Savitri Devi 14th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Someone spoils Sanchi and Veer’s honeymoon

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Savitri Devi 14th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Receptionist telling Veer that normal room is booked on their name and not honeymoon suite. Veer says what is happening. Sanchi says it’s ok, we will not get any other hotel here. They come to room and see the separated single beds. She says now this happened. Veer says small things do happen. A lady keeps eye on them. Sanchi comes back and finds Veer note. She smiles. Pragya calls Sanchi and asks her to give full details. Sanchi tells her that the bag is stolen and then they didn’t get honeymoon suite. Pragya asks them to make the room special. She asks her to open Veer’s bag and says now you have no option. You have to wear this dress. Sanchi says ok and ends the call. Veer thinks to go and call Sanchi.

Just then his friend Vivek calls him and asks how is he? Veer says I came here with my wife. Vivek says honeymoon? Veer says yes and tells that his wife is waiting for him. Vivek forces him to have a drink with him. Veer agrees. Sanchi thinks I am still wearing same dress since morning.. She wears the dress gifted by Pragya. Vivek makes drink and adds tablet in it, and signs someone. He gives spiked drink to Veer and smirks. Veer drinks it.

Sanchi thinks Veer didn’t come till now and thinks to check. She calls him, but he didn’t pick the call. Sanchi wears shrug and thinks to check. Vivek makes Veer drink more spiked wine. When Veer is about to go, a lady comes and asks him for dance. Veer refuses. Vivek asks him to dance. She takes him to dance floor. Veer is fully drunk and is under the drugs influence. He imagines Sanchi with him and dances with the girl. Sanchi comes there searching him and is shocked to see him dancing with a girl. He then sees Sanchi and comes to her. He asks if you are here then I was dancing with whom? Sanchi takes him to room. Someone looks at them.

Sanchi takes him to room and scolds him for dancing with the girl leaving her. Veer says sorry and tells that I was coming to room when I met my friend, who made me drink forcefully, then that girl, I thought she is you and that’s why danced. He says decoration was good and you shall be rewarded. He hugs her and sleeps. Sanchi says so this hug is my reward. She finds him slept and makes him rest on bed. She removes his shoes etc. Someone opens the window and peeps inside. Sanchi closes the lights.

Vikrant comes back home. Priya says I was waiting for you. Vikrant says I was stuck. Priya says blackmailer called and demanding Papa’s watch. Vikrant says it is very tiring and says you have to steal again. Priya says he called me baby. Vikrant says only I call you baby and asks her to fulfill his demand. Priya says ok. Next morning, Veer brings gifts for Sanchi. Sanchi wakes up and sees Veer. Veer says sorry hiding behind big teddy. He does sit ups and says sorry. Sanchi says she will agree if he promises not to do this again. Veer promises her and gives her clothes and says you have gift too, but first change your clothes. He gets Savitri’s call and talk to her. Savitri asks if they are fighting. Veer says who fights during honeymoon. A woman comes there and takes gift and replaces the gift with similar gift box. Veer turns, but she is already gone.

A clown scares Sanchi holding a knife in his hand. Sanchi gets scared and hugs Veer, but he hides. Later she sees balloon in the car and tells Veer that clown had same balloons.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Anonymousaa

    Does anyone have Kabir’s mobile number?Agar hai toh dedo..mein kabir ko phone karke honeymoon spoil karne ki techniques dungi(kaash woh clown kabir hi ho..agar nhi hai toh bhi instigate kardungi mein) I wish he spoils their honeymoon to such an extent that they get divorced and Sanchi mata comes running saying Kabbbbbbbbir sir and prays to be accepted while Kabir walks off saying-I have a girlfriend!

    1. Anee

      So True.

    2. Dhruti

      so true and i hope so last wala part show me ho to sanchi mata ko samaj aayega ki dil tutna kya hota he???

  2. I am too hoping the clown to be kabir

  3. I don’t think that clown is kabir. It will be very easy for audience to guess him as kabir so it will be of no use to hode his face. And the bracelet that has been shown is also there. I have never seen such bracelet in kabir’s hand. I think its someone else. Lets wait and watch.

    1. Dear it is kabir only. That bracelet is only to confuse the audience. It’s so creepy to watch him like this?. There are so many other ways to take revenge. I have quit this show.

  4. Abe yaarrr yeh mujhy samjh nahii aata akhir kaar yeh show waley kiya dikhana chahtey hain I’m sanveer fan but I’m not satisfied that what’s going on in the show and now a days i feels thst why i liked that sanveer moti bhense saanchi mere varun ko dabarahi hai kitni kaali hai yeh swarda aka saanchi…so ugly she is? Hate her ab main soch rahi hun ager is ki shaadi kabir se hwi hoti toh kabir ko khubsoorti is saanchi ki badsoorti ko chhupa deta.

    1. Seriously agree wid u, even i dont like that kali moti swarda with my vanila chocopie Varun ??. Hate saanchi aunty?

    2. Sorry to interfere dost………but kisi ki complexion ko lekar bolna nahi chahi ae……… can talk about her acting skill but don’t say about her colour or figure………..I am sorry yaar if my comments hurt you………..

    3. Calling urself a veer fan ????or umeed b kya kare… Don’t know whether u r a girl or boy … If u r a girl then shame on u n if a boy then I must u r totally a characterless
      …brainless n heartless person…n yaa this is for u pallavi also…. How could u judge somebody by their looks… Aaj jo b h swarda is female lead of the show. Anybody’s complexion n bodyfigure can’t stop anyone if they have talent… Bt u guys can’t understand ?? shame on ur thinking….

  5. *kabir ki khoobsoorti

  6. If it is dr. Kabir then i must say this is the worst thing that could be done to kabir’s character. If cvs of this show will call this their creativity. Then i must say they should lend some mind from the viewers they r more creative.twist k naam pe isase ghatiya kuch bhi nahi ho sakta. Once swarda said in her interview that plot of this show is very intersting. I feel is it really an intersting plot where no one is interested to watch. I don’t believe ki RS twist k naam pe ye dikhaegi. What happen to her creativity? There r many other ways to show kabir taking revenge but this is not acceptable at all.can’t she show something logical?

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