Savitri 1st March 2013 Written Episode Update

Savitri 1st March 2013 Written Episode, Savitri 1st March 2013 Written Update

Rahukaal slits his chest and puts his hand in to take out his heart, Damyanti looks on in disbelief, shock and horror (now those of you who are squeamish, like me, look away). RK holds his beating heart in the palm of his hand, the cut on his chest closes on its own and Damyanti is still watching in disbelief. (I wonder if he’s still got the scar from it).

Veer is galloping away on his horse.

RK approaches Damyanti with his heart still in his hand. He kneels on one knee and offers her the heart telling her until she has his heart she will be by him and no one can touch her not even death (i think thats what it means). Damyanti stares at him with hatred (ohh, if looks could kill )

Just like to say i dont understand all the words said by baba and Veer. Since theres no english subtitles i’ll try my best to get the meanings right. I’m sorry if i get them wrong).
Veer arrives at the Himalayas where senior Baba is. Veer looks around since he cant see the Baba. The Baba whose eyes are closed calls out to him and tells Veer to come to him, he has come at the right time. Veer greets the baba. The baba tells Veer he knows at this time there is a black shadow of Champanagar and RK is unbeatable and Gulika is also very strong and will do anything to make her brother immortal.
Veer tells him at this moment he is only concerned about the people of Champanagar. Scene from the first episode is shown where RK is stealing the life of a man. Veer asks the baba to help him since he only wants to save his love and the people of Champanagar.
Baba closes his eyes and has a vision. He tells Veer there is one way. It is not time to kill RK but it will come. But to remember to kill RK before sunset as after sunset his strength doubles. Veer tells baba he will keep that in mind. The baba tells Veer that he cant do it on his own and he will need Princess Damyanti to do it. RK will come to an end when killed by the blood of Damyanti. Veer is shocked. Baba tells Veer to leave and reminds him to kill RK by the way he (baba) said. Veer leaves. As he gets on his horse he thinks how the baba said RK will only die by Damyantis blood. But Veer tells himself how can he see the blood dripping from Damyanti and he wont let a scratch come on her (AWWW) He will kill RK on his own.

Senior Baba telling junior Baba how he has told Veer how RK can be killed, they will now just have to wait and see.
Scene from the first episode where Veer and RK are sword fighting. Damyanti trying to get to them before the sunsets. Gulika comes in the form of Damyanti, Veer turns his back on RK and the sunsets. RK kills Veer, Damyanti runs to Veer and he falls down the cliff. Veer promising Damyanti they will meet.
The baba narrating how RK created havoc allover Champanager just for Princess Damyanti. And how it became necessary for Damyanti to kill RK after Veers death. Damyanti killed RK and cut him into 52 pieces burying each part in different places.
Veer was dead. RK was dead. Damyanti was dead. But still it was not the end of the story for them.

The Pavitra Shaktis wrote the book so that when 1000 years later when Veer and Damyanti will be reborn they know of their past. And it will help them in the future.

Present time.
Senior baba telling jnior baba, how Veer and Damyanti have been reborn as Satya and Savitri and like their names they will have to protect their lives. Savitri will again have to fight for Satya against Yamraj and the Mayavi book will help her in her fight. The strength which Damyanti had attained now Savitri will get that strength. Its time for Savitri to receive the book as it will help her in her upcoming tests. Era might have changed but even in this era Savitri will have to face Yamraj again for Satya.
Junior baba asks when will Savitri and Satya meet? Senior baba replies they will become one. Those who love each other and have to go through lifes test they will meet. Until the right time comes both cannot become one until then they will have to be kept apart. Baba tells Astanemi to leave and fulfill his duties. Senior baba vanishes.

Savitri is in her room asking herself in her mind that what is happenening to her. Whenever Satya touches her she has visions of a scary face, what does it mean? Who can she ask? She then remembers when she had asked Ashtanemi why she sees the dead. He had told her what she considers her weakness is in fact her strength. It will help her in the future and how he will tell her everything when the right time comes. Whenever she has concerns she can go to him.
Savitri decides to go see Baba. Meanwhile Baba who has the Mayavi book saying how it contains her past and its time for Savitri to get the book. He knows shes in turmoil and wants to know that whenever Satya touches her she sees the scary face. He knows she will come to him.

Satya is getting ready to go out and tells his dad he will be back in a while. His dad asks him if hes going to see Savitri? (Satyas dad is so cute ). Savitri runs up the steps by the ghaat. Just then Satya comes and calls out to her. H says how they have met again. Savitris smile disappears. Satya asks her why does her smile always disappear whenever she sees him(feel sorry for him here ) Baba is watching them from the side. Satya tells her he will go if she wants him to but Savitri stops him. She sees Baba. Satya says he wasnt going to go anyway
Satya tells her he was coming to the church to see her. Savitri is looking at Baba and wants to meet him. Savitri tells Satya shes ok and theres no need for him to come to the church. Satya tells her he wants to talk to her about something. He mentions the radio and fumbles a bit here He wants to know whether she heard the song which was dedicated by his father. Savitri tells him she has some important work and has to go. She leaves with Satya going after her (this boy is not going to give up easily ) Baba was watching all this from the side in concern.
Just then Gulika appears in the form of the bird and turns herself into human form. On seeing Gulika Baba hides the book. They have an eye lock session (see we’ve found someone for Gulika )

Astanemi is running in the woods with Gulika following him, She stops in front of him. Both having a fight. Baba tells Gulika he will make sure Savitri gets the book.
Satya down on one knee in the church with a red rose. Tells Savitri he has fallen in love with her.

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