Savitri 11th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Savitri 11th April 2013 Written Episode, Savitri 11th April 2013 Written Update

him Dev suspect something but doesn’t want savitri to know about it meanwhile a police man tells this jungle is full of wild animals the chances of survival is faint .. Dev agrees to that, he tells Savitri to go back to hotel an upset and worried savitri refuse to go back, Dev convince her to go back and promise her that he will bring satya back to her ..Dev continue with his search ..

Savitri comes back to her hotel room she gets a call from her MIL , she ask her about their honeymoon and wants to talk to satya , Savitri hides about Satya’s accident and tells her that he has gone out will be back soon she will make him talk to her then ..But savitri could n’t hold herself and starts crying ..She thinks they must have fought and consoles her that everything will be fine ..

Dev and his police force are looking for satya in the jungle Dev finds satya’s handkerchief a police man finds some blood marks and suspects it must be a jackal who has dragged the body and taken away ..

Satya is in Kali bhoomi in front of Gulika and Rahukaal , satya tells Rahukaal I am not veer I am savitri’s husband Satya . I am married to her , He asks him what have you done to get her , and tells his what all he did to get Damyanti , Satya once again tries to tell him there is no Veer but he doesn’t listen , he provokes him to fight with him Gulika tries to tells Rahukaal not to do that but he doesn’t listen to her .. he starts torturing Satya He makes him tied in a magical ray ,satya who is in deep pain falls down and become unconscious ..

Savitri is in the hotel she is missing satya and worried for him. Door bell rings it makes her very happy by thinking about satya who must have come back, she opens the door and finds Dev there she looks for Satya and ask him where is satya ?he gives her his belongings she refuse to take them and ask him to get her satya back , Dev tells her they couldn’t find him and fear he is no more must have been killed by a wild animal . Savitri is shocked and tells Dev this is not possible as per the holy book they can’t be separated Satya must be safe and sound somewhere ..

Dev calls Satya’s mother and tells her about his accident she gets worried and tells her husband that they need to rush to Andaman by first flight..

Precap : Savitri is going in to a cave looking for Satya its scary place she is scared but goes inside it ..

Update Credit to: cheena

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