Savitri 25th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Savitri 25th June 2013 Written Episode, Savitri 25th June 2013 Written Update

Satya and Leena/Vishgati arrive at TaaraDwar. Vishgati tells Satya the ring will help him enter TaaraDwar without any complications. Satya asks how she knows alot about TaaraDwar, she replies she knows as she is a mother. Satya tells his mother he will go alone, find Savitri and bring her back home and tells his mother to go home. Vishgati is pleased to hear this but pretends to be concerned about him. As Satya leaves Vishgati is happy that she now knows her son RK wont get into any danger.

Vikrant fires the gun but to no avail. Gulika tells him he has been alive till now because she needs him to reach TaaraDwar which shocks Vikrant. Vikrant manages to escape from the hut and locks Gulika in which angers Gulika. She recites some mantras and gets the door open.

Satya is in the woods calling out to Savitri. Savitri hears him calling her. She prays to Devi ma to keep Satya away from TaaraDwar.

Vikrant is running in the woods when Gulika as a hawk flies over him. As he rests at a tree, Gulika appears. Vikrant is shocked to see her. She throws the potion in his face. He hugs Gulika and tells her not to leave him ever, he will do as she says.

Satya is looking for Savitri. Savitri is worried and asks Devi ma to give her a sign if her fear is true or not. She trips over a stone and the rice spill out of the bag. She wonders what it could mean and starts to pick up the rice one by one. Just then the rice magically return into the bag.
RK appears and tells her not to worry when he is there, no grain of rice will be left. As usual Savitri is not happy to see him and puts the bag of rice back in her bag.
RK tells Savitri he will now accompany her through the fourth gate at TaaraDwar which shocks her. He tells Savitri he exchanged his Pravesh Mani for the key which he shows her and he will be able to go where she goes and protect her from any danger. Savitri is worried if RK accompanies her then she wont be able to carry out her plan, she has to stop him.
RK asks Savitri if she still thinks his love for her is not pure. Savitri asks him if he wants to accept his love as pure then she will but she has a condition. He will not come with her to the fourth gate, she will go alone.

Gulika is standing in mid air whilst Vikrant is on the cliff. She asks if he will do anything for her. He says yes. She tells him to come close to her, Vikrant starts walking. As he is about to take a step off the cliff she tells him to stop.

RK angrily asks Savitri why she doesnt want him to accompany her when he wants to protect her. She tells him she doesnt want him to. RK demands to know why, he asks if she is planning something. She tells him she hates him and has told him thousands of times she will destroy him. She had also brought his arms from Kaamroop by herself and will do the same with his legs too.
RK tells Savitri, no matter what but he will come to the fourth gate with her and she cant stop him. Savitri thinks she has to do something to leave him behind. RK asks what shes thinking. Is she thinking of getting something else from TaaraDwar too.

Gulika in her real form comes behind Vikrant and tells him he will now do as she says.

Savitri thinks of a way to get the key from RK but he plans to make the key a part of him. He starts to meditate. Savitri gets to leave but he froms a magic globe around them so she cant leave. He tells her she wont be able to leave.
Chaya comes and tells Savitri she has come to help as she helped her. She cant make Savitri escape from there or fight RK. She gives Savitri a sleeping potion to use on RK.

Precap: Savitri enters a dark place. A man is saying once someone enters they dont leave from there. The gates close. Satya is in the woods with Dhoomkhetu. Somethin is happening to his left hand, he asks Dhoomketu. He tells Satya the fate lines connected to Savitri are changing. Savitri is no more. Satya is shocked and in tears.

Update Credit to: FIZK6

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