Savitri 21st March 2013 Written Episode Update

Savitri 21st March 2013 Written Episode, Savitri 21st March 2013 Written Update

Savtri was thinking about Arishtnami while Rahukal keeps eyes on her through his wall painting. Masi and Mishti come to get Savi for Vat Savitri pooja. Savi tell them that she needs to ask for Leena’s permission when Masi says she already got Leena’s consent. Masi again ask for Leena’s permission and asks her to come too, to which Leena denies saying she does not believe much in Pooja and all.

Savtri arrives at mandir and starts searching for Arishtnemi. She asks a boy in mandir about Baba, who tells her that he doesn’t know anything about Baba and Baba didn’t came to mandir since 2 days. Savi gets worried but Masi calls her to hear the Katha of Vat Savitri.

Masima tells the lady about Savi’s marriage who was about to read Katha. Then the women read the Katha for them. After hearing the katha all the ladies including Savi does all the rituals and pooja. While she was doing this a lady, who was appointed as Guardian from Rakshak Kul snatches Savi’s mangalsutra and throws it in the small pond of mandir, where Baba had hidden the Book before dying.

Savi jumps in pond to get her mangalsutra and finds it tangled with the Book. In order to get her mangalsutra, savi pulls the book out too. Coming out of water, she finds the same lady who snatched her mangalsutra and asks her why she did this. The lady says she did all this to give her what Baba wanted to give her i.e the Book. Savi says she wants to meet baba to which the lady tells her about Arishtnemi loss.

The lady tells her that Baba was one from the Rakshak kul and was guarding her since her birth as she was a special person. She tells Savi that she must keep the book as the book is important for satya’s life. Savi reaches home and keeps the book safely in cupboard, while Rahukal perceives all this.

Precap- The cupboard door opens with the noise making Savitri wake up. Savi frets about how the door opened while Gulika sees the book through Rahukal’s photo.

Update Credit to: SmokySapphira

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