Savitri 30th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Savitri 30th August 2013 Written Episode, Savitri 30th August 2013 Written Update

Veer faints due to his wound and a worried savitri takes him to a rest place…where she removes his shirt and cleans his wound. All along she curses herself of how her careless attitude bring problems to veer. Veer while unconscious whispers about how he was feared of loosing her. He whispers that he wouldn’t be able to leave without Savitri…Savitri is hapy from inside hearing it..

At mahal Nakshatra question uttara as how could Princess and Uttara hid the fact from her that Princess moves out of mahal at night to meet Veer with whom she is in love with. Naki says how could princess love a commoner and that isn’t she aware of consequences. Uttara replies that she was bound by promise and also says that ni8 is the last time Princess meeting Veer as she went to bid bye to him..


who overhears the conversation says that she will never let Damyanti forget Veer and will keep their love alive so that Rahukaal will not be able to get Princess and he shall be hers…

Damyanti is going on with the wound cleaning work that Veer gains conscious. He tries to get up ignoring Savitri’s request of taking rest. He gets up and asks how they reached the particular place. Savitri with confusion says that he fainted because of wound and she was cleaning his wound. She hands over his shirt with shy and he soon wears it. Just then he notices a cut on Savitri’s palm and asks how she is to which she confirms that she is fine. He takes a aushadi(medicine-syrup)from his shirt pocket and says that a sainik always has medicine with him.She says she didn’t knew as he was the only sainik with whom she was close with. She adds if she knew then she would have used it on him..He says she was mistaken as he was not complaining but instead mentioned her wound.He asks her to take it..Savitri replies its bitter and she wouldn’t take it and Veer forces her to take it…(lol he had to made her drink with his effort) . He again says that he was worried when vidhu informed him about savitri being caught by dacoit as what had he done if something…and stops in middle.

Nakshatra asks Uttara why was it necessary for princess to go and bid bye to him and asks her what they shall do if Damyanti doesn’t returns back soon…Uttara is worried and so do naki.

Veer says its late and they should return. Both are walking through forest.Veer is walking all fastly while Savitri is walking slowly. He says her that they will never reach champanagar if she walks so slowly. She replies happily that she is enjoying the moment as what if she never gets a chance again.. Veer is confused while Savitri changed topic and asks him about what he was saying at guhaabout losing her. He is shy and both share a romantic eye lock..

Just then Veer hears the sound of a bhelghadi and says her that they shall go and ask help. The bhelghadi owner who mistakes them as couple out on walk agrees to take them to champanagar. Both sits on back and enjoys the journey..Savitri feels cold and was blowing her hands that Veer hands over a woolen shawl which lied on the bhelgadi.She smiles in thanks.

She asks him whether he has loved anyone to which Veer with a naughty smile says that he has…He takes his sword first and says he loves his sword. Savitri out of disappointment takes the sword and throws it off the bhelgadi to woods. Veer runs and takes of. He asks why was she so angered to his sword to which she replies that it was as such…She again asks other than sword haven’t he loved any1 else to which he says it as badal. Savitri out of confusion looks to sky while Veer clarifies that he loves his horse badal. Savitri says all his love is just for his sainik possessions like sword horse senapati and all.. He replies its obvious as he is a sainik which she corrects by saying that he is a man too.. He replies that he became a man when she came to his life. Both are shy and stops abruptly.

It was Veer’s turn and he asks savitri if she has loved any1. She says a big yes and announces that she has always been in love with sky,land,road..blah blah…He smiles at the tit-4 tat reply and just then the bhelghadi driver plays flute. Savitri praises his play and asks for the flute. She gives it to Veer and asks him to play saying that she do knows that veer do play flute nicely. Veer asks how she knows to which she replies that he has said himself. He says he has never played flute in front of any lady and savitri is the first lady going to hear him. He starts playing flute and savitri is enjoying the moment. King senapati and chandu who was on the way back to mahal hears the flute play at woods and stops to hear.

Veer and savitri at outskirts of village. Veer doing something at her foot while a small tear drops falls off from savitri’s eyes to his palm. He looks at her worried. king with his men reaches the place in horsePrecap:

Update Credit to: snowdream

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