Savitri 28th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Savitri 28th March 2013 Written Episode, Savitri 28th March 2013 Written Update

Savi asks the lady from Rakshak kul why she is saying that Satya won’t be with Savitri for long? Savitri’s tear falls on mayavi book and it opens. The lady tells Savi to not to repeat the same mistake again by leaving the book open and always complete what chapter she started to read. The lady tells her that the book can be opened when the Mrigkshira naksharata is in a certain position and her tear falls on the book during that period. She also tells Savitri that the book will be opened daily for some time. Savi says she don’t want to be parted from Satya. The lady assures Savi that Satya and Savitri can never be divided and if it happened Savitri will be able to bring him back through her powers which she will gain from the mayavi book. Savi starts reading the book.

Archarya Chavak advices king to send Damyanti to gurukul. The king voices his worries for Damyanti being alone at gurukul. Chavak assures king that his son veer is alsothere and he will take care of Damyanti. The king and queen heavy heartedly bid adieu to their daughter. Damyanti’s mother gives her necklace and her father gives her a sword, asking her to remember her duty towards her state.

Chavak leaves Damyanti and Veer at gurukul. Chavak asks the Guruji to teach Damyanti fighting against not just visible but invisible powers and black magic too. Guruji teaches them how to fight against the power coming from any side with fast speed. He sends a magical ball which every student blocks with their swords. Veer saves Damyanti while the bundle of power was about to hit her and gets hurts as the mass hit him. This way Damyanti and Veer became friends.

Damyanti returns to palace. She promises her father that she will save her kingdom from Rahukal and ask for his permission to face Rahukal. Suddenly the book closes. Savi notices that she looks just like Damyanti and realizes that it was her punerjanma. Savitri happy with the realization recognize Satya as Veer in his previous janma. She nears the sleeping Satya and kisses his foreheads vowing that they will never be separate.

Precap: Rahukal comes alive in front of Savitri.

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