Savitri 12th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Savitri 12th August 2013 Written Episode, Savitri 12th August 2013 Written Update

Peak points…
Damyanti succeeds in getting an idea from Veer to find out truth regarding Senapati
Episode starts with Savitri (Damyanati) asking veer how to find out about the truth of her neighbour.Just then vidhu from behind howls…here ur praja bhojan is ready and smiles. Damu understand that vidhu is trying to pull her leg and says she just said that word once now why is he saying. Vidhu replies he too liked the word praja bhojan and thereafter they shall say kichdi as praja bhojan. She takes her food tray and moves to sit n eat. Vidhu asks her to finish fast n leave. Damyanti tries to start it from centre and her hand is burned a bit by hotness of food. Vidhu and veer smiles to which damu makes a funny face nd says she didn’t knew that sainik knows to smile as she thought him

similar to khadoos rajkumari. She says its nt good to smile at some1′s pain. Veer says he is not smiling at her hurt but instead at her way of eating kichdi. She asks then how to eat kichdi to which he says kichdi must be started from an end because its not so hot at banks. Just then vidhu says its like story of king and old women. Now damu is interested to know the story and asks veer to say it.
Veer recites the story of King and old woman to Damyanti

Vidhu makes a disappointed face while veer starts. There was a king who once came among common people as a commoner to look in to problems of people. An old woman offered him kichdi and he too started it from middle burning his hand. Old woman said him how he must start from ends, she adds how their king is similarly trying to attack the middle kingdom rather than end ones and again n again getting failures. She says if king needs victory he should start from an end not directly attacking at middle. damu says she didn’t knew that veer was a scholar along with being a sainik.
Veer says just like this if she wants to know about truth of neighbor she could try to find and collect information about his friends family and all.
Damyanti is impressed by plan and starts eating kichdi like how veer said.

Chandal Singh falls in to Vishkanya’s trap and offers her a job at mahal

Chandu is in vishi’s lap and she is continuously caressing his hair. Just then he opens eyes and sees vishi( he sees a young woman in vishi while others see vishi’s disguise roop as in old woman) He takes her hand to his chest and is enjoying her care. She asks how he is feeling then ( she calls him maharaj) and chandu says he is feeling too good and asks who r u beautiful woman. Bhootnath is shocked by the word beautiful woman. Vishi says she is an abhala naari and says her father died and following that her chacha threw her out of house. She asks him for help. Bhoothnath asks other people gathered to leave as its not a drama going on. Chandu asks if he should kill her chacha to which she says no and says how she don’t have bed or shelter, now its only he who can help her. He hugs her. Bhootnath scolds her how he is not maharaj and just upsenapati to which chandu gets angered and stabs bhootnath. Chandu says he is not maharaj but shall give her both shelter and bed. He boasts to give her post in mahal and hugs her again

Damyanti gives Veer new job as to find details of Senapati’s family

Back at mahal Damyanti is talking with uttara as to how they must get details of senapati’s family and how they shall do it..Uttara says she will do it herself but then damyanti sees Veer and decides to assign him the job of finding senapati’s whereabouts. She calls him and says how she is planning to arrange a lunch for Senapati and his Family. She asks him to find his home and family details of Senapati fastly and asks him not to let Senapati know about it. Veer nodes and moves out.

Chandal Singh trying to teach bhondu reagrding usage of sword and then lies to Sugandha regarding meeting Vishkanya(disguise)
At Sugandha’s home Chandu is trying to teach Bhondu on how to hold and use a sword while Bhondu is all helpless in doing it. Chandu says nothing is gonna happen with bhondu and is irked. He asks bhondu to take 100 hip hops saying that once his body works he shall learn. Just then sugandha enters and asks where was chandu whole ni8 as she has been waiting for him..Chandu stammers and

Nakshatra comes to know about Damyanti’s night out but then damyanti manages to convince her that she is doing so to find praja’s problems

Damyanti is doubtful if Veer overheard her’s and Uttara’s convo regarding her night visit to veer as savitri

Precap:Veer finds Senapati trying to practice sword movements inside mahal and gets suspicious

Update Credit to: snowdream

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