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Maharashter , Ambale

We can see a construction site where many men women and children are working as a labor, by their faces anyone can see they are tired but they have to work to fill their stomach. We see a cute young girl of 12 in a brown cheap skirt blouse carrying a heavy basket of crushed stones on her head and she was murmuring something

Urf bhagan mera dard se sir phatta jaraha hai akhir ganthi kab baje gi muje bhook bi lag rai hai or ye di kahan ahh..'[oh god my head isbusting from this headache when will bell ring i’m also getting hungry] she was about to fall when some another cute girl of 14 in a cheap green skirt blouse save her from falling

Another girl: swara dihaan kahan hai tmara abi gir jati tu, tume chot lagti so alag or seth ji aaj k paise bi nai dete wo alag. Aaj bhoke phet sone ka irada hai kya la muje de tu aram kar[swara where r lost u could have hurted yourself plus boss would have cut our paid, do u wish to sleep empty stomach hmm, give me the basket u take rest] ‘taking the basket from her hand

Sw: kahan thi aap ragu di me kitni der se akeli kaam karai hn or aap jarur jiju k paas gai hongi, humesha hee aap muje akela jhor dete ho[whr were u ragu di, i was working for so long and u probably have went to visit jiju, u always leave me alone] ‘making cute angry pout

Ra: acha chal nakhre mand kar, tmare jiju ne jaruri baat karne ko bulaya tha [stop overreacting, ur jiju had called me for importand work]

Sw: kia? [what]

Ra: bol raha tha k paise itne jama ho gaye hain k ab theek se shadi kar sakte hain, Ai bi maan gai hain wo bi yei chati hain k hum dono fatafat se unke paas ajaen, baba k dihant k baad ai bulkul akeli ho gai hain laksh bi din bhar mehnat mazdoori karta hai, ai ko kaam bi nai karne deta agar humari shadi hogai tu ai ka akela pan thora door ho jayega or .. [he was saying now that hehad enough money we could get married, mom is also ready she also want us to be with her asap, after dad’d dead she became so lonely, laksh also work day n night, he also dont even let his mom work, if we married she wont feel lonely more and … ]

Sw: or hume bi us anaat ashram se jhutkara mil jayega [and we also will get rid of orhanage]

Ra; han sai kaha itna kaam karwate hain or paise bi nai dete [ya u said right how much they make us to do work and dont even pay]

Sw: han kal tu hume haat bi utha dia tha, di jaldi se laksh jiju se sahdi karlo phir tu hum dono wahan reh sakte hain [ya and also yesterday he almost hit us, di get married soon to laksh jiju then we can live with them right]

Ra: han per abi kaam kar, sethji ne dekh lia tu daand pite gi [okay but let’s do work first if boss saw us he will probably scold us] ‘they started working till bell rang 5 pm, working periods were off, both girls were sweating as everyone was tire and was line up in big queue to take their payment. Swaragini turns came swara got full payment but ragini half ‘ arey sethji aap ne adha dia hai [hey boss u paid me half]

Se: han mene tuje adha dia hai kyunke tmne adha kaam kia hai na bache [yes i paid u half cuz u work half day na child]

Ra: per mera kaam swara na tu kia na, apko tu apka kaam pura mila tu mereko mere purey paise chayen [but swara cover for me na , u get ur full work done so pay me my full payment]

Se: ae ladki zibaan samhal ke apni aukaat bhool gai kia Sali [hey girl mind ur tongue did u forget ur class] ‘in anger scaring SR ‘dekh payment sabko working hours per person milti hai or tu gayab thi apni working hours se tu payment tu to bhul ja, chal nikal yahan se bakiyon ka bi hisaab chuta karna hai muje[listen everyone get paid hours/person and u were absent in working hours so u forget about ur money and now get lost from here i also have to clear others check] ‘they leave the site

Ra: dekha kamina kahin ka itne ameer hai ye phir bi mere 50 rupay le liye, 50 rupay me kia taj mahl banaye ka kia [did u saw that bastard he is rich still he took mine 50 rupees, will he build taj mahal from my 50 rupees

Sw: chorna galti teri bi hai tujhe pata haina ye sab kaise hain phir bi jab dekho laksh se milne chali jati hai [leave it na mistake is also urs u know na how these people are still u always went to meet laksh]

Ra: ab itni baar bi nai gai kabi kabar tu dil karta hai chal chor tu nai samjhe gi abi tu buhut choti hai in sab baton k liye, chal warna wo hitler warden ne bi humari band bajani hai [not always but sometimes my heart want that okay leave that lets go or that hitler warden will scold us]

Sw: han jaldi chal[yes lets go soon]’ they reached orphanage and did thr remaining work thr, orphanage warden is a very selfish man, he make everyone do his work and also abuse them if they disobey him, he usually spend all the donation money for his drinks and also waste in betting. All they get just some used cloths and dinner which they themselves make. After dinner Swara was dusting and ragini was sweeping the floor,

Sw: ah han’ making crying face ‘di me buhut zyada thak gai hn [di i’m realy gired]

Ra: thak tu me bi gai hn swara but kia Karen kaam nai kia tu , per fikhar mat kar bus 1 or mahina or hum yahan se chale jayen ke [even i’m also tie but what to do if we didnt work u know na but not to worry cuz in a month we will leave]

Warden: kahan chale jao ge blo*dy rascals[where will u leave]” coming behind them suddenly making them startle

Sw: wo master hum kal jayen ge phir se site pe buhut kaam hai[wo we will leave tomorrow also for site so kmuch work thr u know]

Sw: wo master hum kal jayen ge phir se site pe buhut kaam hai[wo we will leave tomorrow also for site so kmuch work thr u know]

Wa: acha acha, ache se saaf safai karo kal buhut baray log arahe hain 2 baje tak ajana [okay okay clean clearly tomorrow big people will come so be here at 2]

SR: ji master ji [okay]’he left they sigh in reflief

Sw: urf kab kaam khatam hoga me tu aisay mar jaon gi[huff i will die working] ‘ragini smile at her cute expressions, SR was working when ragini start humming

R: hmmm hmmm hmm ‘swara smile at her, ragini know no matter how much swara is stressed ragini sings relief her pain not just swara but everyone in orphanage

Ajeeb daastaan hai yeh

Kahan shuru kahan khatam

Yeh manzile hai kaunsi

Na voh samajh sake na hum’ continue sweeping everyone was now enjoying her song while working

Ajeeb daastaan hai yeh

Kahan shuru kahan khatam

Yeh manzile hai kaunsi

Na voh samajh sake na hum’ they finished thr work and now ragini start to dance dragging swara outside

Na voh samajh sake na hum’ they finished thr work and now ragini start to dance dragging swara outside

Yeh roshni ke saath kyoon

Dhuaan utha chiraag se ‘

Yeh roshni ke saath kyoon

Dhuaan utha chiraag se

Yeh khwaab dekhti hoon main ‘rags sing dreamily thinking about laksh

Ke jag padi hoon khwaab se

Ajeeb daastaan hai yeh

Kahan shuru kahan khatam

Yeh manzile hai kaunsi

Na voh samajh sake na hum

Mubaarakein tumhe ke tum

Kisi ke noor ho gaye

Mubaarakein tumhe ke tum

Kisi ke noor ho gaye

Kisi ke itne paas ho

Ke sab se door ho gaye

Ajeeb daastaan hai yeh

Kahan shuru kahan khatam

Yeh manzile hai kaunsi

Na voh samajh sake na hum

Kisi ka pyaar leke tum ‘ rags sing while jumping in a dirty water with swara

Naya jahan basaaoge

Kisi ka pyaar leke tum

Naya jahan basaaoge

Yeh shaam jab bhi aayegi

Tum humko yaad aaoge

Ajeeb daastaan hai yeh

Kahan shuru kahan khatam

Yeh manzile hai kaunsi

Na voh samajh sake na hum ‘she finished the song everyone started to clap when warden came

Wa: ye kia horaha hai blo*dy fools niklo yahan se [WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING HERE]’ he yell scaring all the kids even SR throwing sleepers at them, they finished thr remaining work and go to thr bed. Ragini was not sleepy today she was thinking about her meetings with laksh, one year ago when she was returning from her work and then she had an accident with laksh cycle, her knee was hurt a bit also she was getting late she have to reach orphanage, so laksh offered her a lift first she hesitate but then she accepted, after that laksh everyday wait for her outside orphanage for ragu they become friends, one day while janmashtami puja where whole village was gather laksh introduce ragu to his parents and ragu introduce laksh to swara, laksh parents like ragu as even in her young age she was very much mature. Few months later she heard the news that laksh baba had died with heat stroke, laksh n ai both didn’t take well, in that moments raglak become close and also swara’s naughty things keep distracting Ai, so she decided they both should live with them but orphanage warden didn’t allowed giving reason that they are not rich enough to take care of them when the real reason was known to everyone, warden wanted them as his servants, so she decided to get raglak married, in thr village bal vivah was allowed, from them he laksh started to work very hard so he can get ragini n swara out of that hell. Ragini was feeling really shy she was blushing thinking about her shadi and then drove off to sleep

In laksh place,

It was a small house of two rooms, laksh and his mother were doing dinner

La: ai mene ragu ko bata dia usay koi problem nai hai shadi ki [mom i told ragu everything today she dont have any problem]

Ai: chslo ye tu achi baat hai muje bi ghar me thora sath mil jayega, to tu koi kaam bi nai karne deta [hmm it’s good to know i will get some support in house too , u dont even let me do ny work]’laksh frown in irritation

L: kia ap bar bar kaam ki baten karte ho, me hoon na, mere hote hue ap kaam nai karoge [why u always talk about work. i’m here na]

Ai: acha[okay] ‘smiling ‘dekh laksh pehle ki baat or thi tere baba or tu sath me kamate thay or sirf me karch karti thi per ab sirf tu akela hai kamane k liye or mere sath sath tuje ragu or swara ka bi dihaan rakhna hoga [listen laksh 1st thr were u and ur dad to work and i only spend but now ur the only working man here and u have to take care of swaragini too with me]

L: han tu me apki bahu ko mechanic ka kaam sikha deta hn mere sath hee lag jayegi kaam me, kam se kam rozana us kamine seth ki chalikyon se tu bach jayegi [so i will teach ur DIL mechanic work, she can then assist me atleast she wont get insulted by those bosses]

Ai: ragini ko mechanic ka kaam samaj ayega ; she said coughing [will ragini understanbd mechanic work]

L: thora buhut tu sikhaya hai bus muje madad karde mere liye buhut hai[she had learnt a little work atleast she can help me thats enough for me]’ lickinh his finger finishing his dinner he grab is ai hand ‘ai me vada karta hn , ai shapat k me tera, teri bahu ka or teri swara ka khayal rakhoon ga, kabi shikayat ka mouka nai dnga[mom ipromise i will take care of u ragini n swara]’ blinking his eyes giving her assurance.

Laksh was hardworking guy he loose his father when he was 16 and now he’s 17, he still get upset thinking about his father, he think he’s lucky at least he got some time with his father not like SR who didn’t even get a chance to know their parents, they were very young when thr parents were killed in accident leaving SR lonely. He love ragu and he respect thr relation he knows they are too young to get married he was a bit educated but leave his study due to financial crisis but he know his responsibility he know how ragini boss n warden are, he know they abuse them but he’s helpless only thing he can do marrying her to save her which her society allowed n he will respect this relationship he will not get any type of physical with her till she’s 18 and he 21, he will work hard so Ai can be operated she’s been falling weak day by day , he will be a good husband to ragini and a good brother to swara. He goes to his bed and sleep thinking about his new life



A guy was dancing with a hot girl, lust was clearly visible in boy eyes, in a moment he kissed the girl wildly and she also reciprocated. He started to drag her in dark room he started taking her clothes off in a minute both were totally naked, he was about to go in her when RING RING some1 call, the boy made a irritated face

Boy: who the f**k is this

Caller: this f**k is your father sanskar ‘sanskar eyes wide in shock, he started to get nervous

Girl: baby who’s that? ‘san sign her to shut up

San: da-dad wo-wo me apne kisi impo

Ram(sanskar dad): muje pata hai tmara ye so called important kaam[i know this so called importand work] ‘ san was sweating now ‘ab tm meri baat dihan se suno, mene koi muft ka langar nai khol rakha hai agar tme party karni hai karo tme gf chaye banao IDC bus mera kaam waqt pe kia karo last time what u did still we are r paying sorry not we I’m paying[now u listen to me carefully i didnt started charity here u want party gf fine but my work should be finished on time]

San: dad sorry ab se aisa nai hoga from now ur work will be perfectly deliver

Ram: good kal subha amabale orphange, kaam ho jana chaye [good tomorrow morning ambala orphange, work should be done on time]

San: don’t worry dad is baar I’m not gonna disappoint u ‘he hang the phone start to get dress ignoring the girl and went to straight to the bar and start getting shots 1 after , his friend came

Sahil: bus kar sanskar, kal ke kaam ke liye hume wahan zinda hosh me jana hai warna garbar kar dega tu koi [enough sanskar for tomorrow work we should be sober or else u would spoil it]

San: is baar koi galti nai hogi [this time thr will be no mistake]’he said looking straight at blank with wide eyes






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