Savitri 6th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Savitri 6th August 2013 Written Episode, Savitri 6th August 2013 Written Update

—Veer and Damu face off ..Veer fails to identify Damyanti but her mission succeeded to get information abt veer’s hut
Episode starts with veer and damu passing confused looks. B4 she could say anything veer shouts as u should look and walk. Damu is irritated and is about to reply that a commoner comes and asks for shawl she was holding. She gives back and replies that the shawl fell on her head and questions can’t he look n walk. He complains of her to spoil his dahi. And adds ek to chori upar se seena chori.

He on anger proceeds but to be stopped by her calling veer stop. He is shocked and turns back only to make damu realise her blunder. He comes and asks her how she knows his name. She replies that he is known to all as one appointed by king n senapati to guard princess. She further adds no need to fly high as he isn’t that famous.
He replies that he used to be pricess’s bodyguard bt not anymore and moves ahead.

He buys a new bowl of dahi while damu too reaches. She says now his wife would be angry on him for spoiling kheer. He ignores her and moves to next shop to buy flower. She says nw that u are buying flowers thn it would be premika nt wife back home. He out of anger says he just live with his frnd that’s it and walks past. She again disturbs him asking where he lives and in anger he replies that he lives at top of mountain near to the big tree.

Damyanti is happy collecting information and veer leaves. King comes from behind and asks damu as what she is doing. She asks him how people live at mountain and he replies with their strength work n brain skill they lives there. He asks her to comealong and they proceeds further.

—Bhondu informs chakachak about King and Princess

Bhondu comes to chandu n sugandha n informs about king and princess at street in commoner outlook. Chandu moves forward n slaps him as why didn’t he onformed earlier. Bhondu says he just came 2 know nd rushed. Chandu says that he knows bhondu can’t be late bt then he loves slapping him due to his face look similar to senapati and slaps him once again. He says he shall bring out king n princess in public and asks bhondu to call his sainik.

—RK Guli and Vishi on way back

RK vishi and guli on their way back. RK again n again glares at mahal while guli says him by looking so he won’t get princess. She pulls RK while vishi thinks what’s going in guli’s mind as first she put RK’s life at risk by bringing him there and now she is intersted in taking him back safe.

—King takes damyanti to food court
King takes damyanti to food court and asks for 2 meal..They sits on floor and they r served food. King starts eating but damyanti hesitates to eat…But then starts as king was having it

—RK identifies Damyanti

RK vishi and gulika who was passing through reaches bhojanalay area and RK identifies Princess.. He says Gulika that the path is long and they need to take food..Guli and vishi is doubtful while RK proceeds to foodcourt…where damyanti is finding difficult to eat it…King murmers its common man’s food and she should eat it

—Senapati and chakachak comes for checking

RK with his women is about to enter food court that senapati and chakachak comes with army and announces that some strangers entered kingdom and they need to check asking all to stand on line..Guli and vishi is feared while RK is just going on looking at Damyanti. King is angered and asks what is happening as he hasn’t given permission to such a check. Damyanti asks him to go n talk to senapati but king over-rules that idea as he doesn’t want all to identify them. They too stands on queue. RK is going on with his eye session and finally it was RK’s turn..Sainik checks him while chakachak asks to remover the face cover…he removes it while chakachak identifies him. RK again does black magic and chakachak announces that there won’t be checking asking sainik to retreat. Gulika says it being not safe to leave country then and returns to guha

—King reaches back mahal angrily

King is angered and he along with princess returns to mahal. King is angered and on meeting rajguru he asks what made chakachak and senapati do patrolling at street. Rajguru says that he just got information about kaali bhumi people at street and he is going to check it then. King is confused and asks if senapati and chakachak’s patrolling has anything to do with it. Rajguru is confused and king says everything. Rajguru says he is unaware of all these and king replies that a sudden meeting should be called the next day. Rajguru nodes and king lefts.. Damyanti stops RAjguru and is about to say about senpati that he asks apology and leaves in search of kaali bhoomi people

King questions senapati while chandu says its all his decision. Chandu drama and he out of over acting burst out abt king being not at mahal to ask permission

Update Credit to: snowdream

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