My Savior My Love – Savitri Devi-epi 4

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Recap-Its revealed that kabir n sanchi r bro n sis n their dad died when they were small n mother is paralysed since then they were taken care by Their uncle Anand Malhotra n his wife

Veer informs kabir about sanchi’s mental condition Kabir suspects sanchi’s husband

Kabir’s eyes r red with anger n pain
He hits his fists on table
Kabir-How dare he touch my sister
Veer pacifies him
Veer-Kabir please be calm we still dnt know complete truth lets not form conclusions
Kabir- Dr Veer I always found him to be weird I never could trust him I always had doubt he would be a good husband but sanchi felt since chacha chachi had got this alliance it wd be best for her


A rich modern lady is shown
She is asking her servants to quickly clean house
Sanchi dressed in beautiful floral dress comes
Sanchi-Gayathri chachi tdy is something espl so many arrangements?

A elderly bald man replies
-Sanchi beta tdy our business partner chawlas r coming home please be home we want u to meet them they r amazing ppl

Sanchi-Ok chachu

(So chachu is Anand Malhotra, n chachi Gayathri so Kabir n Sanchi r Malhotra’s haha)

Gayathri, Anand n Sanchi welcome chawlas
Mrs chawla(points to a boy)-He is our son Vikrant
Vikrant takes blessings of Anand n Gayathri
He offers hand to sanchi
sanchi does handshake
Vikrant stares her he is mesmerized by sanchi’s beauty

Chawlas n Malhotras have dinner
Vikrant keeps adoring sanchi

Mrs Chawla-Sanchi beta what do u do
sanchi-Am a music teacher
Vikrant(euphoric)-ohh woww I love music will u teach me please please

Sanchi awkwardly smiles

Vikrant comes to meet sanchi
she is teaching
He adores her He gives her flowers

He keeps visiting her daily she finds it strange

Sanchi is reading novel in her room
Gayathri n Anand enter
Anand (cheerful)-Sanchi beta we wanted to talk something
Sanchi-yes chachu chachi
Gayathri (emotional)-Sanchi beta I always feel like u r my daughter
Sanchi we want best for u
Sanchi nods
Anand-Sanchi Chawlas want to make u their daughter-in-law
Vikrant likes u alot

Sanchi is shocked

Gayathri-Am sure he will keep u happy my princess

Anand-Beta Chawlas have help us set up this business I dnt know how to say no to them but final decision is urs darling

Sanchi looks on confused

Wedding preparations r shown
Mehendi is been applied to sanchi
Kabir enters
Sanchi runs towards him they hug

Anand n Gayathri welcome him
Kabir-chachu how come all this happened so fast I haven’t met Vikrant
Gayathri-Kabir trust us Vikrant loves Sanchi Alot He will keep her like queen tdy also he sent spl mehendi for our sanchi from newyork
Anand-Tom muhaarat is very auspicious n Vikrant is leaving for Australia in two days for setting up new business
He wanted Sanchi to be with him in this new journey

Sanchi is in her room
Kabir comes

Kabir-Sanchi u know Vikrant from just 15 days R u sure u want to marry him?

Sanchi-Bhai chachu chachi have selected him n he is good

Kabir-Sanchi look in my eyes R u Happy

Sanchi-Yes Bhai
They get teareyed n hug

Vikrant is wearing sherwani having his name all over
He is on scooter in Bharaat
Kabir is shocked

Vikrant hugs Kabir
Vikrant-Bhai I love being unique

Marriage Rituals R shown
Vikrant makes Sanchi wear mangalsutra with Vikrant written

Vikrant n Sanchi take blessings of elders
They go n touch paralysed jaya’s feet
Kabir notices Vikrant using sanitizer after touching jaya’s feet

Sanchi’s emotional bidaii is shown

Flashback ends

Kabir-I met Vikrant just thrice n I found his actions very weird but
sanchi said everything is fine
But after their marriage in this one year sanchi has spoken just few times to me
I felt there is some problem but sanchi said all was fine

Its all my mistake I shd have never let her marry him

Veer-Kabir please dnt blame urself please try talking to sanchi but please be calm

Kabir is shown talking to sanchi
Sanchi-Bhai am sleepy we will talk afterwards
Nxt morning
Kabir places his hand over sanchi
Kabir-Sanchi we have never hidden anything from eachother since childhood please please tell me what happened sanchi Sanchi please spk sanchi spk up

Sanchi turns her face
Veer gestures Kabir to be calm

Kabir (teareyed) -she is not telling me anything
veer-maybe she cannot see give u pain maybe she will tell somebody else

Precap-Sanchi is hugging Veer she is holding his shirt

yes riya u were right its Vikrant 🙂
But readers please trust n support me this ff will have more of veer n Kabir Vikrant is just guestappearance I hope u all r ok with this

  1. Rushi dear first of all..a very happy Independence day to u ???as far as episode is concerned..loved the way kabir is concerned for his sister…& a generous friend helping kabir in sorting out sanchi’s matter..just loved the trio??amazing ?& so r u dear for giving us such a beautiful story line ???

  2. Mne last 3 part pdha to soch hi rha tha ki khi vikrant uska husband n gytri anand uske relative or tumne sach m kar bi diya n ye kya sanchi ko music teacher tk bna dala mtlb sb ka band baja dala mere to dimag ka dahi ho gaya seriously kya soch k likh rhe ho agar sanveer pe bnana h to normal aur ff ki tarah character ko lo kbir ko just mentor ki tarah rhne do m cmmnt nhi krna chahta tha par kya kru nhi krta to mera dimag fat jata

  3. Nice story yaar????keep it up

  4. I don’t like episode bcz precap is very boring kabeer KO sanchi ka bro nai lover hona chaye Tha but ye Kya precap mein sanchi veer ko hug karege bcz I don’t like veer plz apne best ff nai hai.plz episode KO changed karo sanchi and kabeer ke lovestory KO start kardo.

  5. Neha7873

    I agree with parul … kabir should be the lover of saanchi

  6. Wow Rushi it was awesome. I loved it. Like everytime i does?. Rushi u didn’t know how much happy and cheerful i was while reading. Precap is more intwresting. Can’t wait to see sanveer hugging. Pls…post soon. Loads of love dear.

  7. Oh nice awesome episode hope that vikrant will get horrible punishment in ur ff and in serial.

  8. Rehmat

    awwwww precap is interesting waiting for next post happy independence tooo you and your ff is awesome kaachi sis bro ?????????

  9. Awesome update and what a twist saanchi husband is vikrant a turning twist pls reveal the past do continue writing

  10. Moonlight25

    Hey, Rushi dear Happy Independence day! And for the episode I loved how Kabir took care of her…a great sis-bro bond…and veer consoling Kabir and trying to sort out problems..just loved all of them. Thank you for giving such a good story…keep up the good work…eagerly waiting for the next episode.

  11. Dharani

    Wow… I just read all 4 episodes and it is just awesome i love sanveer a lot… I was shocked when i read kabir is sanchi’s bro… It is awesome eagerly waiting for next epi

  12. Swetatitli

    Nice story yaar

  13. Hema69

    sry yar but we love kanchi and can’t see him as her bro

  14. Nutts

    Fantastic idea

  15. Trisha139

    Superb sorry I am a little busy so couldn’t cmmnt more

  16. It’s ok I was little shock that our kanchi are siblings but coming to your story it was superb and unique lots of clap? for u for trying something new .

  17. Richa1496

    I think in your story.. You have placed sanchi intsead of priya….. In place of veer… It’s kabir….. Because in show priya and veer were siblings…. And here its kabir and sanchi siblings….. Sorry to say but can’t see kabir and sanchi as siblings…. It’s ok if you want to write on sanveer…Because there are so many fans of sanveer….. But pls…. Don’t heart kanchi fans….. And most importantly kabir and sanchi are not doctors…… Seriously……

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