Savitri 29th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Savitri 29th March 2013 Written Episode, Savitri 29th March 2013 Written Update

Satya wakes up a sleeping Savitri and wishes her a Happy Holi. Satyas face is covered in all colours He praises Savitris beauty.
Leena enters the room and tells them to come down soon as all the guests are here and since it Savitris first Holi they want to meet her.
Savitri tells Satya to go down after washing his face but Satya does not let go of her hand and wants to stay with her.
RKs painting comes out from the side and watches in envy.

Satya and Savitri join everyone outside, they put colour on each other. They greet Satyas parents and all are happy and having fun.
Without realising Savitri and Satya drink the thandai which has Bhaang in it.

In their bedroom Savitri and Satya are still both drinking and a bit out of it. Satya calls Savitri his princess which makes Savitri stand up in Damyantis pose and she tells him she was a princess and he was a soldier. As soon as Savitri says princess, RKs painting comes out again, he watches them. Both fall on to the bed, fast asleep. RKs eyes catches fire and the whole painting burns.
Babu Mosai, who is going past smells the burning and puts the fire out but the painting is ruined.

Savitri wakes up just as Babu Mosai comes with tea for them. She asks about the burning smell and Babu tells her what happened.

Satya is talking on the phone to Dev and tells him he and Savitri are coming to Andaman for their HM. Dev tells them he will make the perfect arrangements for them. It is Gulika in guise of Dev.

After Dev leaves, Gulika tells herself Satya and Savitri are coming to the place where RK and Damyanti were last. And it will be their last day.

Satya bids farewell to his parents.

In the plane Savitri is asleep and she has a nightmare of Satya in an accident. She wakes up screaming, Satya calms her down.

As soon as they come out of the plane Savitri has flashbacks of her past when she killed RK and him boxed.
As her feet touches the ground, the rumbles and leads us to a place where the tribal people have dug up a trunk, thinking it to be treasure. Gulika as a hawk flies overhead.

Dev meets Satya and Savitri at the airport.
The trunk opens and RKs head comes flying out and lands on the road where Savitri and Satya with Dev are going on in jeep. She hears RK calling out Damyanti.
Tribal people have got Savitri with them and worshipping her.

Update Credit to: FIZK6

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