Savitri 20th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Savitri 20th March 2013 Written Episode, Savitri 20th March 2013 Written Update

Sathya makes her wear the Kangan .. And her MIL tells her to touch his feet and seek blessings .. She bears all the electrical shocks and flashbacks and tolerates them and touches his feet

Aristanemi is no more so Pavitra Shakti calls upon an angel to. Go and protect Savitri from all the evil powers

Babumoshai an old servant returns from Dhaka … And is annoyed at not being informed about the wedding ….but is ..happy to see his Boudi … And declares he is the cook and will not allow any one inside the kitchen ..

Gulika is annoyed at not being able to acquire the Mayavi kitaab … As it is now in one of the many pieces she made of Aristanemi …

Savitri is given the parcel .. She takes out a painting of RK from inside it .. She gets electrical shocks and feels the presence of RK close to her .. She is shocked to see the face in the painting opening his eyes … She feels giddy and falls to the flor and breaks her bangles … Savi comes and helps her up without actually touching her …

Savitri tells him that she was not comfortable with that painting .. Sathya agrees to move it out of the room ..

Leela orders babumoshai to keep the painting into the storeroom

Sathya comforts Savitri … .. Savi is happy to have him by her side .. He leaves for office…. The painting eerily returns to Savi’s room and blinks and looks at Savitri … Spookily ..

Savitri is scared of the painting .. She remembers the words of Aristanemi baba.. And the Mayavi Kitaab ..

Precap Savitri is at the temple doing puja to get rid of all buri Nazar and for marital bliss …. Suddenly Savitri senses something and runs after someone screaming … And scared …. Interesting !!!…

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