Savitri Devi 12th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Jaya and Savitri accept Veer and Sanchi’s marriage

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Savitri Devi 12th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veer coming to Sanchi. Jaya says I want to tell you something and apologizes to him. She says I thought you wrong and said so much in anger. She says today I am repenting for my decision. She then apologizes to Sanchi for doubting on her love, trust and choice. She says I am sure now that my daughter has chosen a right guy. She apologizes to Sanchi. Veer holds her hand and asks her not to embarrassed them. He says you were worried for Sanchi, and says today you have accepted me from heart, and officially I became your damad. He touches her feet. Jaya hugs both of them. Gayatri and Dr. Malhotra drinks wine. He tells that your plan failed to sacrifice Veer, and I was about to get trapped, but you managed to rescue me. He says but we lost a good surgeon Dr. Kabir. Gayatri says if you had exposed today then we would have lost respect and many things. He says you have saved me and thanked her.

Sanchi and Veer come home. Savitri stops them. She gets up from wheel chair and walks towards them. Sanchi says you are fine. Veer asks why you are stopping me. Savitri says you have done so much for Veer and this family, but I have given you hatred. She says you was just Veer’s wife, but today I will welcome my bahu and do her grahpravesh. She does her aarti, and asks her to kick kalash and get inside. Veer gets emotional and hugs her. Savitri gives Mumbai tickets and asks them to pack their bags. She asks them to go surely today. Veer and Sanchi hug her. Veer says I am happy that our relation got your approval.

Gayatri and Dr. Malhotra are shocked. She tells Savitri that she did hurry and says Sanchi is jaya’s daughter. Savitri says Sanchi has passed all tests and asks Jaya to take out all grudges, hatred for her from her heart. Dr. Malhotra says we will play our conspiracy when right times comes.

Dr. Kabir comes home and sees Sanchi in the mirror. He asks don’t you trust me? Sanchi says no and says I hate you. She says she loves Veer a lot and can do anything for him. He sees Sanchi hugging Veer and breaks mirror angrily. His hand bleeds. He says nobody can see the wound on his heart, and I won’t let that wound heal. He plans revenge on Sanchi. Pragya brings a dress for Sanchi. Sanchi refuses to wear it on her first night. Veer also brings some clothes. Pragya keeps the dress which she brought in the suitcase.

Vikrant plays cards with his friends and lose. They ask him to give 2 lakhs rs. Vikrant says he will give. Veer and Sanchi leave for honeymoon. Vikrant calls Priya as a blackmailer and asks her to give Dr. malhotra’s watch. Priya gets thinking when he calls her baby.

Veer and Sanchi arrive in Mumbai. Someone steals her bag. Sanchi tells Veer that her bag is stolen. Veer asks her to relax and says they will buy clothes again. They come to the hotel and comes to know that there is no booking on his name.

Someone is keeping eye on Sanchi and Veer while they are in their room. Sanchi asks Veer to get icecream for her, when she sees clown coming towards her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Wow here she did so much bad with Kabir and now she is going to honeymoon shame on u…….this is the worst show I have ever seen and SanVeer is the worst couple she can trust Veer bcz she loves him but can’t Kabir she said she considered him as his friend but that’s all lie people usually choose frndship over love but she changed the history wow writers wow………if now Kabir will turn neg I don’t have any problem with it they deserve it only just go to hell

  2. Wooow…… Amazing episode ? sanveer best couple ?? …… Im really happy about wht happen with the ugly kabir …… He deserve what happen with him coz he always do problems with veer ??? & I’m sure that he’s the clown man ?

    1. Dimple457

      Oh hello u have no right to call him ugly……..everyone knows Vikram/Kabir is one of the handsome and hottest guy of Indian television so stop talking these rubbish things about him I am saying this being his fan and if u don’t like him then it’s ok but at least respect him which he deserves the most and if these r ur thoughts about him then keep it to urself??

    2. 23SAMAIRA0906

      U idiot just shut up Dont dare to say anything against Kabir “KUKUR KOR BAAR KAAM NAI BAANDAR-GORU SAALA BASI KORILE MUKH KHON BHANGIDIM” if u wanna know what the above sentences mean then tell me i will translate it …i have no problem to translate…And would u like to tell me how much ugly u r??? I dont know how ugly ur face is but i know ur soul is very ugly!!!Seriously ?? I mean ok u have the right to give ur point of view but not in this way !! U can’t call Kabir “ugly” or something!! U have no right!! JUST GO IN GUTTER WITH UR FAV SIBLINGS(VEER AND SANCHI) ….AND YEAH MIND IT TO NEVER SHOW UR FACE IN TU!!! And u know what Sanchi is such an ungrateful soul “Yaaaak ” she is “kalank in the name of FRIENDSHIP !!! SO BETTER MIND UR LANGUAGE U BLO*DY!!

    3. dont u dare to say something bad abt vikram in this forum

    4. N the main thing u should notice that Kabir has sacrifice d everything to b*t sanchi n she worst then everything

    5. Kabir is ugly really????Ha bhai aapke fav ki shakal itni achhi hai ki show ki trp 0.5 hi kar di?? ??? kitne log taraste hai dekhne ke liye pata chal raha hai ?????

    6. Kabir is ugly really????Ha bhai aapke fav ki Tommie shakal itni achhi hai ki show ki trp 0.5 hi kar di?? ??? kitne log taraste hai dekhne ke liye pata chal raha hai ????? .

    7. Yeah the current trp is showing who is ugly.
      Don’t you dare call our Mr.handsome ugly.
      The ugliest one at present (according to the character portrayed ) is sanchi.

    8. Varunfan

      U just hit the bulls eye LOlllllz
      They can call Veer tommy bt u cnt call Kabir ugly
      Hypocrisy at its best?

      1. Dimple457

        Firstly they themselves didn’t declare his name this was shown by CVS bas jahan dekho larne aa jaate ho??

      2. Hahaha call kabir ugly who is stopping u… Ndither u cant stop me nor i… Ugly starts with U… Awesome ends with me… N kabir is unequivocally awesome…..

  3. So true Dimple Vikram/Labour is the most handsome guy in the indian television i’ve sine

    1. Dimple457

      Yeah dear but some people can’t see this as they have buttons instead of eyes or they r surely blind

  4. Sorry sorry kabir instead of labour
    This autocorrect??

    1. Dimple457

      It’s ok dear

  5. Trp of the show itself showing who is ugly and who is best. 0.5 trp.

    1. Dimple457

      Said na dear some people can’t see??

    2. Varunfan

      So u mean to say those shwwho has less trp have ugly people?Are you sure na u cn prove ur claim true???

      1. Dimple457

        Oh hello I never said it I just said that the who calls Kabir ugly can’t see nothing more than that

      2. No problem… Say whatever u want… But remember UGLY starts with U n FABULOUS ends with US. N listen 1 more thing if anybody will bash kabirs character or look then we also wont keep quiet… No issues with veers character … Problem is with sanchi n cvs… N 2ndly if kabir stoops low also na then also i have np… After marriage sequence ended i wanted this only … But its good bcoz now the situations made kabir like this…. N u know what this basher weam i know him … He always use such kind of words so instead of standing with him u should rather ask him to use words correctly…. N if no then i have np its old habit of u guys to fight … At swaragini time with my princess hellys fan n now kabir fans…. I m sorry if it hurts bt the truth is truth…. Have a nice time watching this crap storyline…

  6. Kabir uncle type lgta h..pure show me uski acting ki tone ek jesi hi rhi..same with sanchi uski bhi acting khrab h

    1. Exactly… Kabir akhir kiya kya show me… Pehle khadoos..caring son… Lover… Emotional… A true friend… Blah blah…….. N now negative……pata nhi sayad hume hi kuch zyada dikh gya…. Abeo akh h ya aloo ka phak bade aye acting pe ungli uthane wale….. Kabir ke jitne shades dekhne mile h sayad hi kbhi kisi show me kisi character ko dekhne milta h…… Giving u a free advice …. Waise free me deti nhi but seeing ur condition im felling pity on u….. Go n have eye checkup n dont forget to consult a pshyciatrist….

    2. Accha tumhe kabir uncle type lagta hai chalo kam se kam wo tumhe insaan jaisa dikhta hai. Mujhe to veer bandar (monkey) jaisa dikhta hai. And pure show me maine to usake muh se sirf ek jaise dialogue sune hain.”Sanchi sirf meri hai”. “Meri sanchi ko mujhase koi nahi cheen sakta. “Mujhe sanchi mil gai mujhe ab zindagi me kuch nahi chahiye. ( it seems as if sanchi is a trophy bas wo mil gai to bande( veer) ko aur kuch nahi chahiye. Koi goal nahi hai life me).mujhe to veer pure show me yahi karte dikha. Kabir k to bahut sare shades dekhe maine and age bhi bahut shade dekhane ko milega. But veer pure show me sirf meri sanchi meri sanchi hi kiya hai aur age bhi yahi karega.

      1. My this reply is only for that abhik kumar. This is not at all to hurt other veer fans. But i have read previous comments of this abhik and this idiot always use bad words for kabir. So i also want to show him that if abhik kumar u r fan of someone then it doesn’t mean that u can abuse or say bad abt other characters. If u can do so then others can also give u back.

  7. soon true guys .Kabir is not ugly nor veer.And there are some people’s in the world who a such a nusense&pain in the headSome people are nor tired of trolling stars.And by some people I mean those how don’t give respect to others opinion like dimple and her “friend-zzz”????.Those who can’t accept other apologe are freaking tantrum throwers and an aura thank u for giving me those nicknames I loved them???

  8. As u r a kabir fan I am again fan .If u get angry against some one for calling kabir anything then why should not me.There are a Look many people who hate SANVEER. What do u thing how should I react to them talk to them nicely or talk like u .Listen carefully before blaming other u should see what u did.And it stupid friends also.Got that???

  9. I mean amaira. O did I spell it right because I don’t want any army of hothead get onto me for the mistake of an AUTOCORRECT.

    1. 23SAMAIRA0906

      NO dear u still didn’t spelled it correct !!! Its Samaira not amaira!!!!

  10. I think most of the people r obsessed with kabir.I also love him and i LUV veer to.I know he is really nice hot but veer is also cute and charming.There r some people in this formus who are freaking stupid idiot and they throw tantrum.Those kind of people are really ugh and there friends to.I love both but I am not obsessed with them.This is a message foramaira and dimple U got hurt when someone comments against us fav character and actor.U all freaking people took it personally.that day when I commented OMG I thought that dogs attacked me.???Before u soy something to some one first see us self????????

    1. 23SAMAIRA0906

      Oh dear i m so happy u still remembered us OMG i didn’t knew i and dimple r such a controversial people …Awwwwwwwww i m so happy!!! And dear let me tell u a thing that dogs can’t type u know!!! And i don’t know if u r blind or hypocrite so let me tell u in the last fight dimple apologized u because she felt she did something wrong ….Later on i thought that maybe it ws my fault also ….But i did’t apologized because i did nothing i just spoke against the person who was misbehaving with my friend cum sister…But u know what now i feel like dimple did a big blunder apologizing to such an ungrateful soul…..Thank god !!! THANK GOD!! I didn’t apologized an idiotic person like u!!! And there is an FREE ADVICE FOR U!!! IF in this way only u will hold a person’s words then u r never gonna be happy !!! And yeah remember the lines i said u just now r very important!! I don’t know how u take me but u should never ignore two people’s advice 1st is ur FRIEND and 2nd is ur ENEMY !!!And last time u asked me na that why i m so effected by the words u used for Dimple!! Then let me tell u We both r SISTERS!! Not by blood but by heart !!I m from India and she is from Pakistan ….and we just don’t tell that we r sisters or something but we also mean it…..U know we get hurt when someone insult our soul friend because we have a very strong bonding….But sorry to say i don’t think that u will ever be able to understand this …..Because if u have understood u wont have said this things to us dear!!! See i dont believe in fighting but solving !!! I m sorry if u got hurt by my comment …..i don’t wanna fight with u but u know my heart aches when someone misbehave with my friend !!So lets be friend because if we fight nothing can be solved…And did u saw the film Ek tha Villian ??? There Shradha Kapoor said na ..Andhere ko Andhera nahi sirf Roshni mita sakti hai….So lets be friends if u don’t mind!!!

      1. And yaa Manu I love myself and my friends especially Samaira I have never met her but I love her more than my friends who r here with me so keep this in ur mind that I’ll not bear when u will call her stupid or idiot and yaa dear we r just too much obsessed with Vikram so…………and we can’t got hurt on these little things and yeah sammie said right dogs can’t type so how did dogs attack u and yaa when we ended the fight a long time ago u should not have reacted so much well it’s upon……..but plz end this now I am tired of this….and this time I am not going to say sorry last time I did and u still insulted us

  11. I don’t know why you are all fighting for some serial ………..that is not a real life……… please manu,samaira and dimple and others friends don’t fight like that they are only serial characters why we are all so so much attached by them…………..if I hurt any one sorry for that yaar…………show ko show ki tahra chalne do……….hum log hum logo ka dosti continue karte hae……….so friends yaar all kanchi,sanveer and sdch fans…………..

  12. Varunfan

    People here should tone down their hypocrasy level a bit.
    Playing victim card is becoming a daily game i guess…..
    First u call Kabir ugly??
    Wht wbt Tomchi which is roaming in this TU fr long?what abt tommy face and dnt tell me u said that fr character…

    Shw me to Kabir ko bhi dikhaya Malhotra ki chaploosi krte hue to bulaye usko chaplus??hazam karloge na shw me dikhaya bolke.

    Show me voh dikhaya as a part of bullying and u ppl supports bullying or ragging right???tabhi particularly vahi naam accha laga he na?

    And raha sawal TRP ka……to trp kaise aayegi where all r behind a married couple and trying to keep them away which is legally punishable and sm portion of so called great and innovative audience is feeling happy about it.
    Veer shouldnt spoil Kanchi engagent this is what ranted by same ppl who r nw saying ruin their honeymoon.

    In short HYPOCRITE is the word.

    1. Look, first of all I don’t know who the hell used tommy face word for Varun .I am also a Varun fan from Sawaragini & I love Vikram too ….You are complaining about tomchi romance , so it’s for character .One more thing if u say Kabir a chaploos then I habe no problem (don’t know about others ) because it’s for character in fact I personally use love sick puppy for kabir when he is behind Sanchi ….Bit it’s wrong if u judge a person by his looks ….I don’t know Who the hell is start this fighting .I say sorry on behalf of other Kanchi fans. Let’s end this fight dear .We are not against Sanveer or Veer .We are against how cvs portray their characters .I don’t know why the hell talented actors like Varun & Vikram wasting time on this crap.Varun ‘s character as Sanskaar is much relative .

      1. Varunfan

        Excuse me, if u r so called Varun fan then why r u being lawyer of Kanchi FD and Varun fans hardly comments here in TU and its nt abt a day or month.Its been happening frm start.Just because Varun fans dnt comment here doesnt mean only Kabir / Vikram is having followers or fans. Idc abt wht ppl think about him!!!but LIMIT exists i guess and people are bound to react.Vk fandom hardly has any enemy FD.So we have no issue with VS fandom but surely we will nt tolearte bullshit for eternity.

  13. Who’s saying that varun doesn’t have fans n followers…n talking about limit then first u should check then point on us… No issues with VK or any actor but yes if someone goes on look n acting then why will anyone keep quiet…n about enemies then u should check it’s u people who always start… On twitter calling Vikram 3rd grade actor…on instagram bashing kabir …..n u r blaming us… N for ur kind information who r u to judge or decide who’s VK fan or not… Now if I say same then u won’t believe but in reality I started watching due to Vk only bcoz i like him since swaragini… Or haan to hum konsa maunvrat dharan karenge agar aisa kuch hua to….. So instead of showing ur anger on us n blaming us see urself first… Tumlog b dudh ke dhule nhi ho ?????

  14. And talking about enemy hahahahaha…if u don’t talk about it then it will be better…. We also know about that…

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