Savitri Devi 14th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Sanchi and Dr. Kabir pass surprise compatible test

Savitri Devi 14th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Priya playing with Vikrant and tells that whoever wins two set, will win. Vikrant wins at first. Priya says there is two more sets now. Gayatri and Vaidehi think why she is letting him win. Priya thinks to make him angry and win. Gayatri adds tablets in Vikrant’s drink so that he calms down. Priya asks if he is tired. Vikrant drinks it. Priya thinks to expose his truth. Priya wins. Gayatri and Vaidehi make him have water. Vikrant congratulates Priya and says I am proud of you. Dr. malhotra says this is love and praises Vikrant.

Sanchi makes food. Dr. Kabir and kusum get impressed with her. Sanchi says she will go to hostel. Kusum asks her to eat and says Kabir will talk to hostel people. She praises Sanchi for making delicious food. Veer makes a romantic ambience in the room. Aaliya asks since when he has become romantic. Veer asks her to have icecream. Kusum tells Sanchi that she used to call him Golu. She asks Sanchi what is her pet name. Sanchi thinks Veer calling her Gol gappa. Kabir says Mishri. Sanchi recalls Pragya telling her name is Mishri.

Aaliya gets close to Veer. Garg thinks he will sign Veer just as Sanchi comes, and thinks to sleep too. Aaliya says Sanchi will not come. Veer thinks where is Sanchi, and worries about his respect. Sanchi tells Kusum that she will leave now. Aaliya tries to kiss Veer. Veer stops her and tells that he called her to make her jealous. Aaliya says she is not his play toy and asks what is in Sanchi. Veer praises Sanchi and says you don’t know how good is she? He asks her to leave and thinks if Sanchi don’t care for him.

Ashok picks pillow and asks Khushboo to leave from room. Khushboo thinks to change house in just 2 days. Ashok clothes the door. Dr. Kabir offers to drop Sanchi to hostel. Sanchi’s dress gets torn as it stuck to the gate. Dr Kabir gives his jacket and asks her to sit in car. Sanchi wears his jacket and sits in car. Dr. Kabir and Sanchi come to hostel. Veer wonders why did he come now. He is surprised to see Sanchi wearing coat of Dr. Kabir. Dr Kabir thanks Sanchi for making dinner. Sanchi says she will do all possible things to make Kusum well. Garg tells Veer that Sanchi is making him jealous. Veer says he will talk to her straight and will ask her about her feelings for him.

Next morning Veer asks Sanchi to listen to him and says I have troubled you a lot, and there is nothing between Aaliya and me, as I called her to make you get jealous. He says you are the one girl who trusted me, which I didn’t have on me and made me capable enough. He says if I don’t see your face, I feel incomplete and my day don’t start. Sanchi gets emotional. Veer says don’t know why you are going far from me because of stupid rule or the matter is something else. He gives her time and space to think. Sanchi thinks why you are good and making things difficult for me, why? Sanchi comes to Dr. Kabir’s cabin to return his jacket. Ria asks what you are doing here with his jacket. Dr. Kabir comes and thanks Sanchi for bringing his jacket and says he forgot it in classroom. Ria thinks they are lying. Dr. Kabir asks Ria to go and handle patients. Sanchi asks Dr. Kabir about his mum. Dr. Kabir tells that she is fine. Ria hears them from outside the door and thinks what is happening between them.

Priya tells dadi that she will bring Vikrant’s truth infront of everyone and tells that he has tortured her much. Vikrant comes there. Priya tells him that they were discussing something. Dadi thinks what is in her mind. Garg tells Veer that Sanchi might be seeing better option than him. Veer gets angry and asks him not to say that again. Ria comes and tells Veer that Garg is right and Sanchi is behind Dr. Kabir even after knowing that she likes him. Veer says Sanchi is not like that. Pragya says she trusts her friend.

Khushboo asks Dadi to massage her legs. Dadi is shocked. Jaya asks her about her misbehavior. Door bell rings. She opens the door and gets food parcel and asks jaya to give 700 change for bill settlement. Jaya says she don’t have money. Khushboo ask her to give. Madhu and Bala see Sanchi and Dr. Kabir going in car. Kusum gets happy and says it is good that you came and asks about her day. Sanchi says how are you? Kusum says she is fine and asks them to understand each other. Dr. Kabir says yes. Kusum says lets check and says she will take surprise test today. Khushboo takes money from Jaya’s purse and gives to the guy. Jaya says we let you stay here for 2 days and if you don’t mend your ways then we won’t let you stay. Khushboo says you can’t kick me out without my wish.

Kusum tells Dr. Kabir that she will ask them questions. She asks Sanchi, where does Kabir goes before going to office. They write gym. Kusum asks them to write with whom Sanchi shares her feelings. They write Pragya and Isha. Kusum asks for Sanchi’s favorite color. Dr. Kabir writes red. Kusum asks further questions. Sanchi thinks what will happen now. Dr. kabir thinks if her mum will get upset.. Kusum says they both got 50 out of 50 marks and gives them sweets. Dr. Kabir thinks if they really know each other. Madhu and bala watch them. Kusum prays that they stay closely. Madhu and Bala records them in phone.

Veer sees the video and accuses Sanchi for having affair with Dr. Kabir. Sanchi says I am silent and that doesn’t mean that you will tell anything.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. yuppie!!! today’s episode is just fab and specially kanchi ‘s compatible test wala part.

  2. Thanks for the early update.Nice episode.
    Awesome chemistry b/w kabir and saachi.

  3. Really feeling sad for veer ,especially in wash room coversation when he z telling to sanchi that how much he loves her,nd also he gets teary eyed .
    Can’t see veer in pain

  4. Veer trusts sanchi lot, but when ria shows that video,kusum wearing ancestral bangles to sanchi etc ,he gets much hurt and his trust for sanchi has broken.
    Lets see wt will happen next

  5. Anee

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Wowwwwwwwwwww amazinggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg mazaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aagya yaaar kanchi rocks can’t express my felingssssssssssssssss.

  6. Feeling sad for veer,especially washroom conversation,when he saying that how much he loves her.
    So sad when he gets teary eyed
    At first priya love fails.
    And now veer gets hurt in his first love.

  7. Omg… Love you kusum aunty… compatiblity test was awesome… and feeling very bad for veer… he nailed today’s scene . So emotional..?… anyway kaanchi scene was best … waiting to see them in same roof sharing their bedroom…??

  8. Wow fantastic episode. Speechless!!!
    Love Kanchi track a lot.
    Hope Veer gets someone better soon.

  9. Rehmat

    soooo emotional ?????? feeling bad for veer I don’t like kaanchi pls cvs don’t separate sanveer

  10. superb episode.

  11. again veer is crying for veer..oh ..when this track will end…I do not like veer will run for this stupid girl who has no care for veer’s pain..
    hey all sanveer fans especially veer fans how are you all….”shuva jonmashtomi”

  12. I heard that devanshi is going to air off…so have we any chance to see vahe again?now I have a questions for sanveer fans whom pair you choice if helly entered in this show?I think it will not happen but I want to know.. are you still sanveer or new sanveer(veer and sanchi agar wall as vahe)?please reply me..

    1. Lila

      Of course I will still be Sanveer fan cuz I dont like the swa……san couple??

    2. Of course me too. Becoz i am always a sanveer fan(sanchi and Veer). They always nailed the scenes. If Helly comes then i will leave this serial too.

    3. RANdomfANCreationz

      Wow that’s rare that’s very rare ?????

    4. RANdomfANCreationz

      I don’t think so cause helly already entered as kalki in the mahasangam so I don’t think so

    5. Neptune

      i will be the most happiest person in this world if vahe comes together. i really don’t like sanveer’s chemistry…..
      and those who have not seen swasan’s chemistry only they would never want them to come together…

    6. VINAL

      Then also sanveer

  13. Loved today’s episode….Kanchi rocks

  14. Wow! All Kanchi scenes were super….I loved the episode….kabir & Sanchi look so good together

  15. Kanchi rocks….Kanchi rocks….Kanchi rocks

  16. RANdomfANCreationz

    Awww they passed the compatibility test want more kaanchi scenes I m just loving kaanchi pair but at the same time I can’t see Veer heartbroken ?? he’s my fav in the show the precap is so heartbreaking ??????

    1. hi di kemon acho???????
      tomar ki kaanchi ke pocchondo??????

    2. RANdomfANCreationz

      Bhalo achi actually amar kaanchi o pochondo sanveer o kintu kaanchi Ek dag beshi ? But I can’t see Veer like this at the same time ???

    3. Same!!! Seeing Kaanchi is good but torturing veer like this is too much. Since Veer has been my most favourite character all along its sad to see him like this.. I really wish writers to bring someone for him.. Our chocolate boy can’t stay single for long!!!

    4. RANdomfANCreationz

      Yeah exactly Idk why are they doing like this with Veer ? It’s not that i don’t want kaanchi I want but they should bring in a new lead for Veer I thought isha will be paired with Veer now I think if it’s Kanchi then pragya will be paired with Veer don’t know what’s going on

    5. ami aaye show ta shudu veer er jonne kehkchi…..ooke ki cute laage
      amar eccha kore giye ore gaal taani ………..but i have to control myself
      tumi o ragsanite???????? amar o ragsan ke pocchondo
      oder ek dujon er saathe besh jome tayi na??????

    6. RANdomfANCreationz

      Ekdom Thik I also used to lover ragsan a lot and I still do I like swasan too
      But my all time fav pair is Shraman no matter what u can see it from my dp ?
      I am just a Jabra fan of Shraman
      In this show my fav character is Veer ??? pair Kaanchi ???

  17. Aaj ka episode kya kahu……can’t see veer in crying??? i was literally having tears……the intensity in his eyes.
    Really hw amazing his acting and his expressions in emotional scenes were rocking…..he nailed todays episode

  18. One of the best episode!!
    Especially Sanveer scenes ❤❤❤❤❤
    They were so perfect ❤❤??

  19. hey..all see the latest spoiler… jaya tells sanchi everything and sanchi is ready to take revenge by using veer…it’s so bad again veer will face much pain oh..god what is running in producer mind why she always try to heart us…do not want to see veer in this condition.

  20. Great Kanchi rocks! And feeling sad for Veer

  21. Rehmat

    hey abc how are you I think thas was fake spoiler hope so I love sanveer

  22. It will not happen abc helly will not enter in sdch,bcoz diz z sdch and here female lead z only sanchi(swarda)

  23. Ya today once again once mora kanchi’s rocks performance n love you kusum aunty thank u for comparability test at least they realise how much they know each other n old producer of sdch devanshi goes off air so can please take helly opposite to veer they look perfect n veer didn’t sidelined helly came as Sanchi sister like helping Sanchi n sister both in revenge n fulfilling father dream what’s an idea guys both VK fan n kanchi’s fans happyyy ?????

  24. Abhilasha

    O god today’s episode was awesome…. Kanchi scenes were so amazing and compatibility test.. O god…. See without love emotions and even frndship they have such compatibility and chemistry so if kanchi happens they will set fire…. U all r feelingbad for veer dbut seriously I m not coz they will end with sanveer and their love and revenge and family drama which I hate like gayatri will plan against and veer sabchi will be typical bahu!!!
    So guys jb tk kanchi scenes milre h just enjoy!!

  25. Sorry for some spelling mistake actually the automatic corrections did it

  26. And male lead z veer

  27. Kanchi is the heavenly pair. Plz cvs make it kanchi plźzzzzzzzzzzzz. I’m a die hard fan of swasan. If helly enters the show as real sanchi agarwal then my swasan rocks. Probably then colors could have a spin off with VaHe as leads. Kanchi and swasan forever. If this happens I’m sure the shows will rule the telly world.

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      But isn’t the real Saanchi Agarwal at coma?

  28. Kya ab thak veer devanshi serial mein gaya ????nahi na , jaisi hi helly sdch mein nahi aayega.
    If it is mahasangam then it will happen otherwise it will never happen dear

  29. Today was the best episode…so many Kanchi scenes….. I liked the scene where kabir supported Sanchi…..the test scene was awesome…. I just wish they make the pair of kabir &sanchi

  30. Woow Kaanchi scene are tremendous!!!! They passed the compatible test.. #kaanchifans we have hope..

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