My Savior My Love -Savitri Devi epi 12

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Good morning lovely readers
Riya (tysm dear feels so good to knw that inspite of being a kanchi fan u r supporting me so much thanks alot Truely means alot 🙂 )
parul (I appreciate ur opinion dear I too had a feeling this same stry with kanchi as lead wd have gained more popularity but I am a sanveer fan n had to be loyal to that)
thanks dear sanu sana anu, dharani, moonlight, mayoori

Ayonija where r u dear am really missing ur lovely comments? I hope u r reading this

Thanks silent readers(soon I will reveal Sanchi’s past n I hope that time u all will also write n let me know ur opinion)

Recap-Sanchi n Veer’s friendship has become stronger Veer sets Sanchi’s music academy n Sanchi soon gets students
Sanchi overhears Kabir talking to his boss that he willnot return if his boss wishes he can remove him

Kabir notices Sanchi
He keeps phone
Kabir-Sanchi r u fine?
Sanchi-yes bhai I will freshen up n come
Sanchi’s pov-How long can I make bhai stay with me over hear I cannot be selfish but what next I cannot tell anything to bhai whose help I shd take
Sanchi realises she is wearing veer’s coat

she smiles

Veer is working computer
Sanchi comes
Veer-Sanchi Hii everything fine?
Sanchi-yes veer actually I wanted ur help
Veer-Say na
Sanchi-Veer u please read this diary first n then suggest me what to do please
Veer-But Sanchi…
Sanchi-Veer I trust u the most please we r frnds u told me about ur past so this is my past

Veer nods Sanchi leaves
Veer immediately takes keys n opens it


Sanchi n Vikrant’s marriage is over
Sanchi’s emotional bidaii is shown
Sanchi n Vikrant sit in car
Sanchi looks out n cries looking at kabir he waves her

Vikrant takes out garland n also gatbandan cloth
Sanchi is weeping
Vikrant-Enough yaar my head is aching enough of ur crying

Sanchi is shocked at Vikrant’s rude behavior

They reach his residence
Vikrant enters is house
There is nobody waiting for Sanchi no grahpravesh nothing
Sanchi is standing at door dumbstruck

A servant comes
Servant-come in madam I will show u ur room

Sanchi is shocked to see an old room n just one cot kept it appears like servant room

servant-madam this is ur room
Sanchi (confused)-Where is Vikrant?
Servant-Baba is in his room
Sanchi-Then take me there
Servant-Baba said nobody shd disturb him He will scold me
Sanchi-I will locate room by myself

Sanchi is moving about in house teareyed
She hears Vikrant’s voice n stops
Vikrant-Yes baby just 24 hrs more n u will be in my arms I love u

Sanchi opens door
Vikrant (yells)-What r u doing here? cannot u see am talking on phone

Sanchi is shocked to see Vikrant’s entire room is full of his pictures even pillow covers she notices there r many pics of some modern girl n Vikrant together

Vikrant-Sanchi go to ur room
Sanchi-wats all this Vikrant
Vikrant-Whats what ohhh these photos, she is my girl friend my baby my sunna Riya

Sanchi is taken aback
Sanchi-y u married me then
Vikrant-ohh god I knew I wd have to handle this drama see Sanchi my parents told that marrying u would benefit our business so I married u otherwise nobody can ever take riya’s place in my life

Sanchi is unable to react
Vikrant-now will u leave?

she about to go

Vikrant-wait wait my head is aching after all these silly rituals
give me head massage

Sanchi is looking at Vikrant
Vikrant-what r u starring me? mom said that since u r my wife u will fulfill all my needs n look after me so come on or shd I call at ur home

Sanchi massages Vikrant’s head

Vikrant-put in more effort

Sanchi yawns she is feeling sleepy but Vikrant doesn’t let her stop

Its morning
Sanchi remember’s whatever vikrant said n is crying
Servant-Madam maalkin has called u in kitchen

Sanchi comes in kitchen she touches mrs chawlas feet
Mrs Chawla-ohh please no need of these formalities just do work properly make breakfast

Sanchi is working in kitchen
she serves breakfast
Mrs Chawla-Sanchi I guess u love ur bro alot na so I hope u willnot tell him anything how heart broken he wd be anyways tonight u n Vikrant r leaving for Australia so u would get freedom from household chores

Sanchi gets thinking
Her phone rings
Its kabir
Kabir-good morning jaan how r u
Sanchi (teareyed) am good bhai
Kabir-u sounding low
Sanchi-nothing bhai just missing u
Kabir-me too missing u see u at airport jaan

Sanchi breaks down

precap-Gayathri-I never thought Chawlas could stoop so low for business Sanchi beta good u told us everything now u stay here wd us no need to go to them

Guys riya n Vikrant achi jodi hain na made for eachother types??

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  1. Wow such an amazing update saanchis past is really something unique u have written u have amazing skills of keeping suspense and writing past do write soon and not to forget riya and vikrant both villans made for each other??

  2. Rehmat

    righte Rushi amazing keep writing

  3. Dharani


  4. Priyankashaurya

    yar don’mind but i wanna suggest tht itss sanveer ff….but at cover photo no veer…..

  5. Moonlight25

    Wow such a great episode….I liked how you showed the past..something different from the other ffs…i love your ff so keep writing and post your next ff soon ???

  6. Rushi dear u r simply amazing…the way u r unfolding sanchi’s past is highly commendable??..u hv amazing writing skills dear…lots & lots of hugs and kisses from my side ???eagerly waiting for ur next update asap ☺☺☺

  7. Wow awesome rushi ya right Riya and vikrant jodi is nice because they both r evil

  8. Trisha139

    Omg awesome rushi nd yes super both witches for each other !

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