Savitri Devi 14th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Sanchi and Dr. Kabir pass surprise compatible test

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Savitri Devi 14th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Priya playing with Vikrant and tells that whoever wins two set, will win. Vikrant wins at first. Priya says there is two more sets now. Gayatri and Vaidehi think why she is letting him win. Priya thinks to make him angry and win. Gayatri adds tablets in Vikrant’s drink so that he calms down. Priya asks if he is tired. Vikrant drinks it. Priya thinks to expose his truth. Priya wins. Gayatri and Vaidehi make him have water. Vikrant congratulates Priya and says I am proud of you. Dr. malhotra says this is love and praises Vikrant.

Sanchi makes food. Dr. Kabir and kusum get impressed with her. Sanchi says she will go to hostel. Kusum asks her to eat and says Kabir will talk to hostel people. She praises Sanchi for making delicious food. Veer makes a romantic ambience in the room. Aaliya asks since when he has become romantic. Veer asks her to have icecream. Kusum tells Sanchi that she used to call him Golu. She asks Sanchi what is her pet name. Sanchi thinks Veer calling her Gol gappa. Kabir says Mishri. Sanchi recalls Pragya telling her name is Mishri.

Aaliya gets close to Veer. Garg thinks he will sign Veer just as Sanchi comes, and thinks to sleep too. Aaliya says Sanchi will not come. Veer thinks where is Sanchi, and worries about his respect. Sanchi tells Kusum that she will leave now. Aaliya tries to kiss Veer. Veer stops her and tells that he called her to make her jealous. Aaliya says she is not his play toy and asks what is in Sanchi. Veer praises Sanchi and says you don’t know how good is she? He asks her to leave and thinks if Sanchi don’t care for him.

Ashok picks pillow and asks Khushboo to leave from room. Khushboo thinks to change house in just 2 days. Ashok clothes the door. Dr. Kabir offers to drop Sanchi to hostel. Sanchi’s dress gets torn as it stuck to the gate. Dr Kabir gives his jacket and asks her to sit in car. Sanchi wears his jacket and sits in car. Dr. Kabir and Sanchi come to hostel. Veer wonders why did he come now. He is surprised to see Sanchi wearing coat of Dr. Kabir. Dr Kabir thanks Sanchi for making dinner. Sanchi says she will do all possible things to make Kusum well. Garg tells Veer that Sanchi is making him jealous. Veer says he will talk to her straight and will ask her about her feelings for him.

Next morning Veer asks Sanchi to listen to him and says I have troubled you a lot, and there is nothing between Aaliya and me, as I called her to make you get jealous. He says you are the one girl who trusted me, which I didn’t have on me and made me capable enough. He says if I don’t see your face, I feel incomplete and my day don’t start. Sanchi gets emotional. Veer says don’t know why you are going far from me because of stupid rule or the matter is something else. He gives her time and space to think. Sanchi thinks why you are good and making things difficult for me, why? Sanchi comes to Dr. Kabir’s cabin to return his jacket. Ria asks what you are doing here with his jacket. Dr. Kabir comes and thanks Sanchi for bringing his jacket and says he forgot it in classroom. Ria thinks they are lying. Dr. Kabir asks Ria to go and handle patients. Sanchi asks Dr. Kabir about his mum. Dr. Kabir tells that she is fine. Ria hears them from outside the door and thinks what is happening between them.

Priya tells dadi that she will bring Vikrant’s truth infront of everyone and tells that he has tortured her much. Vikrant comes there. Priya tells him that they were discussing something. Dadi thinks what is in her mind. Garg tells Veer that Sanchi might be seeing better option than him. Veer gets angry and asks him not to say that again. Ria comes and tells Veer that Garg is right and Sanchi is behind Dr. Kabir even after knowing that she likes him. Veer says Sanchi is not like that. Pragya says she trusts her friend.

Khushboo asks Dadi to massage her legs. Dadi is shocked. Jaya asks her about her misbehavior. Door bell rings. She opens the door and gets food parcel and asks jaya to give 700 change for bill settlement. Jaya says she don’t have money. Khushboo ask her to give. Madhu and Bala see Sanchi and Dr. Kabir going in car. Kusum gets happy and says it is good that you came and asks about her day. Sanchi says how are you? Kusum says she is fine and asks them to understand each other. Dr. Kabir says yes. Kusum says lets check and says she will take surprise test today. Khushboo takes money from Jaya’s purse and gives to the guy. Jaya says we let you stay here for 2 days and if you don’t mend your ways then we won’t let you stay. Khushboo says you can’t kick me out without my wish.

Kusum tells Dr. Kabir that she will ask them questions. She asks Sanchi, where does Kabir goes before going to office. They write gym. Kusum asks them to write with whom Sanchi shares her feelings. They write Pragya and Isha. Kusum asks for Sanchi’s favorite color. Dr. Kabir writes red. Kusum asks further questions. Sanchi thinks what will happen now. Dr. kabir thinks if her mum will get upset.. Kusum says they both got 50 out of 50 marks and gives them sweets. Dr. Kabir thinks if they really know each other. Madhu and bala watch them. Kusum prays that they stay closely. Madhu and Bala records them in phone.

Veer sees the video and accuses Sanchi for having affair with Dr. Kabir. Sanchi says I am silent and that doesn’t mean that you will tell anything.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Now I am so sure that pair would be kanchi. Otherwise the compatability test would not be shown. Also sanchi thought why veer is going far from her. It is because of the rule or something else. Makers are trying to show that sanveer are not made for each other. Plus when sanchi got heartbroken she said like mera pehla pyaar adhura reh gaya in front of the God’s idol. N lastly there are more kanchi fans than sanveer fans n also this is rashmi sharma’s production so swap is her main element. Therefore the pair would be kanchi.

    1. I want kanchi pair I don’t like sanveer pair like girl very mature and responsible boy is childish

  2. Aww my heart broke for veer… Hope cvs actually put them together

  3. Lovely episode….all Kanchi scenes nailed it….Kanchi rocks

  4. After seeing this episode if Kanchi is not paired then I will stop watching serial….love kanchi

    1. Me too shivani

      1. Richa1496

        I will also stop watching this show.. If there is no kanchi….and in today’s episode there chemistry were fabulous…..

  5. Sachi and kabir are better than veer and sachi

  6. hey…@naymaz..I am aronno…tomar ki @diya30 er khotha mone ashe..she is not present in here may be she is awaiting for vikram(athrav)new show..I remember you from used to talk in bangali with was 1-2months ago…it is not fact happy to meet you dear…but Joye di what is her name in here…???


  7. Anee

    this episode is one of the my fav loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee u kanchi u r just amazing

  8. One more my fav epi n plz veer k liye k liye koi aur lakar aao kyunki sanchi veer k sath suit nhi hoti kanchi rocks t show with their chemistry fingure crossed hope 4 kanchi pair

  9. [email protected] welcome dear..happy to see you in here…

  10. Dear Abc iam still a sanveer fan whether the pair is kanchi or anyone.
    Loved sanveer a lot(i dont like swasan).
    Iam only sanchi and veer fan from starting

  11. Ofcourse iam also a sanveer fan(sanchi nd veer)they alwayz nailed the scenes.And i dont want anyone to come between them.

  12. And i dont want any new female lead to veer,bcoz sanchi and veer are perfect as couple.
    That’s my answer dear Abc

  13. Rehmat

    Abc like I said always I love sanveer obviously sanveer not swasan

  14. Ya San veer doesn’t make any chemistry but kaanchi is awesome

  15. guys it will be on kanchi because this is rashmi sharma’s production and in swaragini she first make swalak as pair and at last it became swasan. here also the same will happen

  16. Hey guys kyun na trio single rhe achcha hoga kyunki jb sanchi kbir k sath hoti h to sanveer fans khte h wo apne dreams se hat gyi h n actual to ye h veer k wajh se na to exam me focus diya na hi thang se patient ko treat kar rhi h so agar trio single rhenge to sanveer fans bhi khush n kanchi bhi m also kanchi fan

  17. Kanchi are good but vk is not here to play a role of fun guy . if it not sanveer then I will defenetly stop watching the show because I can’t see my hero sidelined.

  18. Hema69

    we just want kanchi they look best

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