Savitri Devi 11th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Tantric warns Veer

Savitri Devi 11th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anand recalling Priya and crying. He says Priya’s memories are till here, keep her room clean, I will keep Priya alive in memories. Veer enters the ward and sees puja going on. The man says many children died in this ward, so I want to purify this place. Veer says don’t do this drama. The tantric says I understood what’s this, there is Kaal on your head, see this black lemon. The tantric scolds him and says your family is under shadow of Kaal, she has come, she won’t leave anyone. Veer says no use of your nonsense, if you want to get treated, fine, else go, don’t waste our time. Sanchi comes there and sees tantric.

Veer sees her and asks how did you get injured. She says I m fine, I just slipped. The tantric says she is lying, that spirit is powerful, you

know her, tell him, you can’t fight that evil spirit alone, she was captive, you know her black powers. Veer says stop this nonsense. Sanchi says let him complete. Tantric says no one will be saved from her anger. Gayatri comes to someone in her room and says you didn’t eat anything. She asks him to have sweets. She feeds him sweets and asks him to sign papers. She says if you had agreed to me that day, you would have not been here. She scares to inject him. He signs the papers. She gets glad. He catches her neck. She gets injection and stabs him. He faints.

Veer says we have been hearing such wrong stories since childhood, how did you believe that man. Sanchi says remember Newtons third law, every action has equal and opposite reaction, like there is goodness, there is evil too, there is Lord and there are bad spirits too. He says come on, find some logical solution, if you need my help, tell me. Veer gets divorce papers sent by Kabir. Sanchi gets shocked. She says I tried to contact him, but… he didn’t reply, this marriage was forced one, I tried to keep this marriage a lot. Veer asks where is Kabir. Gayatri gets angry on Kabir. She goes. She hears Naintara crying and goes to see. She hears sound coming from wall. Naintara says you have awakened my fears, I will kill you now, your Kaal has come. Sanchi goes to the ward and stops. She thinks to talk to tantric once.

Sanchi says I want to get rid of that spirit. Tantric says you can lose your life. Naintara attacks Sanchi.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Waw,
    Tell me 1 thing, what did sanchi do to save her marriage???
    Jahan tk mujhe yad h vo to Kabir se bat v sirf veer k bare hi krti thi

    1. 😀😀😀😀😂😂😂 joke of the day sanchi tried everything to save her marriage with kabir like seriously!! To wo jo din rat veer k naam ka jaap karati thi kabir k samne wo sanchi kA bhoot that. She said jabardasti ki shadi are iss amnesia ki shikaar ko koi yaad dilao jabardasti ki shadi se to khud kabir use free kar raha tha divorce dekar madam ne khud apni marzi see kabir k sath rehane kA decision liya that. This character of sanchi always tries to justify herself by telling a lie. I just hate her. If kanchi will be divorced i’ll be the happiest soul on this Earth. This selfish woman doesn’t deserve kabir. And makers kabhi time mile to apana show khud bhi dekh liya Karo usake bad dialogue likha Karo. Iss show main koi bhi cheez kabhi relate karati hi nahi. Makers always try to show that each and every character is wrong but mahan sanchi can never be wrong. Why they don’t understand that in viewers eyes only this gal sanchi is the main culprit.

  2. two questions
    Are the papers signed buy Kabir divorce papers?
    and why does Gayatri want Kabir to divorce Saanchi cuz she was the one who wanted them to get married.

  3. Now riya will mrg dr kabir

  4. Wt u saw in live chat

  5. Kaun sa live [email protected] I didn’t find any video. Can u plz tell what was there. Don’t tell me now kabir is going to marry ria. Ye makers ne marriage and divorce kA game kyun khelana start Kar Diya. I will prefer kabir to be single than marry a girl like Riya.

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