Savitri 1st August 2013 Written Episode Update

Savitri 1st August 2013 Written Episode, Savitri 1st August 2013 Written Update

In The Palace Corridors

Nakshatra again tries to insult Veer when he draws his sword and places it on her neck and says that now he won’t tolerate anything from her. He won’t tolerate any insult from her on his self respect. He did that before because he was the bodyguard of the princess and she her friend but now he is a warrior and she is only a Aiyyar for him and he would deal with her in the same way in which a warrior should when disrespected. Nakshatra is tongue tied and Veer walks away in anger while Damyanti in upset.

At Some Random Place

Sughanda brings Chandal Singh with her to a guru and asks him to teach Chandal Singh but the Guru refuses (). He eventually agrees after she pleads. She leaves. Later the Guru gives him various tasks and he get’s irritated and leaves after insulting the Guru while the Guru was all smiles.

At The Palace

Veer and Vidu are walking out of the palace when the Senapati comes and tells Veer that he has been told by the King that he is no longer the bodyguard of the princess and should be given a good post in the army. He tells him to look with him for the attackers who attacked the princess. Veer agrees and the Senapati leaves. Vidu is talking against the princess but Veer defends her and says that he is actually happy that he is indirectly protecting the princess by catching her attackers. Uttara listens to all this.

At The King’s Chamber

The King decides to arrange a Swayamwar for Damyanti but the Queen and the minister think it to be a hasty decision. The King says that he is doing all this for the betterment of the kingdom. The Queen says that at least they should ask Damyanti first and the King agrees.

In Damyanti’s Chamber

Damyanti tries to have the food but drops it down when she recalls how Veer had said that he would have to taste the food first. She again brings the spoon towards her mouth but is upset and leave the food. Uttara enters her chamber and says that she should stop Veer and call him back because he still worries for her and doesn’t cater any bad feelings for her. Damyanti says that she didn’t send her away and she won’t call him back. A maid comes and tells that the King is calling the princess. Damyanti gets excited thinking that her father has decided to give her another chance. She leaves.

In The King’s Chamber

Damyanti asks her father why is he doing this ? She says this would waste all the years of learning she has done. She further says that she thought he would give her another chance but he has completely lost his faith in his daughter’s capabilities and is arranging the Swayamwar because he thinks she is not a capable ruler and wants to give the kingdom in a stranger’s hand. The King says that he is doing this for her betterment. She tries to say something but he looks the other way leaving Damyanti devastated.

Precap : Damyanti is walking on a jungle type road on a dark night and in the background Rahukaal’s voice can be heard calling Damyanti to him. She suddenly hits a rock and falls down and a few drops of blood drop on her hand and she looks up in shock.

Update Credit to: catty2000

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