Savitri 15th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Savitri 15th March 2013 Written Episode, Savitri 15th March 2013 Written Update

Leena is upset with Savitri . Satya explains why Savitri left mandap , as she thinks Satya will be in trouble for her which she doesn’t want. Leena steps to Savitri and says now will you live Satya ever ? Savitri says no. Leena says you said you don’t have mother , I also don’t have a daughter , now you will take the place , She caresses Savitri’s face.

Aristnemi was going to give the magical book to Savitri when Kulika stopped him and demands the magical book. Aristnemi denies , Kulika takes a dangerous form with shining eyes and her teeth become longer ( like a vampire) and she challenges Arishtnemi .

Satya and Savitri’s marriage is being taken place in Bengali style. Satya is standing in groom’s attire with the crown ( topar) on head , Savitri is carried along with her seat with her face covered by leaves ( Paan Patra) then a piece of cloth is being stretched on their head , now the place took the form of Chhadnatala ( Pandal of wedding in Bengali style) Savitri removes the leaves from face and Satya and Savitri’s eyes met which is called Shuv Drishti . in bg Bengali song is being played

” Laje ranga holo kone-bou go aji malabadal hobe ei rate” ( the bride is turning red in blush , the garland will be exchanged tonight.)

In the time of exchanging garlands Satya remembers his promise that he won’t touch Savitri , so both exchanges garland throwing . People got surprised, Satya explains that they are having bet that they will exchange garland without touching. Everyone seemed satisfied with explanation.

Kulika attacks on Arishtnemi but he gets disappeared and attacks Kulika from back then both got engaged with a fighting . Kulika creates many fake Kulikas, Arishtnemi becomes confused and attacks one by one fake Kulika and they get disappeared. Kulika laughs. Arishtnemi creates smoke and actual Kulika coughs , Arishtnemi attacks her and her hand gets a scratch and it starts bleeding , Kulika gets angry .

Satya and Savitri sit in front of holy fire and priest starts chanting hymn , priest asks who will come for kanyadan , savitri gets upset , Debo’s mother (Malti? Sorry can’t remember her name) says I always wanted to give her kanyadan , she comes and gives her hand to Satya . Satya puts his hand under Savitri’s without touching , Savitri and mother together offers flowers to fire . Leena relays all rituals to Satya’s father , he says they are truly Savitri and Satyavan’s pair.

Arishtnemi manages to escape from Kulika and to save the book from her he makes tablet of the book and eats it. But Kulika soon captures him and demands the book. Aristnemi says you will never get the book. Kulika warns if he wants to be alive then he has to give the book to her , but he denies , out of rage Kulika cuts his hand and the hand fell into a lake.
Mishti ties knot of Satya and Savitri’s uttariya and dupatta ( Gantvandhan) . They stood for seven rounds , in first three rounds Satya takes vows to be with Savitri forever , to keep her happy always , to be loyal to her , in next four rounds Savitri takes vows to stand by him in every situation , to consider everything related to him as her own , any danger has to face her before reaching to Satya (sorry can’t recall all vows line by line ).

Kulika cuts other hand and to legs of Aristnemi and again asks for the book but Arishnemi says even if she kills him he won’t tell her where is the book.
Satya applies vermilion (sindoor) on Savitri’s head with the ring, Leena conveys it to her husband. Then priest asks him to put mangalsutra to her, Savitri feels uncomfortable, satya assures her by gaze, and ties Mangalsutra without touching. Leena conveys it to her husband. The marriage is accomplished. Everyone is happy.

Kulika cuts Arishtnemi’s throat, he dies, and the book flashes once through his cut hand under water. Kulika searches for the book but is unable to find it, she screams out of frustration.

Precap : Savitri’s grihapravesh is shown with all rituals

Update Credit to: Kadamvari

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