Savitri Devi 12th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Dr. Kabir gets more cheeky by his doings

Savitri Devi 12th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dr. Kabir hearing Gayatri’s shouting and thinks if Veer came. He comes to Gayatri and Dr.Malhotra and says you are here? Dr. Malhotra says they came to get Gayatri’s medicine. Veer comes and takes Sanchi outside the house holding her hand. He says we can spend some time with each other without questioning each other. Sanchi reminds him that she is Dr. Kabir’s wife now. Rain starts. Sanchi enjoys the dances and swirls in rain. Dr. Kabir comes back and thinks where is Sanchi? He comes in his car and sees Sanchi dancing. He beats Veer and tells that Sanchi is his wife. Veer says he knows about their fake relation else Sanchi wouldn’t have been here. He takes Sanchi forcibly. Pragya comes in her car and asks Veer what is he doing on the road. Veer tells her that Dr. Kabir had beaten up and tells that he won’t let him get Sanchi. Sanchi asks Dr. Kabir not to raise his hand on Veer again.

Dr. Kabir tells her that he will raise his hand thousand’s time if he touches her again. Sanchi feels bad and teary eyes. Savitri returns home and asks Veer about wound on his face. Veer says he slipped in rain. Pragya says he will be alright. She comes to Sanchi’s room and says if Dr. Kabir beats Veer again then she will not leave him. She sees curtains between the bed and says Veer was right. She asks Sanchi why is she playing game with Veer and goes to call him. She brings Veer there, and sees Sanchi and Dr. Kabir sitting together and having tea and no partition on the bed.

Pragya asks Veer to believe them and tells that they have no husband and wife’s relation. Dr. Kabir says they have husband and wife relation. Sanchi says the same. Veer tells them that he can see truth in Sanchi’s eyes. Dr. Kabir tells Sanchi that they have to make Veer that they are husband and wife… Gayatri tells Dr. Malhotra that she has hidden Sunny’s letter in flower vase. Dr. Malhotra checks all vases leaving the one which is in Servant’s hand. Sunny’s letter is in that vase. Dr. Malhotra comes back to Ria and says letter is not there. Ria says something is definitely related to Dr. Kabir and Sunny else he wouldn’t have gone offline.

Veer sees Sanchi going to terrace in night. Dr. Kabir tells Sanchi that they have to make Veer believe that they are husband and wife. Sanchi nods. Veer comes to the terrace and sees Sanchi and Dr. Kabir posing as if they are kissing each other. He gets shocked and shattered.

Veer gets much drunk and breaks the vase having the letter. She sees letter fallen out when the vase breaks. He lifts the paper and opens it. He looks at the letter.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Oyee kise ne dislike kiya

  2. Guys ek bad news for kanchi fans sunny is back from us aur ab toh sach bahar take rahega mein ab ye show dekhna hamesha je liye chod rahi hu phele toh yodha bahut umeed thi kaanch ke kiya ab nahi I hate sdch

    1. Dear as they r married now so there will be nothing if the truth comes out bcz I think Kabir will never give divorce to Sanchi chill

  3. Dumas001

    Finally the truth will come out .

  4. Dumas001

    Had Kabir son Sacchi heart it would have been good instead he threatened blackmail coerced forced himself into their life Saachi never loved him and only saw him as a friend even when they were engaged in the beginning of was because of her mother emotional blackmail.Veer loves Saachi and she love Veer not kabir.

    1. Dear, i think Sanch never loves Veer or Kabir, she is so selfish. Veer and Kabir must make couple and be happy, that there is no Sanchi in their life. And Sanchi can go to hell

  5. I am sure like all typical Indian shows and will make fall in love with her monster of a husband even do the guy is sick and disgusting he says he loves her but the only reason the girl is with him is because he is threatening the husband she loves and her brother so he can make her fall in love it this is a real man wow you ladies really need a reality check.

  6. I m just waiting for the day when truth of kidney theft will come out and Kabir’s innocence will be proved. I don’t care if it will be again sanveer bcoz ye to iss show main starting se hota aa raha hai break up patchup. I just want that witch sanchi that how a nice human being changed so much. She is calling Kabir a monster but that witch is responsible for it.

  7. kamini saanchi chudial.. I reallly Really Really Hate her.

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