Savitri Devi 11th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Gayatri traps Dr. Kabir to save Dr. Malhotra, Dr. Kabir resigns and feels humiliated

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Savitri Devi 11th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Patient identifies Dr. Kabir as the man who did his operation after Veer. Gayatri changes Dr. Malhotra’s finger prints with that of Dr. Kabir’s finger prints. Veer and Sanchi are shocked. They come to the medical council. Member asks if she has proofs to prove Veer’s innocence. Sanchi says I don’t have any proofs to prove his innocence, but I know who is the accused. She says Dr. Kabir Malhotra. Medical Council members think that Dr. Kabir can do this as he dislikes Veer. Sanchi asks why did you do this? Dr. Kabir says I didn’t do this. Member asks her what proof she has against him. Sanchi says I have the proofs. She tells that they got scalpel yesterday and says when we matched the finger prints on it then we came to know this. Veer tells her that Patient identified Dr. Kabir as the man who operated on him. She shows finger prints reports.

Isha brings Patient and he points finger on Dr. Kabir accusing him. Dr. Kabir is shocked. Gayatri tells Dr. Malhotra that when a person is poor, it is easy for rich to buy the truth. Medical council members ask Isha to take patient. Veer comes to Dr. Kabir and says I never thought you will stoop low. Veer says truth is that you vacant from inside, and couldn’t forget Sanchi and did this to get her. Medical council member says we will take action against Dr. Kabir. Jaya says there is a karma first before anything else. Dr. Kabir asks her not to doubt on him and says I am innocent.

Dr. Kabir turns to Veer and says this is all done by him. He trapped me to save himself. Sanchi asks him to leave him and says all proofs and witnesses are against you. She says I couldn’t believe that you can do this, so much hatred with him, if it changes a person so much. She says it is your personal matter. She says your condition to keep him away from cardiology dept and when it didn’t work then you have done this cheap trick. She says I thought you as my mentor and friend and you? Dr. Kabir says enough..don’t tell anything further and says I have understood your decision and resigns from the hospital. He is leaving from the hospital holding his briefcase and feels humiliated. He turns to Sanchi and says you have done two big mistakes in your life, one is to marry Veer and other is believing Veer in his conspiracy. He says when you have broken my heart, I had bear, but now you have broken me, now you will regret, it will be difficult for me to do good or think good about you.

Patient’s mother comes there and slaps Dr. Kabir asking him why did he do this with her son. She curses him, if she doesn’t know that her son took money from Gayatri to lie about Dr. Kabir. Sanchi goes to her cabin and cries. She thinks about her interview, Dr. Kabir’s teaching her, their dance, etc. She thinks of his words that today she has broken him. Jaya and Veer comes to Sanchi. Jaya says I know this decision is not easy for you, Dr. Kabir was your Guru, but your decision was right. Veer keeps his hand on Jaya’s shoulder. Jaya moves and lets him talk to Sanchi. Sanchi turns to him.

Savitri accepts Sanchi and gives her honeymoon tickets. Dr. Kabir takes out his anger. He imagines Sanchi telling him that she hates him and hugs Veer. He breaks the mirror angrily.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Really feel sorry for kabir
    (Sanchi is going to regret for this decision later) so true

  2. I literally cried when kabir was leaving the hospital. How mean sanchi is. When all the evidence were against veer. Sanchi has full trust on veer. Why just bcoz he is her husband and she loves him. But when all the evidence were against kabir she easily believed that kabir is culprit just bcoz kabir doesn’t like veer. She doesn’t love kabir but she considered him a friend before declaring him a culprit at least she should have talk to him but no this woman forgot all the things that kabir has done for her and declared him a culprit. What a double standard woman sanchi is. I just hate sanchi

    1. Riddhi not only you but there are many people who are crying after watching that scene. And when that lady slapped kabir,that was the worst scene ??. I think this is the only show where people have cried for a parallel lead and hate the main lead for making him so much suffer. I am so happy colors has come down to no 4,it seems they never learn from their mistakes. In DSDT they did injustice with parth and shorvari just to uplift teni. And now they are doing the same thing with kabir to justify sanveer love ?. I really wish sdch doesn’t get even 0.1 trp. Because at the end even if kabir punishes saanchi and veer, ultimately they will some how show that idiotic couple winning and by then kabir would have done something so extreme from which he can never come out. So at the end of the day it is kabir only who is going to suffer. So I really want this show to become a super flop. The more they degrade kabir the more I will wish bad for this show. Saanchi will never realise her mistake. The day she begs for kabirs forgiveness along with the whole staff only then I will wish something good for this show. But I know they will never show that.

      1. Anu88

        I wish same yaar but cvs not seen us this episode yaar……..I am also crying reading written update for kabir…….

  3. After seeing yest episode, I have only curses for this show. I never cried for any character. I have felt bad many times but never cried.???. But kabir made me cry si much. I didn’t feel so hurt when saanchi him in the mandap, but what she did yest was worst thing she could have done to kabir ?. I don’t even hate dr malhotra and gayatri as much as I hate saanchi. Had she shown little bit trust on kabir, kabir would not have been broken so much ?. She could have easily stood for him and said that come what may I trust dr kabir fully and just like veer even he can never do such a crime. I really want kabir to destroy saanchi, jaya and her 2 chamchis. And her blo*dy husband veer. Gosh I wish he has a very bad death. Seriously colors and rashmi,every time you put down kabir to uplift your veer and sanchi. Why dI’d you do this. I really hope trps come to 0 because now I know they are making kabir do something extreme and in the end show the blo*dy sanveer only right. I can’t bear to see kabir suffering more. Gosh I am crying so much?. Don’t worry dr kabir, every body loves you. And that last scene was so bad?.

  4. Sanchi trusts Veer bcoz eventhough evidences were against Veer , once he saved a small girl by bringing heart and taking a big risk, so she feels that a person who can bring a heart can how steal the kidney , so she trust Veer but coming to kabir gayatri made all evidences against kabir so any body feels that kabir is culprit

    1. Don’t justify sanchi. She has also done illegal thing by using truth serum on ayesha but kabir didn’t take any action against sanchi bcoz he has full trust on her. Kabir ne hamesha uspe bharosa kiya but sanchi ne hamesha sirf kabir ko hurt hi kiya hai. She has always used kabir. Sanchi is the most selfish and worst FL.

  5. I too felt hurt after the resignation of kabir it too made me cry???

  6. This is the wrost show of Indian tv history….and yes it is right that this is first show where peoples crying for the parallel lead…because peoples didn’t accept sanveer because of veer’s past doings….how can saanchi forget that kabir did so much for her…he always with her in her bad times he always supported her..but when time comes of saanchi easily believed that kabir is real culprit i mean how could she? Kabir ko badnaam kar k by showing distrust on him what she need to cry..she is big fool fl in the saas bahu drama..and guys please don’t make hopes that cvs will going to show that their so cold fl will regret for decision…i really dont like saanchi her cold true love cum husbend and her two chamchies…i even don’t hate as much to dr. Malhotra and gytri as i hate saanchi veer jaya savitri isha n their mahaann and big chamchii pragyaa…

  7. And last thing i literlly cried on yesterday episode it was so hard for me to see my fav character in this position….i wish this show will off air at the point of 0 trps….because this show even don’t deserve 0 it deserves less than zero
    Hate hate hate and go to hell.

  8. i have watched many shows before but never cried … but this so called show made me two times cry… 1st when kabir was heartbroken n then the wost episode when tomchi got married … that was d last day when i watched sdch … that day also i didnt felt this bad for kabir… n seriously i knew that this day will come when kabir will face these ….. afterall to justify tomchi n their so called love how wont they show kabir stooping so low or make him face these …. when veer stooped low everytime during 30 days challenge to defeat sanchi … everyone forgot so easily just bcoz veer had misunderstanding..but whatever he did was intensionally n cheap…. but in case of dr.kabir everyone beleived so eaisly forgetting all his good deeds……. now im sure kabir will be shown villian n jaya mata will accept tomchi………… now if kabir stoops low also then i also i have no problem ….. afterall he suffered beyond anyone can think……. feeling pity for hospital n that couple tomchi…… RSTF always produces nonsense shows which also produces rift between the the viewers…like btw varun n helly fans n now kabir n sanveer fans…. Atleast ye rishta kya kehlata though it is also dragging but atleast it is giving some good social msg… I got to know this from 1 of my friends……. This show doesnt behave our hatred…….after tomchi marriage i just open written update to press dislike…… before watching any show will make sure that it isnt RSTF show……. Worst production house everrrrr

    1. If anyone has any problem with my comment …. I DONT CARE…… Have a nice dayyyy

  9. Anu88

    Pyaar me log akshar andha hota hae……..aj sanchi ne prove kar diya……..veer ko believe kar sakta but kabir ko believe kar nahi sakte because kabir is not her love………I wish kabir came in tomchi life as a cyclone……….all serial we want not break main pair but this serial we are eagerly waiting for see breaking tomchi relation………and we wish about it in our core of heart……..

  10. Is this show really going off air???
    Or is it a hoax???
    Can’t tolerate this crap anymore.

  11. Varunfan

    I will say Yes not only Kabir but no doc deserves such trtment.
    But Kabir needs to taste this once, he blamed Veer many tym without any proof and never ever leave a chance to instigate Sanchi evwn Jaya against him.

    Veer still said i cnt blv he cn do smthing like that and yes audience didnt frget those 30 days neither they frget before 30 days when Veer stood still and strong for Sanchi and her entire family alone against his own family.So ya audience dnt frget anything.

    Bt nw instead of looking for who framed Kabir he is living in an illusion that SanVeer hates him, they plotted against him.

    Kabir and Veer cnt be compared, Veer is Sanchi’s husband and Kabir is just a mentor and frnd.

    Kabir shouldnt peep in into a married couple room thats lowkey and nthing cn be achieved by wrong ways. If Kabir fr no reason tries to harm SanVeer who in real didnt hate him or framed him, sorry bt he will dig his own grave……

  12. O hello veer sanchi ka husband hai to acchi bat hai na rahe uska husband . Yahan veer se kisi ko problem nahi hai. Problem sanchi se hai. Kisi bhi relationship love or friendship me important hota hai trust. Kabir ne veer ko blame kiya or veer ne kabir ko isase kisi ko fark nahi padata bcoz unake relation me kabhi bhi trust or friendship jaisi bat nahi thi. But sanchi and kabir were friends na. Jab sanchi ka sath dena tha to kabir ne bhi hamesha usaka sath diya hamesha usape trust kiya even ayesha ka sach veer k samne lane k liye bhi sanchi ka sath diya.kabir has always proved himself sanchi’s true friend. But sanchi ne to kabir pe jara bhi trust nahi kiya use blame karne se pahle ek bar kabir se bat kar sakti thi but nahi gyan ki devi sach ki murat sanchi mata to kabhi kuch galat kar hi nahi sakti(though she herself is a fraud queen). She directly put all blame on kabir. The most worst fl.and kabir k place pe koi bhi hoga to yahi sochega usape trust nahi kiya bcoz she hates.

  13. What the f**k is wrong with u miss I am also kabir fan but it doesn’t mean that you can blame SANVEER.It was that stupid gayatri.

  14. Miss neha i don’t have any problem with ur sanveer. I think there is problem in your eyesight. I have not mentioned ur sanveer at all. I have problem only with sanchi’s character. I have only mentioned the things that i have seen till now. I didn’t know that u r a huge fan of sanchi. I don’t have any ptoblem with sanveer and not even with veer. He is absolutely right at his place. I have problem with sanchi because sanchi always said kabir is her friend. If friend is like sanchi then i m sorry to no one will ever want a friend like sanchi. That is what o have mentioned.

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