Savitri 16th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Savitri 16th August 2013 Written Episode, Savitri 16th August 2013 Written Update

Senapati’s family missing..

Veer and damyanti on their horses reaches senapati’s home and damyanti asks veer to go and knock the door. Veer moves and does as said but only to realise door open. He enters the house and sees its all dark with no sign of people inside. Following him damyanti too walks in and is amazed to see house all dark. She asks him didn’t he told that senpati’s whole family lives in there. Veer said that its true and senapati along with family used to live there since many years but doesn’t know where r they then. Damyanti whispers how she is true in doubting senapati. Veer overhears and asks if she said something about senapati. Damyanti says no and adds they shall move as there is no use in waiting there.

Damayanti brings senapati’s family missing news

to maharaj

At rajmahal rajguru says maharaj that since 2 days there is no sign of kaali shakti presence within country and it seems they left.vishkanya who overhears this smiles evily. Maharaj is happy but says that its a good news but rajguru must be cautious as enemy can return to turn their failure to success. Rajguru nodes. Just then damyanti enters shicking all. She apologises to king for disturbing him then and says she need to say something urgently. King nodes and asks what it is. She moves to king and says the matter to king’s ear in secret.

Chandal Singh-Bhondu duo again fools all with acting skills.

Maharaj soon after hearing questions senapati loud that rajkumari wants to know where his whole family has left because she when with veer went to search they found house all lonely. Senapati is feared and stammered … Maharaj my family they. Just then chandu interferes and says that what’s that senpati and why’s he stammering. He adds that perhaps senapati fought with wife and she with kids must have left to her maayka in other kingdom and meanwhile senapati mi8 be enjoying his colourful life. He signals senapati to start acting. Senapati is all angry and shouts chandu to stop saying nonsense. He says his wife and family has left to her maayka in other kingdom as her father is bedridden and there’s nothing more. He adds that if chandal singh speaks like this again then he shall chop him like a great lime tree. He corrects himself and says taking out sword that he will kill chandu with axe means sword. Chandu is angered and takes his sword to senapati’s neck. King is angry and asks both to stop he fi8 as they r fighting over a small question. He asks them to leave and be back only when both r normal.

Both moves out happily as their acting worked while damyanti is confused.

Senapati confronts Veer and questions him about spying on him and says not to repeat it.

Veer is walking through corridors and then Chandu-Senapati spots him. Chandu signals Senapati and moved ahead. He calls up Veer and asks if Spying him was the important work Veer had to do the other evening. Veer says its not so and Princess asked him to do this. Senapati says indirectly that he is his boss saying that Veer would have asked him directly regarding his family rather than spying and that because of Veer how he was insulted at court, he says Veer is trying to get princess’s liking. Veer clarifies that Princess wanted to call Senapati’s family for food and thats why she asked him to collect information while maintaining it secret from senapati. Senapati cools a bit down but then asks Veer never to come across him like that again and says to stay away from him.

Damyanti asks veer to collect info regarding senapati’s family but Veer asks for pardon and ignore her order

Senapati leaves Veer and just then Damyanti comes. She asks Veer to collect information about which country senapati’s family has gone to. Veer asks her why she want to know all this..Damyanti says its important they know it..Veer folds his hand and says his unlikeliness in spying senapati. He says he is assistant to senapati his helper and never more her bodyguard. He says he won’t be able to do as spying is not his work..and says damyanti that if she has any doubt about Senapati she shall go to king and say directly as then King would appoint someone to investigate. He moves from there not waiting reply.
Vishkanya comes to damyanti and falls on her foot saying how much she is enlightened to see Princess and introduces herself as new dasi Priyamvadha.. She says how she shall even give her life for Princess and asks princess to call her on any need. Damaynti says she never would want priyamvadha to give her life and says she shall call her when needed.

Damyanti asks Nakshatra to find Senapati’s family

Damyanti is sad and reached her room all worried as now Veer showed a red signal who shall help her in getting to senapati facts. She says to herself as how now on Veer shall only help Savitri and not her. She is sitting worried as Naki enters. Damyanti asks about Uttara to which naki says she was having fever and hence left to home. Naki asks if damyanti has some work. Damu says with hesitation that she need help in collecting some information. Naki says its easy for her as she herself is a ayyar. Damyanti says that she need to know information about Senapati’s family as in where they have gone and who is he keeping in touch with and all. Nakshatra says that she mi8 take all evening and that who shall help damyanti if she needs anything..damu assures that she shall manage and asks Naki to do the work assigned fastly.

Damyanti as Savitri goes to Veer and starts her cooking lesson from Veer

Its night and savi again goes to Veer’s place where Veer was peeling potato and Vidhu was complaining that how Veer should have taken Princess’s command. Veer clarifies that he is not a spy to do all that Princess told him. Just then Savitri enters saying who’s spy there… Vidhu is again irritated and complains while Savitri says she is like a lighting from clear sky, Storm in wind ..and asks why is Vidhu always behind her… Savitri sees Veer on cooking work and says how much she is wondered to see veer doing vidhu’s work. Vidhu makes a irked face and says cooking is not his only work..and says if savitri is feeling bad then she is welcomed to cook instead of veer. Savitri makes a funny face while Vidhu pokes her forcing her to agree..
She sits down while Veer says that she shall peel Potato and hands over knife and potato.

Veer applies Haldi to Savitri’s wound and a painful hand touch

Savitri who doesn’t even know how to peel is confused and starts to cut the unpeeled potato directly. Veer is smiling and says that potato is to be cut after peeling..Savitri says thats what she was thinking and says she was testing Veer n Vidhu.. She tries to peel but then its not happening and complains how the potato is uncooked…Veer says that potato is peeled before cooking and smiles…Savitri is finding it difficult and finally cuts her hand screaming. Vidhu pokes her while She makes excuse that her pain from leg mi8 have reached hand..Vidhu smiles at that dialogue and she says emotionally how Vidhu is making fun of her pain too. Veer asks vidhu to stop and says perhaps her wound dressing mi8 have open. He goes to take haldi ignoring savitri’s no… He comes with haldi and asks savitri to show her wound..Savitri says its fine but veer insists..He starts applying haldi and savitri out of pain holds Veer’s hand tightly making a awkward expression on veer’ s face. After a moment she realizes and leaves his hand automatically

Nakshatra sees Senapati going somewhere and follows him to come across Chandu-Senapati talk as when chandu says how they must be cautious that none comes to know that he is bhondu an wood cutter and not senapati


Update Credit to: snowdream

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