Savitri Devi 10th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Veer gets irritated with Mishri’s friends

Savitri Devi 10th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mishri thinking nobody would have forgotten yesterday’s insult. She tells Rekha and Seema that Veer is busy and they shall meet later. But her friends insist to meet Veer. Mishri sees Ganapati’s idol and asks God to save her respect. She opens her eyes and couldn’t see Seema and Rekha. They see the hospital and gets happy. Rekha sees an injured patient and faints. Seema makes her sit on the wheel chair. Intern comes and asks Ward boy to take her to ward. Seema comes to Mishri and tells that Rekha fainted. Mishri comes there and they couldn’t find Rekha. Veer talks to Dr. Kabir about the patient. He sees Rekha on the bed and thinks that patient was someone else. He checks her eyes. Rekha gains consciousness and calls him jija ji. Veer thinks who is she? Seema and Mishri come there. Seema says you are more good looking than the pic and asks him to take them to red fort. Dr. Kabir asks Veer to come for rounds when he gets free. Mishri asks them to come and says he is busy. Rekha says we will wait for you and will have dinner with you. Mishri asks them to go and asks Veer not to get angry on her friends and meet them for sometime else they will tell to her parents. Veer says I will meet them for an hour. Mishri thanks the God.

Dr. Kabir sings on the document. His assistant tells that he needs Sanchi’s sign as well. Dr. Kabir says he will see. Kusum comes to Sanchi and asks her to drink juice. Sanchi asks her to drink. Kusum says no and says Kabir will scold me if you don’t drink. Dr. Kabir calls Sanchi and tells her about the papers on which her signs are needed. Sanchi says she will come to hospital and informs Kusum before leaving. Rekha orders food in the canteen and tells that it is their jija ji’s hospital. Mishri asks them to behave as this is hospital. Sanchi comes to hospital and says she will sign on the papers. She feels drowsy. Dr. Kabir holds her. Veer gets jealous. He sees little boys playing with stretcher and pushing it towards Sanchi. He runs to save Sanchi, but before he could reach her, Dr. Kabir sees the stretcher and saves her. She falls in his embrace.

Veer comes to canteen to meet Mishri’s friends. Rekha and Seema ask Mishri to make Veer have food with her hand. Mishri hesitantly feeds him. Veer eats the food. Sanchi thinks to meet Veer and asks Nurse. Nurse says he is in canteen. Sanchi says my tension will go once I see him happy. Rekha asks Veer to make Mishri have food. Veer feeds her. Sanchi sees him and smiles. Dr. Kabir sees her and thinks what is she doing here? He thinks if Veer do any drama then Sanchi can’t bear. He takes Sanchi with him. Veer is lost in Sanchi’s thoughts. Seema asks Veer to make Mishri have food again as she wants to click pic. Veer makes her eat again. Rekha asks Mishri to sit closely to him and says they know what happens after marriage. They ask her about wedding night and laugh. Veer says I am getting late and will go to round. He gets up and asks Mishri to take her friends from there. Canteen guy comes there and asks them to maintain peace. Veer gets angry on him. Sanchi hears Veer’s voice and tells Dr. Kabir that they shall check. Dr. Kabir is shocked.

Rekha tells Mishri that Veer’s grah is bad and asks her to light something near Veer’s place. The hospital gets smoky. Everyone runs being scared. Dr. Kabir asks guard to check from where the smoke is coming as if garbage is burnt. Veer sees Mishri in veil.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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