Savitri 27th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Savitri 27th March 2013 Written Episode, Savitri 27th March 2013 Written Update

Gulika watches the couples dance, she beams the red light from her eyes and one couple is out from the competition. Round 2 starts. Savitri and Satya dance whilst Gulika keeps her eyes on them. During the dance Savitri loses her balance and is about to fall but Satya holds her. Satya apologises to Savitri for holding her. She says she nothing happened to her she didnt see the scary face on his touch. Both are happy.

Angel telling Sheesth how Savitri will not see RKs face on Satyas touch. Sheesth tells her even this power has been given to her for a reason. Now that Savitri has got the Mayavi book there is no problem in her going into her past or seeing RKs face. Savitri will come in front of RK.

Savitri looks at Satya lovingly whilst Satya asks if he can touch her. He touches her face and Both are happy. Satya cant believe that he can touch Savitri and is overjoyed.

Angel wants to know why they want Savitri and RK to come face to face. Sheesth tells her so that what was left incomplete can be completed. RK may have been cut into 52 pieces but he did not die and for him to die he has to come alive again. Angel is worried that with RKs return Savitris life will be in turmoil. Sheesth tells her to get happiness Savitri will have to cross hurdles. And to win this battle she will have to bring RKs death. And she will have to win, she has with her the forever love of Satyvaan and Savitri..

Satya hold his hands out to Savitri and she slowly puts her hands in his. They both get close and dance whilst Gulika is still watching them. (The song is Hum Tum).
Whilst Savitri and Satya dance closely together, Gulika beams the light to get the other couples out. In the last round where there is only one couple besides Savitri and Satya the paper is folded so that only Satya can stand on it. He lifts Savitri into his arms and starts to dance. The other couple is also eliminated. Savitri and Satya win the competition. The original host gives Savitri their prize of a honeymoon to Andaman. Everyone congratulates Savitri and Satya.
Savitri takes out the tickets from the envelope and sees the map of Andaman and realises its the same as she saw in the book and the holiday was meant for them. Shes happy that with Babas book all her problems are being solved (No dear its just the bsginning šŸ™ ) She thinks if she goes to the place in the map she will get all her answers (Savitri, you’re thinking too much). Gulika who is watching all this takes off her mask and in her mind says to Savitri that she is very happy but she is not going for herself but for her (Gulika) and to bring RK alive. This is Savitris bad luck.

Savitri and Satya come home holding hands. Satya is ecstatic that he can touch her and she sees his face and not the demons. And he knew his love would win over her fear. Satya is not willing to let go of her hand. He tells her he will never leave her. She persuades him to let go of her hand so that she can go and drink water.

When Savitri enters their bedroom she sees Satya on the phone talking to someone to get their room decorated for SR. After finishing talking on the phone Satya turns around to see Savitri. He tells her about going out to eat ice cream (its his plan so by the time they come back their room will be decorated ). Savitri tells him she has a sore throat. Satya suggests going out for coffee and a drive. When she doesnt reply Satya senses her nervousness. He worriedly asks when she came into the room and she now knows of the surprise in Andaman. Both have got their wires crossed. Savitri thought Satya was planning for tonight but Satya was planning for Andaman. Savitri becomes nervous and doesnt know what to say. Satya tells her it enough that he can touch her and as he promised he wont touch her until shes comfortable and hes certain that by the time they go to Andaman all her nervousness will be over. Savitri is relieved to hear that and tells him he not only takes care of her but also reads whats on her mind. Which reminds Satya of the Mayavi book. He tells her to go and get it so she can also read it to him. Savitri remembers about Baba telling her not to reveal its context to anyone. Savitri tells Satya she will read it first then she will read it to him.
Savitri goes to sit by Satya on the bed. (Mohe Piya is playing in the background). They hold hands. Satya asks if he can go to sleep holding her hand. Savitri nods her head. Satya falls asleep holding her hand.

Savitri goes to the temple outside. She thanks Saraswati ma for protecting the book and also eliminating her fears. She now has complete faith in Babas words that the book will show her the way and answer all her questions. She picks up the book but it still doesnt open. She wonders why the book hasnt opened since she saw the map. She thinks the book will now open in Andaman.
As she leaves the temple, from behind the Angel tells her Satya will not be with her for long now.
She turns around in shock to see the Angel.


Its still the same night and Savitri is reading the book outside in the temple. She sees her and Veer as children. Veer telling her shes a princess and its his duty to protect her. As long as he is there no harm will come to her. Both Savitri and Damyanti and happy on hearing that.

Update Credit to: FIZK6

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