Savitri 18th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Savitri 18th April 2013 Written Episode, Savitri 18th April 2013 Written Update

episode starts with Gulica telling savitri to look for RK ‘s hand, she says I can’t she says if you don’t do it then he will take satya’s hand. Savitri panics and accepts to do it but confused how can she do it then Gulica tells her , you have holy book go open that book you will find it , Savitri thinks because of her satya in this problem, she has to do it to make him come out of this she agrees to look for RK hands in 7 days

there RK is happy that savitri is looking for his hands and says i can’t wait to get close to my Damayanti, Satya become angry by hearing it and says if she is looking for your hand that’s because of my love , if you go close to her don’t you remember how she made your body into pieces , Rk and gulica says are you not scared of your death he says no if you have to kill me you would have done it long back , Rk says now i will torture you so much that you will not be able to figure out that weather you are alive or dead ..he calls his pischas to take him and torture him ..

RK ask Gulica to show what is happening there with savitri , they see Dev has come to meet savitri she tells him the story of the holy book , he is not able to believe the story .. savitri tells him i know you can’t believe this but i have to reach to Stya for that i have to look for rahukaal’s hand , she says i don’t know how but i have to do it .. Dev agrees to help Savtri ..he says you re very strong .and holds her hand

RK sees that and become very angry and decides to give him punishment for that ..that time , he realizes that his body is leaving him and become smoke , Gulica says 24hrs has passed i have to do sadhana to get you a new body ..

Savitri goes to Leena ,Leena is crying she sits in front of herfor chautha and requests to give her 7days to prove that satya is alive then she can do tehrabi and shradh , Leena reluctantly agrres to it ..

Rahukaal follows dev in a jungle where is was going to look for Satya , RK attacks him and Dev shoots RK

Precap : Its a hospital , scared Savitri comes there they show her a dead body, they uncover the face, its Dev who is dead now ..

Update Credit to: cheena

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