My Savior My Love -Savitri Devi-epi 10

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Tdy is very imp epi of this ff as tdy we will come to know abt veer’s past
so guys please letme know ur opinion abt this(silent readers too even criticisms r invited)
other imp part will be sanchi’s past

Sanchi asks veer y does he want her to smile y he is good to her veer reveals because he cdnt make love of his life smile he couldn’t save her Sanchi is shocked

A beautiful church is shown
Sound of bell is heard
Veer n isha r standing in front of jesus

Isha-Veer tdy we will make three promises n light three candlesn take our relation to new level
Veer-yes baby
isha-Veer this candle is promise our love for eachother will never fade
Veer lights candle
isha-our second promise to trust eachother under any circumstances
veer lights second candle
Isha-N our third promise to stand with each other n support eachother always
Veer lights third candle
Isha-Now Veer kapoor u can make Isha Dias wear ring

Veer sits on knees n make isha wear ring
isha blushes
isha-now isha dias is ur wife n u may kiss ur beautiful wife

isha closes her eyes
veer moves closer
isha shivers veer kisses her forehead
isha smiles

Isha-This was lil different
Veer-Yes baby because that spl kiss is reserved for the day we really get married
Isha-N when will we really get married
Veer-Very soon once I fulfil dad’s dream n complete my studies n become doc n u become most popular television actress
Isha keeps her hand around veer’s neck-N veer u think after becoming most popular actress I will still marry u?
Veer-Ofcourse am ur childhood love

Both hug eachother

Veer is shown studying
isha is shown doing photo shoots n giving auditions they r shown video chatting

Veer is in cafe he is engrossed studying
isha comes
veer-isha y did u call me here just one hr is left in my exams n u know its finals
Isha-chill chill I wanted to share biggest good news veer, I have got selected veer for serial they selected me
Veer (euphorically) What? which serial? Am so happy it seriously is good news
Isha-Santi on vi channel veer
role is of supporting actress as on now
veer -No worries u will get lead soon
Sorry baby am getting late bye
isha-bye all the best

Veer n isha r watching Tv
They r holding hands
Veer-Isha we checked this epi 5 times ur scenes r not there baby enough now baby tom u tok to director baby sleep now I too need to go to hostel n study

isha nods

Isha n Veer meet in cafe
Veer-Isha isha baby am so happy I have been selected for Singapore internship
isha (upset)-u will go to singapore?
veer-just for 3 months baby u knw how much I waited for this day

isha nods teareyed
veer-Baby dnt wry by time I come back u will get some another serial that too as lead am sure yesterday ur scene was superb

Isha’s pov-Veer u r lieing yesterday my no scene was shown veer I dnt want u to go but cannot stop u
Veer-Baby we will talk daily I shd go na

isha nods veer hugs her

A flight is shown taking off

Isha n Veer r video chatting
Isha (upset)-Veer am shooting for 5-6 hrs daily n most of time they edit n cut my scenes
Veer-Dnt wry baby u r new na? btw my tdy’s surgery was awesome Dr Awasti is expert

Veer goes on on
Isha listens patiently

Isha calls Veer
Isha-Veer am missing u , am feeling

Veer interrupts
Isha am missing u too baby there is an emergency can we please talk latter

isha nods

isha isnot able to sleep she gets sweaty she pops pills

Isha is crying she calls veer his phone is switched off
Isha writes something she goes on terrace n jumps

Veer is shown lighting her pyre teareyed

Pragya consoles him-Bhai isha left this letter for u

”Veer my love,
I cannot take this anymore veer I wanted to be lead actress I tried tried lot but didn’t get selected infact many felt I dnt have any talent
my parents never supported u always did but am sorry I cannot continue . i tried something which I shd have not I gave ur right the kiss reserved for our first night to director to get role I did something so cheap I broke ur trust veer I cannot forgive myself for sleeping with that man I have messed up my life our love sorry sorry Am tried of failing n falling Veer please dnt blame urself for this Along with ur dad’s dream its my dream also to see u as successful doc
Veer I will always love u pl forgive me I Quit
yours n always yours
isha ”

Veer is in church
”I wish I could spend time with u isha n help u with this isha I love u n will always trust u but I Brooke promise I couldn’t support u cdnt stand with u”

He blows a candle tears drop n his eyes r blood red

Flashback ends

Veer (with tears in eyes n lump in throat)-Sanchi that day when I saw u were trying to jump from terrace I decided to support u I decided I will help u through this I have promised my Isha I will help u Isha felt she had nobody but fact is her parents r completely broken I I I I miss

Veer turns his face to other side n cries

Sanchi is teareyed she keeps her hand over veer’s hand
Sanchi-Am sorry am sorry veer I will help u fulfill promise I willnot quit I will fight

Sanchi n Veer look deep in eachother’s eyes

Hamari Adhuri Kahani plays in bg
Stills of sanchi marrying vikrant n isha veer r shown.

Precap-Veer n Sanchi r shown playing chess, laughing

Sanchi-pragya do u really think nothing is wrong in veer n my friend ship

  1. Awesome lovely Wonderful loved the past of veer today’s epi was the best I loved it their marriage their promises every thing was loving and cute do continue writing

  2. I felt sad for Isha?and I think it’s the starting for building an unbreakable bond btw sanveer

  3. Emotional epi.well done dr?
    keep writing…

  4. Bhot bhot bhot a6i story hae.keep it up ????

  5. Moonlight25

    The epi was really sad and emotional.i loved how they lighted the 3 candles and everything…plzz post your next episode soon… is amazing like you

  6. Rehmat

    soooooo emotional but awesome next post soon

  7. Trisha139

    Osm ??????

  8. a very emotional episode…………..i think nobody can understand what trauma isha was in but at the same time she should hv trusted upon her love & said everything to veer b4 taking this drastic step……….ab veer ki koi galti na hote hue bhi, he’s left alone ek guilt ke saath………. hope veer gets out of all this soon with sanchi’s support………..

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