Savitri Devi 10th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Veer ruins Dr. Kabir’s honeymoon plans

Savitri Devi 10th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pragya and Veer’s conversation. Pragya tells him that Sanchi gave credit to him just to fool him. Veer says I can see truth in her eyes and says she didn’t spend first night with Dr. Kabir and came to hospital. Pragya asks him not to fall for Sanchi again and tells that if we had any PM for mad then you would be the one. Veer says I would have proudly said that I am mad about her. Ria tells Dr. Malhotra that she wants to talk to him. Dr. Malhotra says he don’t want to talk to her. Ria takes him to room and tells him everything. She tells that she doubts on Dr.Kabir and tells that he is responsible for Gayatri’s condition. She says Mom has proofs against him surely. Dr. Malhotra says he will ruin Kabir once he gets the proofs and will treat Gayatri soon. He says he will increase the medicine dosage.

Dr. Kabir and Sanchi come home. Savitri tells that they had told Veer useless and not worthy to do any work. She says everyone is praising my son and his doing. Dr. Kabir smiles and tells Savitri that he will give some space to them and going on a vacation with Sanchi. He tells that it will be their honeymoon and tells that they deserve to celebrate after winning the marathon of surgeries. He tells Sanchi that he will book best package of London. Veer gets angry.

Pragya asks Veer to forget Sanchi. Veer asks him to understand him and believe him that she is his Sanchi and they are made for each other. He asks why you couldn’t see. Pragya says truth is changed now. Veer tells that Sanchi loves me even now and that’s why I won’t let this honeymoon happen and you have to help me. Dr. Kabir is booking the tickets when he gets the internet connection wire plucked. Dr. Kabir sees him with the wire and says he will go to travel agent and book the ticket. Veer comes indisguise of an inspector and stops Dr. Kabir’s car saying it is the stolen car. Dr. Kabir tells that this is my car. Veer laughs and tells that all criminals say like this. Pragya comes and steals his passport. Dr. Kabir says he can show the car papers. Veer and Pragya leave. Dr. Kabir sees him gone and sits in car. He checks for his passport and finds it missing. He gets angry. Veer says how he will go now.

Dr. Malhotra asks Gayatri what she knows about Dr. Kabir. Ria says mom? Gayatri says Dr. Kabir is playing a big conspiracy and thinks for a while. She then takes Sunny’s name and says this all is happening because of him. Dr. Kabir returns home and comes to Veer. He says I know you have done this and asks where is my passport. Veer asks which passport? Dr. Kabir says you can’t stop me from going to honeymoon. Veer says you will not go, and says you had spoiled my honeymoon and now I will spoil your honeymoon. Dr. Kabir asks Sanchi to make Veer understand and asks him not to spoil their honeymoon. Sanchi asks Veer to stop his doings and tells that Dr. Kabir is right. Veer says ok and tells Pragya that they shall go for a road trip. Dr. Kabir says thank god he left, now we can plan.

Sanchi praises Dr. Kabir while he makes arrangements for their honeymoon at the house. Savitri informs same thing to Veer. Veer and Pragya rush home.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Sanchis praise to kabir is an ACT or real
    Did she get her senses back that she feels that for him

    1. No dear it’s all mahaan Sanchi mata’s plan she can do anything for her so called true love alcoholic baby Veer and her murderer brother Sunny even she can let anyone play with her dignity…….but it will never be played bcz I am sure Veer and Pragya will reach there…..

  2. . Kabir makes arrangements for their honeymoon at the house itself as Veer has stolen their passports. Sanchi likes the decorations and tells Dr. Kabir that he is her mentor and a good friend. She then tells that he is the one whom she hates the most for separating her with her love Veer. She tells that she hasn’t seen such a cheap man in her life. Dr. Kabir gets angry and tells her that she has to accept him in all circumstances. Savitri informs Veer about Dr. Kabir’s plan. Veer tells Pragya that they have to reach home and ruin their honeymoon plans. They head towards home.

    1. So that means saanchi praises
      Kabir first and then tells him cheap (playing with his feelings??)
      Is the trp of the show increasing after kaanchi marriage ?

  3. Sanchi is such a stupid women. She never cares about kabir’s feelings. She only cares about that dumbo tomboy veer’s feelings.
    And Yes, trp is increasing after kaanchi marriage

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