My Savior My Love -Savitri Devi -epi 14

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So finally revealing last suspense of this ff

Recap-Veer is reading about Sanchi’s past Sanchi n Vikrant leave for Australia, over there Vikrant is with riya always once he gets angry on riya n beats Sanchi
police of Australia send Sanchi to India Gayathri n Anand express shock over Vikrant’s behavior n assure Sanchi that she is safe with them

Fb continues

Sanchi wakes up
she feels her head is heavy
Sanchi notices her hands n legs r tied with rope Sanchi is confused

Sanchi-Chachuu chachuuuu, chachi, chachi

Anand n Gayathri come

Anand-chupp Sanchi dnt make noise other wise we will have to put a tape on ur mouth

Sanchi is totally confused

Gayathri-Baby we love u soo soo much we dnt want u to go anywhere hahaha hahaha

Sanchi-Chachu chachi u both r doing prank na

Anand (laughs like demon)-Sanchi this is reality no prank
see nobody does anything for free
from past 20 years we have been looking after u n Kabir for what?
R we ur servants??

Sanchi this entire house all properties belong to jaya bhabhi what do we have


but u know what when god doesn’t do justice one has to use brains n get justice for oneself

Sanchi after jaya bhabhi u get 75% share of this property n Kabir 25%

So now u have two options1. sign on these pprs that u wish to give ur share to me n Gayathri as we have brought u up, n we will set u free infact we will buy a flat for u n ensure u have sufficient money 2.Refuse to sign n we send u back to Vikrant

Choice is urs

Sanchi is dumbstruck tears roll down

Gayathri wipes it

Gayathri-Confused na let me explain
see we knew everything about Vikrant he is a total psycho we got u married to him because we knew u will come to us one day n then we can trap u

Sanchi-how cd u do this bhai n I treated u both like our parents how cd u how

Anand-Sanchi money matters most n let me tell u one thing kabir has already signed i got his sign when he was signing documents for his studies so his 25% belong to us

Sanchi now if u try to tell anything to kabir I will ensure his career is ruined

n by now u know I can do this

Gayathri-sign on papers Sanchi or I will stop jaya bhabhi’s ventilator n she will die

Sanchi-I will not sign

Anand- we will make u sign anyhow

Anand leaves
Sanchi breaks down

Sanchi is shown very weak

Gayathri-Sanchi ten days have passed u r dying of hunger sign pprs I will get food for u sign

Sanchi nods a no

Anand-u leave gayathri I will see her

Sounds of Sanchi shouting r heard

A servant hears it
Servant’s pov-I cannot let this happen to Sanchi baby I have to help her

Sanchi is lying on floor, her body is bruised n she is so weak (its very bad condition)
Servant opens door
she helps Sanchi get up
Servant-beta please have food

she feeds Sanchi

Servant-Beta I had mixed sleeping pills in everybody’s food so all guards r also sleeping u please take jaya bhabhi n go
Sanchi go from here these animals will kill u go go

Sanchi with help of servant make jaya sit on wheel chair

Servant-Sanchi there is govt hospital near by u admit bhabhi there she needs constant medical attention n u dnt be around nobody shd have doubt that bhabhi is admitted there
They will kill her

She hugs Sanchi
Sanchi-U have done lot for me thanks thanks thanks
Servant-Beta this was my responsibility tdy am alive because 20 yrs ago Jaya bhabhi kept me on job so I can do atleast this much take care

Sanchi leaves with jaya

Sanchi has got jaya admitted she is about to leave
Sanchi kisses jaya on forehead
Sanchi-Ma I promise I will come n take u out from here, I will write everything to bhai he will come n help us

Sanchi is shown writting letter
she writes address on envelope

Sanchi-No this is my fight I cannot trouble bhai

she tears letter n keeps envelope in pocket of her top

Its night Sanchi is walking on road some goons observe they pass cheap comments Sanchi runs
they follow
one man holds her
he tears her sleeve
Sanchi bites him n runs

she notices a river n jumps

Sanchi gains consciousness n finds herself in veer’s hospital

Fb ends

Tears drop from veer’s eyes

Precap-Sanchi is glad to see jaya she hugs veer n thanks him

So yes u all were right Anand n Gayathri cannot be positive

So frnds this crux of my ff how was it silent readers also pls comment

n I need one suggestion shd I end this ff in 4-5 epi or prolong a little please let me know my core story will be over in 4-5epi but if u all want I can go slow add scenes prolong for 9-10 epi
so as u say my lovely readers

  1. No I want more episodes it amazing yaar lovely

  2. Lahari99

    It is amazing. Sanchi’s past is sad. Eagerly waiting for next episode

  3. Rehmat

    pls continue your ff lovely not and now we want see sanveer romance

  4. Moonlight25

    Rushi this was amazing…Sanchi’s past wa surely very bad…i want more episodes because it is amazing

  5. Wow amazing u have written the past like … I have no words saanchi and veers past will make together u have written wonderful do extend ur ff ur wish but continue soon finally u write the past I was waiting for it

  6. rushi dear, the episode was too good……..finally veer knows what sanchi went across in her past……..i would surely luv to read ur updates more & more, but dear its completely upto u, we can’t force u for writing if u r facing any sort of problems for uploading the story……. but at the same time, i want u to continue updating………

  7. Nice story

  8. Dharani


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