Savitri Devi 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Savitri Devi 16th June 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Isha seeing acne and scar on her face. Pragya says your face was smooth before, destiny is taking revenge, but now it is like Delhi’s roads. Isha asks her to stop comparing her face with road. Pragya asks why she is staring her face often. Isha says she has been selected for the beauty pageant. Pragya asks have you gone mad and says you are a doctor now. Isha says she wants to fulfill her dreams before becoming full fledged doctor and asks them to help her and do her duty in night so that she can attend grooming sessions. Pragya and Sanchi refuse to help her. Isha gets sad. Pragya and Sanchi tell her that they will help her surely. Isha thanks them.

Jaya comes to Monica’s parents house. Woman in the house tell that she doesn’t know Monica and asks her to go. Jaya thinks she has to stop the marriage anyhow and asks God to help her. Ria tells her friends that she will have her cabin beside Kabir’s cabin and they will do surgeries together. Her friends inform her that Dr. Kabir made Sanchi assist him for the surgery and says Dr. Kabir will get attracted towards Sanchi. Ria goes to Dr. Kabir’s cabin and asks why did he chose Sanchi to assist him in the surgery and didn’t think about her. She says even she wants to learn. Dr. Kabir tells that Sanchi is the only intern who is proving again and again that she is suitable for the hospital and asks what you have done till now. He gives her leaves sanction letter and asks her to go and attend Priya’s marriage. Ria is angry. Dr. Kabir goes from his cabin.

Isha is leaving from the hospital hiding her face. Pragya and Sanchi help her. They see Warden coming there and hides in boys’ room. Boys stare them smiling. Pragya scolds them. Isha leaves.

Nisha gives money to Monica and asks her to leave the city. Monica says why I shall go, I have my friends and life here. Nisha says people like you have nobody and gives her more money with flight tickets. Monica takes it and goes.

Priya looks at Sanket and her pics. She recalls seeing Sanket and Monica in the hotel room and tears the pics. Vaidehi and Gayatri smiles.

Isha comes back and sees gate locked. She climbs on the gate and jumped on the ground. Watchman wake up and asks her to stop, but she runs.

Pragya picks Isha’s dad call and tells that Isha is busy in accident patient surgery. He asks her to tell truth else he will call Dr. Kabir. Isha comes to room. Pragya says Isha came and gives call to her. Isha says she is tired after a long surgery and will talk to him tomorrow. Sanchi says today is the first day and this thing happened? How we will manage?

Next morning, Jaya prays to Kanha ji and says she can’t do anything to save Priya and Sanket’s relation and says their relation is surrounded by conspiracy. Just then she gets Monica’s owner call and says he is Pradeep, and guard told that she need his house on rent. Jaya says I lied to him, I just need to know about your tenant Monica. He says he don’t know Monica, and says that girl name was Binita. Jaya thinks that woman is hiding something from me and thinks what to do. Gayatri tells Dr. Malhotra that she saw Priya tearing the pics and now she has forgetton Sanket. Neeta says she sent Monica out of city. Dr. Malhotra says Jaya will not keep quiet and will make all possible things to unite them.

Guard asks Isha if she climbed the gate last night. Isha says she was in her room. Guard says only you wear such clothes. Isha gets glad and says atleast you notice my clothes. Pragya asks him to read the board there and asks him to come to hospital, so that she can get a new specs for him. Jaya comes to the woman’s house again. Woman says she don’t know Monica. Jaya says you know Binita and tells that it is a matter of two lives. Woman tells her that she broke her relation with Binita since she started doing wrong things. Jaya asks her to give some proof that proves her identity. Binita’s mum gives her Pan card. Jaya thinks she will get Monica’s truth revealed to Priya. Dadi asks Priya to have something. Priya refuses. Gayatri asks her to eat something and steals her phone, but just then her phone rings and she keeps back the phone. Priya sees the call and disconnects it. Gayatri steals the phone and goes thinking jaya can’t contact Priya now.

Riddhi asks Sanchi where is Dr. Veer and says she is missing him. Sanchi thinks something is amiss without him and messages him asking where is he? And that Riddhi is missing him too. Veer gets the message. He sees Dr. Malhotra and says he has succeed to convince Priya. Dr. Malhotra tells him that Priya has understood what is good for her and asks him to attend the marriage and not to do anything.

Soumya comes there with Chameli. Chameli says it is very luxurious. Soumya says it is a big hospital and asks receptionist to get Chameli treated. Receptionist asks her to take her to ward. Sanchi checks Chameli and says she has a viral fever. She asks Nurse to give her paracetamol injection and glucose. She asks Soumya not to worry about her. Soumya nods. Sanchi goes. Soumya asks Chameli to sleep for sometime and goes out of ward. She reminisces Aditya seeing some parents with their little baby there. She sees God’s idol there and says he knows everything. She says she is getting the thought that she wants to give wife’s love to Harman. She says it is duty to give him love which he deserves. Sanchi comes and asks her not to worry, says Chameli will be fine. She asks do you want to ask me something. She asks who is she whom you have brought? Soumya says she is chameli. Sasnchi asks who is she? How do you know her, do you have any relation with her. Soumya says we have no blood relations, but we all are tied in a relation. Sanchi asks what? Soumya says I can’t explain you. Sanchi asks her to tell and says may be I can help you.

Soumya says we are God’s creation and says nobody wants to help us. Sanchi says medical science is advance now. Soumya says they stay together so that they can help each other and save from humiliation. Sanchi says you want to say that….Soumya says she is a kinnar. Sanchi asks about her mangalsutra. Soumya says she is a sister, daughter, bahu, wife and a mother too. Sanchi says you are special. Soumya tells that she has a loving husband who fights for her with the world, but she can’t give him anything in return. She says if this is possible that she can give wife’s love to Harman. She asks can kinnar be treated? Sanchi says medical science is advanced now and you can get operation done. She says just like you said that your husband loves you a lot, you need to take your husband’s approval.

Ashok’s girl friend comes to Dadi and says she came to learn gatte ki sabzi from her. Dadi gets impressed with her. Patient’s son tells Nurse that he has no money to get MRI done and asks her if he can get discount. Sanchi asks Nurse to see other patients and says she will talk to patient’s son. Patient’s son tells her that his father fainted outside, so he brought her to hospital and Doctor wrote so many tests, but nothing is found. Now he asked him to get MRI done. Sanchi says he just have sunstroke and says he is fine. She says I will talk to him and goes. Gayatri informs Dr. Malhotra that Jaya is calling continuously. Dr. Malhotra says he will handle her. Sanchi tells Dr. Awasti that the patient is having sunstroke and don’t need to get MRI scan done. Dr. Awasti says they have to get the test done. Sanchi says you can just suggest and not force them. She says she won’t let the patient waste money on unnecessary test and walks off.

Dr. Kabir asks Sanchi if it is her hobby or habit to interfere in someone’s decisions. Sanchi says she has taken the oath to treat the patients and will do all possible things.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Great! Very fast update. But want Sanveer scenes. Riddhi and Sanchi misses Veer was very nice…..Nicr episode

    1. Yea so it is Sanveer I guess..I am a fan of Sanveer.

  2. Sanveer chemistry is plz dont make kabir villan.

  3. Aliyaa

    Want sanbir scenes??????no offense with sanveer fans!!!!

  4. Aliyaa

    Want sanbir scenes??????no offense with sanveer fans!!!!??

  5. Love kaanchi. Make Kabeer the lead!

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