the puja. Veer tries to refuse. Savitri asks her not to refuse. Veer asks Sanchi why did she keep the fast. Sanchi says this is my first Baisakhi and that’s why I have kept fast. She says she will ask Maa to give her off. She comes to hospital. Jaya tells her that she has given Dr. Kabir and her work to someone else.

Sanchi tells about Baisakhi fast. Dr. Kabir asks how can you take it lightly. Sanchi says both things are important for me. Jaya asks them to study for now. Dr. Kabir thinks I will not let Sanchi take the exams lightly. Veer’s friend ask him to have food. Veer refuses. He gets wedding card and checks. He comes to know about Jasleen and Harman’s marriage and thinks to inform Sanchi. Dr. Kabir asks Sanchi to have food. Sanchi asks him to have food. Dr. Kabir says if you don’t have food then from where you will get strength.

Sanchi says I have kept this fast for my love and my love will give me strength. She asks him to have food and goes to side to call Veer. She asks him if he have food. Veer says he ordered food and got it also. Pragya says he is lying and it seems he is keeping fast. Sanchi says you will get head ache if you don’t have food. Veer says he can’t have food. Pragya goes to check patients. Veer says I wish I could spend time with you, but I can’t come, else Sasumaa will make us wear alarm band. Sanchi smiles and says it is matter of 6 days. Veer says it is fun to wait and when we meet after 6 days then it will be special. Sanchi says yes. Dr. Kabir gets angry and thinks sanchi is wasting her time. Ria hears them and thinks they didn’t have their first night till now and thinks to inform Gayatri. Veer tells Sanchi about Harman and Jasleen’s marriage.

Sanchi tells that she will go for Puja, but Dr. Kabir stops her. Veer comes to farm to do the puja on behalf of Sanchi. All ladies are surprised.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Guys dis show is going off air

    1. Lokesh

      When waiting from 7 months, I watched it from 1st epi, that epi was so much promising , but then they ruined everything, Sanchi veer Kabir still in doubts, sanket gone, Priya in trouble Vikrant pagal is moving freely, no story for Isha, even Pragya too, Savitri vamp or protagonist no one knows, even some times I think whether veer is protagonists or antagonists. Left it, this all thing not for u, wrote it in steady flow, well thanx for telling it’s going off air, came here after long tym to give a dislike.sorry if u felt bad.

  2. Ha ha????TRP 0.6 . Vah kya hot couple hai sannomi. Bedroom romance dekha diya Shower scene ho gaya kissing ho gayi shirt bhi utarkar ho gayi ????kuch kaam nahi aaya .next week kya trp ke liye aur kya kya utarenge veer ka pata nahi .???? ek kaam karo RS sannomi ko honeymoon hot bedroom live telecast kar do .shayad trp mil jaye .

    1. Agar kabir aur saanchi ji Shaadi hogaye tih shayad trp milsaktha hai ab yesa kuch jarna RS mam ki trp rating bad Jaye. Aur vasase b ab b kagani mein twist la saktha hai

  3. Next week they will show that dr. Kabir got failed in the exam and sanchi mata topped in the exam bcoz she has true love her chota bhai oops pati veer. And they will show that if u hav ur soooo called saccha pyar there is no need u will definitely top in the exam. By ruining kabir’s character completely and showing sanveer jabardasti wala romance they think trp will increase then i also want to see how much trp it gains. Rs ko samajh main nahi ata ki koi pair or koi famaus actor trp nahi la sakta. To gain trp there should be a solid storyline so that audience will get hooked to the story. Agar sirf bade actors k naam se show chalta to salman,shahrukh and amir ki koi movie kabhi flop nahi hoti. But the storyline of this show is rediculous. Jab show dekhana start kiya tha to laga tha ki solid story hogi but mila kya baba ji ka thullu. I wish trp aur gire and show jaldi se off air ho jaye aur iss show ki jagah shayad koi accha concept aaye.

  4. Rashmi sharma

    Haye raam utha lo koi ISS CVS ko…. Kbhi nhi socha tha Ki koi show aisa ghatiya storyline dikhayegi… Ek pair ko justify krne Ke liye puri story bigad di…. Chiii… I regret myself that once I was a sdch viewer…. Had hoti h…. Ari ari ari kaise bhool jaye ye rstf show h Jo aise shows Banane me PhD kr chuka h… Or haan kuch ne bola tha trp badhegi tomchi oops sanveer hone se kya hua … Kha ho muh chupa Ke ….. Ari aisa couple …. Pata nhi kaise dekhte honge viewers…yha to written update hi padh Ke hasi aati h tomchi ka 3rd grade romance padh Ke….or haan vikram sir ko 3rd grade actor or robot jisko acting nhi aati jin andho ne bola tha kaan khol Ke sunlo kyuki aakh to h nhi… Bhauk lo jitna bhaukna h ….. Aakhir tommy Ke fan ho bhaukoge nhi to air kya karoge…. Or jitna itarte the Ki vk fans Ki wajah se trp aata h Ab kya hua…. Trp NA achi storyline she aati h NA Ki famous actor Ki wajah se….ari haan jab medical drama Ke naam pe saas bahu drama ho RHA h feedback aaya to kya kiya CVS ne… Scholarship exam karwa Diya….ari dikhao NA saas bahu drama …koi kuch nhi kar skta… Bematlab ka kyu medical field Ki dhajiyyan uda rhe ho… Such me saare doctors behosh ho jayenge …. Kuch b medical drama Ke naam pe….. Bas jldi se offair ho jaye ye wahiyat show… Fan fictions hi best h….

    1. After seeing I this I will say….vk is not a famous actor…..were r his fans who create lot of buzz in twitter

      1. You r right dear even after this they r not ready to accept it and are assuming things by their own that makers r showing sachi, jaya and savitri thats why trp is low. They r not able to understand that this show is all about sanchi. And there not a single episode without vk everyday he is there and his chracter has been also shown as so goody goody. But they say its all abt varun . They r saying show varun trp will increase. They don’t understand that first of all this show is not at all abt veer its abt sanchi another thing is to make a story each and every character is needed. Agar veer screen pe akele aake chillayega ki deko deko mai aa gaya badhao trp. To kya trp badh jayegi. According to me the pathetic story line is responsible for low trp but these fans r not ready to accept it. There r so many loopholes in this show-
        1. Who brought sanchi back to the hospital.
        2.why did savitri all of a sudden changed her statement while she was completely fine at the time of hearing and also told jaya that she will take the side of truth only.
        3. Why did malhotra took responsibility of kabi as its been shown till now that he never does anything without profit. Pade rahane deta ma bete ko road pe but usane kabir ki parvarish kyun ki?
        4.whats the bitter truth mentioned by kabir’s fatherduring hostage drama and why he has not told this to any one.
        and last but not the least why all of a sudden kabir wants to snatch the hospital. What abt his feelings for sanchi. Was it fake (i never felt so bcoz i hav always felt that his feelings for sanchi were genuine though sanchi does not deserve his love at all).
        Besides giving answers to these questions cvs were busy in sanveer breakup patchup drama. And now in showing them as true lovers and others stupid. Being a normal person i feel this is the real reason for fall of trp. I don’t know wat u people think but i feel so. And ya if i missed any point u ppl r free to add on.and i won’t say sorry to anyone bcoz its my opinion and i m free to express it.

  5. Haha i just feel pity to those so called blind n obssessed Varun Kapoor twitter fans. They used to say our vk is main reason to run the show as he only brings TRP????..0.6 was this the trp that he has gained by his so called brilliant performance. Someone said so true.. he has kissed, removed his shir, did shower romance n omg their so called disgusting romance everywhere n everytime???
    Even this can’t bring trp. Now maybe rashmi ll show s*x scene to gain trp bt kya kare bhaye agar bachee ko hot scene karne doge toh nahin chalta… instead of dat show ur female lead feeding him milk????….

  6. I heard that show is going off air I am soooo happy….

  7. Priyanshipp

    Exactly .. I too feel same…this show is stain on name of medical drama… I was waiting for this news since long..super happy…

  8. Normal person

    rashmi should die.illiterate same time an mbbs and superspecialist are giving an exam and mbbs will top the exam and a person like kabir is jealous for a cheap girl.

  9. Trp decrease hone se sare vk fans pagal ho gaye hai .justify karne ke liye others actors ko blame kar rahe .but fact is fact VK ko koi nahi puchta .VK ki to indiaforum rank bhi more than 100 hai . Agar vk itna popular hota aur goid actor hita to SWARAGINI ke baad koi singal lead ke show me aata .( Nimesh taneja ki tarah jo Ekkyavan me aata hai jiski trp iss week sdch se jyada hai ???) .SDCH jaise two ML ke multistarer cast ke show me kyu aata vo RS ke show me . Kyo kisi dusre production house ne nahi liya bachhe ko .?????? VK fans khud hi galatfami pale huye hai vk ki popularity ki .aur rahi sannomi couple ki .kisi SNS ke poll me unka name bhi nahi hota koi kutta bhi puchta iss couple ko .

    1. Hum b vk fans per show mein story line important hai aur yeh hospital drama wali show hai aur sanveer to bahi behn ki that’s hi Nazar aati hai toh show ka trp issue wajase girahi hai aur koi reason nahi
      Yahi bath romance ki you dono romance ka matlabi nahi pata aur vs ki Kya galti hai vo birthday to show ki lead male agar show mein vs nahi hotr na show ka production flop hojaye gi

      And show ka off air jaana hi acha hai

    2. true…..if vk is soooo famous then trp would not have decreased….k v will agree that sdch is a very big crap, story line is horrible, female lead is not good…what abt swaragini? y it went off air?….i guess the twitter buzz of vk is created by his 1 Or 2 fans or his pr team……even i have heard that vk is very rude & arrogant


    I don’t want to give explanation about TRP down & Vk popularity. just suggesting u 1st watch Vikram sir IV with Real Vision News u will get explanation of ur criticism.
    & omly sdch TRP isn’t decreasing every show affecting due to IPL fever

    1. Sdch is not affected by IPL. IPL airs at 8pm.? So please don’t give lame excuse

    2. IPL ki vajahse??? Hello please watch zeetv show trp its increase. And 6.30 pm show Ekkyavan on starplus trp last eeek increase and this week stable .so please no excuses

    3. Aur rahi baat vikram ki realvision IV ki where he prise vk then if you go ask vk about vikram he also said vikram is good actor even your vk prise swarda acting also ??.Then why you vk fans VS ko non actor .robot kahte ho .every actor apni coactor ki tarif hi karta .your fav to swarda jaise thirdclass actress ko kamal ki actress bolta hai. ??? usse vk ki acting ki samaz aur gyan pata chalta hai .????

    4. See no one is commenting on vk or his popularity if antone has done this he /she should not. We all know that vk is a great actor and is in this industry for almost 10 years. We r commntng here on those vk fans who are creating unnecessary buzz on twitter. According to them people r watching this show only for vk and demanding to show vk only. They means actors like MK, VS,Neha , shilpaji,sonika,sharan ,akansha don’t have fans. No one watch this show for them. Since day one cvs r showing veer in almost each and every episode. Then also they have prblm. Firsr they said show varun more u will get trp ok. Veer is there everyday. Now sanchi is fl and he got married to her so obviously he will be there in most of the scenes. Now they r saying stop showing sanchi and jaya show veer only. Like really since day 1 all the viewers know this show is all about sanchi mishra her strggle though she has not done any struggle she got all the things she wanted. There r many who watch this show for malhotra,kabir,pragya and isha. But here these character never got a chance to develop properly not even malohtra the main villain.
      see i m not a huge fan of this show or any particular actor. According to me an actor becm famous through a show a show does not becm a hit bcoz of an actor agar aisa hota to kisi newcomer ka show kabhi hit nahi hota. Ek show hit hota hai usaki story se. Sdch mein story k naam pe abhi tk sirf sanveer ka break patch drama dikhaya hai bas. Is show ki trp tabhi badhi thi jab sanchi mishra ka truth bahar aaya tha. Usape bhi cvs ko akal nahi aai fir se unaka break up patch up drama start ho gaya. Iss show mein kisi aur character k liye to kuch bacha hi nahi.
      As a viewer mujhe malohtra ek stong villain laga tha but yaha pe to malohtra kuch kar hi nahi raha. Sanchi ne usase hospital bhi le liya and veer se shadi bhi kar li. Malohtra sirf pooja path wale episode me aata hai usase acchi to gayatri hai atleast kuch effort to kar rahi hai. Usape bhi kuch fans ko prblm hai are vamp hai to kuch to karegi. Villain should be like dayavanti and vidyut of naamkaran jo ki heroine k naak me dam kar de. But malohtra jaisa weak villain to kahin nahi dekha. Such a waste of a versetile actor mohanji.
      Ab baat karte hain sanchi mata ki use to kuch strugglekarna hi nahi pada jo bhi struggle kiya wo veer ko pane k liye kiya apane papa ka sapana pura karne k liye nahi. Now she got both veer and hospital ans her whole concentration is on becoming an adarsh bahu. Papa k katil ko saja dilane se usaka koi matalab hi nahi hai.
      Talking abt kabir i m not a very huge fan of vs but i liked the character of dr. Kabir nd loved kanchi pairing bcoz they have chemestry nd spark that is zero in case of sanveer. Ok leave pairing here. Kabir is parallel lead but his character has not been given any importance. We have not seen any scope for the growth of kabirs character and now these stupid cvs unnecessarily turned him negative for a girl like sanchi. Jaise duniya me sanchi k alawa koi ladaki hi nahi hai. Agar shayad kabir ko positive rakhate to bhi shayad kuch kabir fans show dekhate. Talking abt other characters pragya is also one of the most lovable character of the show but her character also does not get any chance to develop . She is there either to play cupid btwn sanveer or a chamachi to sanchi. Such a waste of the talented actor like neha. Isha wo to ab dikhati hi nahi hai show me.
      iss show k cvs ne agar malohtra ko ek strong villain dikhaya hota aur sanchi veer kabir pragya and isha sabhi ko equal importance di hoti aur inhe ek sath malohtra k against fight karte dikhate to sabke fans khush hote and show ek hit show hota.
      But accrding to vk fans is duniya main sirf vk fans hi ye show dekhate aa rahe hain aur unhi ki wajah se show chal raha hai. Thats why ppl r commenting ki agar aisa hai to trp low kyun ho rahi hai? Let me tell u agar cvs abhi bhi sahi track pe story ko nahi layenge ko aur sabhi characters ko proprly nahi use karenge to next week iss show ki trp 0.4:hogi.

      1. Ab bhu wakthai ki kaanchi ko ek Kar saktha hai kuki ab tak unka first night nahi huva tho chansaces hai

    5. Hello mr rakesh .. sdch air at 6:25 and ipl at 8pm so stop ur so called blabbering in favour of Varun Kapoor. Trp is nt affected by ipl. ???? gatiya romance ki wajese trp gati hai…

    6. Let them comment as much as they want they dnt have guts to speak on face so yaha aake frustration nikal te he???

      Swaragini went off air channel tk the call it has 1.6 trp and none shw stay for eternity…bt instead of praising VS they r busy bashing VK..dnt worry took all the SS, gonna forward it to Vikram personally and yes VK dnt have PR so STFU

      1. Don’t worry we vs fans also screen shot of vk fans comments on Twitter and fB .How you vk fans called buddha ,Robot uncle, Thirdclass actor .etc…..

  11. Anu88

    When the show it’s promo……we are thought that it’s all about hospital drama not only about any two character or pair……..I think malhrota,kabir,pragya,isha,sanchi and veer are all in main role but here cvs spoiled all things and all hopes………they show a beautiful and interesting promo and in show they are only seen us sanveer patch up,break up drama……….when I see the promo,i like that so so much…….I thought this is the best promo but I never thought that cvs spoiled this………

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