Savitri Devi 15th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Dr. Kabir saves Veer yet again

Savitri Devi 15th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veer telling Sanchi that he knows them both. Dr. Kabir asks Sanchi not to feel bad of his words. Sanchi says she is happy to know that Veer is moving on with Mishri and concentrating on his words. She goes. He asks his assistant Sinha to keep Veer busy and not to let Sanchi come infront of him. Sinha comes to Veer and asks him to do an important Surgery. Veer says I can’t do now, and says he will ask Garg to do. Nurse comes and says Garg and Dr. Kabir are busy. Veer agrees to do surgery. Nurse tells Sinha that Veer seems to be stressed out. Sinha says nothing will happen, let him do surgery. Veer comes to OT to do the surgery and thinks of Sinha telling Sanchi that they all missed her, but less than Dr. Kabir. He operates on the patient and asks Nurse to shift Patient to ward. After patients gains consciousness, he feels suffocation and finds hard to breath. Nurse calls everyone using code red. Dr. Kabir comes and checks the patient. He asks Nurse to take him for Xray immediately to know his exact condition.

Savitri feels pain in her legs. Mishri comes to her and offers to massage her legs. Savitri says I will ask someone else to massage my legs. She calls Servant Akash and asks him to send Shama. Mishri feels lonely and thinks to call her parents. He calls her father. He picks the call and asks how is she? Her mother excitedly comes and talks to her. She asks how is she? Mishri says she is fine. Her father takes the call and asks how is everyone at her sasural. Mishri says everyone is good. Her mother takes the call and asks how is your inlaws. Mishri says they are very nice to me and gets teary eyes. Her sister Urmila takes the call and asks if she has to do so much work. Mishri says there are many servants and she has to just sit and eat at home. Urmila says you will get fat this way. Her mother takes the call and asks her to tell if she has any trouble. Mishri recalls Veer’s words and tells that she is very happy here, starts crying. Her mother asks what happened? Her father takes the call worriedly. Mishri pretends not to hear him and ends the call.

Gayatri thinks this illiterate is a big cry baby. She asks her not to cry and says everything will be alright. Mishri says you are the only one who cares for me and talks to me. She says you are really good and thanks her.

Patient’s father gets angry and asks Dr. Kabir how can surgical instrument is left in the body. Veer thinks this is the patient’s father on whom he has operated. Patient’s father asks Dr. Kabir to tell the doctor’s name. Dr. Kabir asks him to calm down and says first we need to take out the instrument from him. He asks Sanchi to assist him. Garg comes and talks to Veer. Veer says don’t know what I was thinking. Garg says you have joined the hospital after much difficulty. Veer says I have done a big mistake and will take up the responsibility. Dr. Kabir and Sanchi operate on the patient. Dr. Kabir comes out and tells that the patient is fine. Media comes and asks if Dr. Veer has done this mistake. Sanchi thinks if he takes Veer’s name then his career will be ruined. She gets worried. Veer is walking upto them. Dr. Kabir says he has done this mistake. Someone from the media tells that he can’t believe.

Dr. Kabir tells that he has reached to the top and became confident, that’s why did the mistake. He asks him to punish him. Patient says how can I punish you. I know you since you operated my wife else she would not have been with us. He says today you have done the mistake, but rectified it. I don’t know how you can do this mistake, but my son is enough and that’s enough for me. Dr. Kabir thanks him. Veer hears everything. He hears Nurse praising Dr. Kabir and telling he took blame of Dr. Veer on him and saved him. Other Nurse says he thinks of all doctors. Dr. Kabir comes to his cabin. Veer asks him not to act to be great and asks why you are becoming great. He says since I came, you are ignoring my mistakes and says I am understanding that you want to become hero by ignoring my mistakes and asks him to leave him on his own. He says I am here in this condition because of you.

Sanchi hears everything and tells Dr. Kabir, you had said that Veer is getting normal. She asks what is happening and what he said. Dr. Kabir asks her to sit. Sanchi asks him to tell.

Mishri opens the cupboard and finds the pics. She comes to Sanchi’s house and slaps her hard on her face.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. So it’s okay for kabir to ruining is career by accept something he didn’t do but not veer. Your too much sachi i hope mishri slap some sense into brain tomorrow. If you decide to stay with kabir the least you could do is try to care for his life and proffesion the same way you care for veer . Cause as i remember he did give u your freedom but you decide to stay. No body was force you then. I can’t wait tomorrow i real hope mishri slap you hard cause you deserve it for playing her,for not caring about your husband and keep interfering into veer’s life

  2. Many TV shows are going off air.
    And here, I am wondering why not this one?
    Poor Dr. Kabir, he deserves someone better than sanchi.

    This is the Worsttttttttttttttt show of colors.

  3. Ex-Sanveer-now-veer-fan

    The things veer said to Kabir were super. I am glad he spelt it out … Oho such a Mahaan guy… that he steals your wife and then to others he looks like he is doing you a favour..

  4. Kabir is one of worst because ..he took veer wife ..blackmile. ..he love sanchi and he was married veer wife wow superb story …kabir fans want this type of story …omg ??????

    1. Abe o @ geetha kabir k bare main kuch bhi bolane se pahale khud ko dekh lo. Kabir ne jo kiya hum Sab manate hain ki galat that. But ab usake sath rahane kA decision sanchi kA tha samajhi. Aur haan wo ye Sab hero banane k liye nahi kar raha wo jo usane kiya usake liye guilt feel kar raha hai isiliye ab wo ye sab prayashchi kar raha hai. Aur haan tumhara veer jo shadi shuda hokar bhi dusare ki biwi ko dekh raha hai aur apani biwi ki bezzati kar raha hai use suddh hindi main CHICHORAPAN kaha jata hai samajhi.

  5. ???? sanchi veer se saccha pyaar karne ka daava karati hai but khud aage nahi aai veer ko bachane k liye. Sach hai ye ladaki kisi ki nahi ho sakati. I m happy that mishri came to know the truth now it will be interesting to watch. So excited for the upcoming episode.

  6. Lol??? Tommy fans r just like Tommy don’t know how to thank someone Kabir helped Tommy and they and their Tommy r saying he wants to become hero???? Kabir helped Tommy bcz of Sanchi but whatever he helped him and he should thank her? but Tommy h na bhokna hi aata h??

  7. Stop with this stealing wife nonsense will know she was given a divorce but she did not went to veer and no one was stop her then . May be she didn’t love veer as much as veer fans think so stop blaming kabir for steal her for veer. He made mistake and he decide to rectify it is not his fault if sachi decide to stay with him and not going back to veer

  8. i don’t understand veer fans to be honest why hating kabi for steal veer’s wife while you all know she was given a chance to go back to him but want to. We all know if you want to blame someone itt should be sachi she the one who didn’t want to go back to him or may be she did love him as much as you all think

  9. When sanchi ditched kabir I always said that I don’t want kanchi bcoz I hate sanchi. Bcoz as a kabir fan I always wanted to see a happy kabir. For me sanchi is a girl who never cared about kabir and his love she can only give him pain. So I never cried to make kanchi pair but makers made them a pair chahe jaise bhi and only thing that made me happy in this whole sequence was that I got my old Dr. Kabir back.But here veer fans r again and again crying for sanveer. Are yaar ye bandi sanchi agar veer k sath rehati to bhi usaki life main happiness kabhi nahi aati kyunki sanchi ko mahaan banane kA phobia hai and usaka yahi phobia disaron ki life barbad kar deta hai. Mujhe lagta hai veer fans ko veer se pyaar nahi hai tabhi sanveer ko wapas lane k liye chilla rahe hain are unhe to Khushi manani chahiye ki veer bach gaya and now he has got some one who will at least remain loyal to him. As a kabir fan I m really worried about kabir bcoz I know again sanchi will ditch him just bcoz of her phobia of being great.?

  10. I can’t understand kabir fans ,
    First kabir wad dancing with veer wife when sanveer honeymoon time and kabir was chatting with sanchi night time then they went long driving night time when dr sanchi that time ,she was veer wife ..both were playing veer emotional and life ….

    1. Behan agar kabir ye sab Kar raha tha to sanchi use ye sab karne de rahi thi. Him Sab kab se sirf itana bol rahe hain ki saccha pyaar saccha pyaar chillane see kuch nahi hota har relationship main pyar se jyada trust important hota hai. Sanchi ne agar veer ko sach bata diya hota to ye sab hota hi nahi par sanchi ne veer ko hamesha nalayak samjha tabhi to kuch nahi bataya. Jis relationship main trust nahi hota use to bhagwan bhi nahi bacha sakate.

  11. Sorry it’s not phobia I wrote it by mistake it’s her *Habbit of being great. Sanchi ko mahaan banane kA shauk hai

  12. It’s not sanchi house it’s veer house

  13. @exsanveerfan now veer fan see I told you sanchi herself is enough to give pain to kabir. If u have watched today’s episode u must have got your answer. Kabir’s life is more painful at least veer got a partner who will love him only but kabir got a partner who is there only to give him pain. Kamini kisi ki nahi ho sakti.

    1. Ex-Sanveer-Now-Veer-Fan

      Kabirs life will be more painful if Sanchi is stolen from Kabir and then she marries that guy and he has to see her everyday with that guy.
      I dont know I find it kind of scummy to do what kabir did…personally I am waiting for Veer to just make their life hell..but the way the story is going I doubt it

    2. O really u feel so then I must say you are from some other planet. Apani ex-wife ko kisi aur k sath dekhana utana painful nahi hota jitana apani current wife ko abhi bhi apane ex husband se pyaar karte dekhana and 24 hrs apane ex husband k bare main sochate dekhana and time to time apani wife se apane past k liye tane sunana. Anyway its of no use to make u understand bcoz u can’t think anything beyond ur so called love birds sanveer.

  14. Wow good answer ex sanveer now veer fan
    Veer is more painful because of kabir.. But kabir fans didn’t understand

    1. Oye tere veer ki life painful khud veer ki wajah se hai aisa banda jo ek ladaki k liye apani ma tak bhool raha hai wo bhi aisi ladaki jisane ek pal main use chod Diya. Uss ladKi wajah se wo apane ghar nahi ja raha kyun sanchi ne hi paida kiya tha kya use? Sanchi ki wajah se hi wo iss duniya main hai Kya? Self respect naam ki cheez nahi hai iss bande main. Ye kya kabir se badla lega jab kabir ne badla liya to wo kar k dikhaya jo wo chahata that. Ye band veer jiname khud apane liye self respect nahi jise apani family apane carrier tak ki fikr nahi wo Kya karega life main. Saccha pyaar saccha pyaar chillane see pyaar saccha nahi ho jata. Saccha pyaar to RADHA KRISHNA ne bhi kiya tha but they never became one but their love became immortal. To koi pahale iss veer ko pyaar kA matalab samjha do fir usase kuch expect kya kisi see badla lega?

    2. Ex-sanveer-now-veer-fan

      Thanks Shalini. For me personally the act of blackmailing someone so that she has to marry him while she has to sacrifice her relationship with her husband . The funniest thing was Sanchi tells to veer shaadi gudde gudiyon ka khel Nahin… while she played with her marraige to Veer…and to humiliate him further she had Kabir simulate a wedding in Veer’s own house. It is like the lowest of the low acts both committed. Sometimes I feel both Sanchi and Kabir are made for each other because of their callous disregard for how they re-enacted the wedding in front of Veer but they have built their home on the ashes of someone’s happiness …they are truly horrible… and Veer should not allow them to be happy. Only sad part for me is Mishri. But showrunners are not only showing her as illiterate but also as a person who does not know what not do in hospital. I don’t know what is going on in their minds. But Veers dialogue I am liking.

  15. @ sanveer fan now veer fan I don’t think you r veer fan at all. U want him not to move on in his life just for a girl like sanchi who is worth of nothing. I m a kabir fan and want him to see happy I wish wo sanchi ko divorce de de I ‘ll be happy. Bcoz this selfish woman does not deserve him.

    1. Ex-sanveer-now-veer -fan

      @Riddhi… You can think whatever you want About me… it does not matter here for me as I am not a character of the show.. I want Veer to move on but after destroying their lives and then he can move on. Veer should make Kabir and Saanchi pay for the humiliation and pain they have caused him. Then he can move on … if he wants to.

    2. @Ex sanveer fan.. Veer doesn’t need to destroy Kabir life.. Because Sanchi is already doing that job.. I am a Kaanchi fan but i really wish Sanchi should have chosen Veer when she had a choice.. At least our Kabir could have got a chance to find someone who will be a good wife.. Veer and Sanchi both are actually made for each other because they are completely ignoring their current life partners and focusing on their ex husband / ex wife.. On the other side Mishri and Kabir still care for their life partners inspire of the fact that they don’t deserve the love and care at all… I wish Sanveer reunites and Mishri Kabir find someone better and deserving.. And Cvs to give this show a so called “And they lived happily ever after” wali ending and this show goes off air.

    3. My dear I will love to watch if veer will do so bcoz I really love veer’s character and I m just fed up of him still crying sanchi. I don’t want to see him as a cry baby. I love Kabir’s character bcoz he never became a cry baby if veer will owe to destroy kanchi I will love to watch at least it will really interesting to watch. For me above everything story should be interesting.

  16. Ex-sanveer-now-veer-fan

    @ Palak …Veer is not seeing Sanchi with “any” man … He is seeing with the guy who was responsible for the demise of their relationship. If Sanchi moved on from Veer to anyone else other than it would not be so painful… She went with the guy who destroyed his relation with his wife. Kabir knows what he has done … while she told her decision to Veer he was there … he knows that her main reason to stay was the promise she made to him …. so her thinking about Veers well being is something that was not sprung on him. He knew Saanchis feelings . So while their relationship is not ideal …. it is also the result of his manipulations. So these road blocks are natural… Sanchi would not be human if she stopped caring about Veer. And I don’t know you so I will refrain from commenting about you.

  17. @ kanchi N Meri wish hai ki show ki ending main kabir aur Mishri sanchi aur veer ko pahad se neeche dhakka mar de aur kahe jao mar jao marke ek ho jao Kam see Kam hamara peecha to chutega and tension free hokar jee sakenge. Jao paglon maro tumhe tumhara pyaar Mubarak.

    1. Seriously Riddhi… I don’t believe i am the same Kanchi die hard fan who really wished to see them together as a couple.. But ab to dil karta hai k Sanchi or Veer dono hi show se nikal jayee or new entries ho kuch ache plot k sath

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