~Saving a life~ (Ishq mein Marjawan 2)

I am back again! So here it begins:-

Riddhima’s POV:

I checked last time myself in mirror, adjusted my dress and left for work in my car.
Today, as usual there was a lot of traffic, I was getting frustred and wanted it to end soon.
Just then, my eyes got stuck on a man with a mesermising face, who was looking angry and was on a call, getting frustred! But, you know what! Usually, People don’t look good when they get angry! But, he was looking cute!
It made me think “hope time stops here”
But, opposite happened and the traffic light became green.
Everyone left, I too had to, after hearing the loud horns coming from my back.

Day passed as usual and it was indeed a hectic day.

Before leaving from the office, I made sure I finished all my pending works. And left.

I was driving, soon I realised road was not as crowded as it is always.

I was happy as I always preferred silence, not much people, and being alone and listening the silence.
But this silence didn’t lasted long.

Now only it had to rain” I sighed

I like rain but I like to always be at home when it rains and like to write my diary and listen lofi at that time. Such a pleasant scenario it is! Gosh!

Breaking my thoughts, I heard a knock at my car’s glass.
It was a man, and within second I could feel my heartbeat becoming faster than usual because he was the same man I saw in morning!
What a coincidence. Right?
People say right! If it’s written in your destiny, it will definitely happen.

Listen, could you please help me out, I am stuck here” he said.

Pausing a bit. He continued…
Actually, It’s a bit urgent, I was at my workplace and got a call from my brother’s number. But, when I picked it up it wasn’t him infact it was a stranger, that person informed that my only brother had been in an accident, that place is 4 kms away from here, I could have managed myself but you could see my car”

He said pointing towards a car away around 50 metres away, I guess.

The silence continued between us. Only I could hear rain’s sound that was getting louder as the time was passing.

I said “Okay” in a bit low voice.

My elders always told me- that strangers could be dangerous!
I didn’t wanted to help him, but, I wanted to after hearing his story.

Stories could be, fake, Right?” My inner self told me!
When I was juggling between these questions. He broke my thoughts by his voice.

He said “Could you come again

I shouted “I said Okay!”

Thankyou” the reply came

I opened the car’s left door, and he sat closing his umbrella and looked at me.

I understood he wanted to ask where to keep that wet umbrella.

I pointed at a basket kept at backside of my car. He kept the umbrella and closed the door slowly.

Merely 10 to 15 minutes must have passed.

“I might sound harsh, but could you please drive fast, it’s about my brother’s life” he spoke in one go and started gazing at the rain again.

Mr. I am helping you, even after such heavy rain and my house is at completely different direction. The same time it will take to go back too. You know, how late it will be when I reach home. My mother must have definitely called me more than atleast 10 times but due to network issue it’s not visible”. I blurted out.

For straight one minute he didn’t uttered a word.
Then, driving the car faster than before  I said “I was rude. Am genuinely sorry”

No no, I am sorry. You are helping me and I was behaving rude.” He said.

And till we reached the destination he only told me directions.

We finally reached. We both came out of my car.
Now, I could see a car that hit a huge tree.

A man was lying in blood all across his clothes and body. I guess he was the brother of the person I helped.

And then, I realised that one more person was there in the car too.

My only brother” this word started ringing in my mind.
I turned and saw there was no one behind me.
Sweat was now all across my face

I checked my phone, luckily, network was good enough. I called the police, immediately!
Everything happened suddenly, I could not digest anything. Police took a pen card out of the person’s pocket and read aloud “Vansh Raisinghania” and now I could see the person’s face. He was the one whom I just helped. He was dead!

A police officer came near me and said-
Madam, you have your own car, but, it’s not safe, so, our one of the lady police officer will drop you at your home safely.

I-is the p-person in the car. Okay?” I spoke and my voice was breaking.

“Yes. He is still alive. We are taking him to the hospital.”

Who is he?” I asked

He is Vihaan Raisinghania
Except three police officers, all the officers left along with the ambulance.

And a lady police officer told that- She’ll drop me. And about my car, it will be taken to my home by one of the police officer.

While I was going.
I turned at my car.

I saw “Thankyou” with a smiley written on my car’s window glass.
And as the rain’s drop reached those words. They got mixed with it and got erased.

He was indeed a pure soul.

Kya uss gali mein kabhi tera jaana hua,
Jahaan se zamaane ko guzre zamaana hua

Mera samay toh wahin pe hai thehra hua,
Bataaun tumhe kya mere sath kya kya hua

———————–The end——————–

Do tell me, how was it! 

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  4. It was superb .Had goosebumps while reading.. Wish every brother would have a heart and soul like him.. U think well write more.bye.

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      I just wanted to make it simple. Don’t know, how it turned into a scary oneπŸ˜…
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    Fantastic for sometime I was also thinking his brother got accident but at the end you gave me a twist

    1. Miss.Astha

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      Actually, Vansh and Vihaan (they both are brothers) had an accident. In which Vansh died but Vihaan was still alive! To save his brother Vansh’s ghost made Riddhima reach him on time.
      So, his brother really had an accident.
      Hope, am clearπŸ™ƒπŸ’–

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