Savitri 17th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Savitri 17th June 2013 Written Episode, Savitri 17th June 2013 Written Update

RK is waiting impatiently outside the hut for Savitri, Vishgati is watching all this through her magic glass when Savitri comes out holding the triangle. On seeing RK she puts it in her bag. RK is very happy to see her but Savitri isnt. Vishgati thinks Savitri is planning something else as well as crossing the doors, she wants to harm RK. Vishgati thinks the triangle is to destroy RK. Savitri thinks she has now crossed two doors, she has another three doors then all her troubles will be over. As soon as she comes out from the magic rays the hut vanishes. Vishgati decides to put a stop to whatever Savitri is planning on doing. If she wants a war then it will be a war.

As Savitri walks, RK with his magic makes red petals from the sky fall around her. He tells her its all for her victory, what she thinks she does, he doesnt know if he should be scared of her or love her. Savitri tells him to be only scared of her as she only wants him dead. She walks on.
RK asks her why so much hatred, he only wants to see her happy. Savitri tells him if he does then to do her a favour and leave her alone. RK disappears in a puff of black smoke. Savitri looks around to see if he’s really gone and again starts walking ahead. She hears RK telling her, she asks him to leave and also looks for him, she told him to leave but didnt say anything about not coming back. He tells her he promised he would make her realise his feelings for her before her journey at TaaraDwar ends, and he will.
RK tells Savitri to promise him she will tell him when she accepts her feelings for him when the time comes and call him to hold her hand. She wont ever hide her feelings for him. This angers Savitri and she replies there can never be anything between them as she only hates him. Her love, feelings, life and are all only for Satya. He is her everything and everything is for him. This angers RK and he clenches her fists. Savitri continues to tell him how Satya is her everything when RK loses his temper, shout out Damyanti and fires the electric rays at her. This hurts Savitri and she holds her head in pain. RK tells her he tolerated everything beacuse he loves her but if he can change the world for her then he can also destroy her world. After Savitri screams out in pain he stops and Savitri falls to the ground in pain.

Leena goes to see Satya in his room who is doing some office work. Leena tells him she knows how hes feeling and he must be worried about Savitri. Satya tells her he’s making him understand not to go after Savitri but Mishti came to talk to him and he couldnt help but go after Savitri. Leena decides to phone Mishti to tell her how she came and went without meeting her. Mishti denies coming to the house. When Leena disconnects the phone Mishti appears. She tells Leena it was she who had come and transfroms herself into Vishgati.

Seeing Savitri in pain he kneels down beside her worried. He tells her if she talks about someone else in front of him then he will get angry. He asks for forgiveness, When Savitri doesnt forgive him he punishes himself by causing the same pain to himself asking for Savitris forgiveness. Savitri looks horrified. She gets up and leaves.

She introduces herself as RKs mother, Leens remembers what Savitri had told her about her and Satyas previous life. Vishgati tells her to save RK she will make sure Satya leaves the house. Leena calls out to Satya, Vishgati pushes Leena and she becomes unconscious. By the time Satya comes Vishgati transforms herself into Leena and tells Satya everything is ok.

Savitri is still walking looking for the third door. She looks at the rice but they havent changed colour. She continues walking when again RK appears in front of her. He tells her he told her how he made a mistake and what can he do to calm her down and make her smile. She angrily tells him he can do it all by magic, thats all he can do. She tells him she doesnt want his favours or him and tells him to leave. Savitri leaves.

Vishgati is with an unconscious Leena in her pyramid. She says if Savitri can harm RK then she can destroy her family and she is the only one who can let Leena leave from there.

RK again appears in front of Savitri and tells her he is going to do something he has never done before. He holds out his hand and he and Savitri disaapear in a puff of black smoke. They arrive at the edge of a cliff.

The dwarf tells Savitri the only to the third door is off this cliff. Savitri walks towards the edge. RK tells her not to but Savitri jumps off the cliff. :

Update Credit to: FIZK6

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