WAS Saumya’s character Justified??

Ok so after alot of time I’m writing something I am a die heart rumya Fan and this one is just to compare things between saumya and Bhavya and when i saw bhavya aka mansi’s pic with sindoor applied I lost it
Rumya’s story was a charming one One could instantly fall for With comedy emotions luv sacrifice.Rudra understood saumya’s emotions always supported her but not on the cost of his reputation.Breaking reyan’s nose to breaking saumya It was a journey Which is still incomplete.He blamed saumya for his family problems.He didn’t saw how the cute bubbly girl was kidnapped because of his badi maa And kamini’s plan He didn’t saw how that girl stood between his death and him Bravely When there was none to save him at cost of his/her life.Blammimg her for marrige like he didn’t did it.She saved her from romi .Still she was quiet She never blamed rudra for her insult ,kidnapping etC.Her character was so heart touching.earlier I saw Ib for all 3 pairs but now I see ruvya just for ishqbaaz.

Bhavya A cop “rudy is supporting her even now.She used ger as a pawn for mission due to her His Family was in actual danger.She didn’t did it inrentionally but she did it.I do not hate her because its a different characterTheir story is not d one which makes u smile without reason.Which makes u dance.It is not..And how could shivika forget about Rumya How?Rudra is Wrong.Some how he destroyed saumya life.She was a single daughter of her mother.Ru is rich None can say anything to him but world point finger at a girl and especially a girl without a dad. Being elder They should have asked rudra to rectify his mistake.Om supported him as bro then Why he did that? Where he was when his sister needed her.At point Obros were Wrong.
Now Even if Saumya returns as a negative character I would be happy because it is justified after What happened with her.
I have a lot to say but the time binds me At last

Still Hoping for her return And will continue to do so…Because some stories remain forever in ur heart.
Ps-I would love to know your thoughts as well So how do u Feel for rumya and Ruvya


  1. amy shivika crazy fan

    true i love saumya i never skip that part in ishqbazz and this ruvya i dont like at all i always skip their part …i hope saumya return but not as negative but as positive role .i hope i get rumya back for bavya i hope she married some who is same age as her and stay as friend of rumya

    1. Kajol

      Lets see dear

  2. Saloni2128

    Yuk Soumya is ugly not good for Rudra 🙂 Bhavya is awesome loved her :* :* sensible she is.. Soumya was just cry baby

    1. Kajol

      Every person Is not to justify sm1 from outer beauty

    2. Astha upadhyaya

      Ok if you are actually that kind of person who judges people with their looks then please take my advise and get your eyes checked because Neha has more attractive features than maansi. Maansi is just slimmer than Neha …..even if I hate ruvya I’ll never bash maansi for looking less attractive than Neha or even taking saumya’s place in the show…..get a life dear

    3. Jahanara

      I think u hv not seen rumya scenes b4….. The way saumya was ….. It dont need any external beauty…. She hav it inside her ….. I still rmbr all dialogues of rumya…. especially whn She call him Crybaby/duffer … sissy i suggest u to watch the 2 jan epi

    4. Khushilovesroumya

      People are not ugly by looks.They are ugly by heart and u are the best example for it.So stop judging others and improve yourself.

  3. Astha upadhyaya

    Kajol dear I completely agree with you……bhavya bhale hi dil ki ek achhi ladki ho but she used rudra for her mission though she ended up falling for him but rudra never even said her anything whereas he shouted at saumya whenever he felt like and blamed her for things she had not done…..his Bhabhi got shot because of bhavya’s enmity with sultan yet he always stood with her…..I too feel ruvya’s story forced whereas rumya’s story was natural and there was so much connection btw them but I feel no connection btw ruvya…..like you even I lost my mind when I saw sindoor on bhavya’s maang….and I feel so bewildered at rest of the people’s reaction in the house, all are behaving as if saumya never existed for them….let’s just pray for NLI that she gets loads of success in her upcoming projects as I will remain her fan forever because of her charming personality and aura

    1. Kajol

      Yeah ..?? Even i hope so

  4. Priyali

    OK .. I understand that all the Rumya fans are disheartened, and I completely understand that.As a girl, I found soumya a really nice and empowering character. She was a balance of love, strength and responsibility. I miss RumYa as well however I don’t understand why people are spreading hate about bhavya it even Mansi. If u are that type of person who only liked ib because of a particular couple, then sorry to say u were never really a true fan of ib.
    Bhavya’s character goes to show on how the woman can kill to protect others, regardless of whether she gave them love or hate people’t people just need to learn to adapt to new things, and in real life it doesn’t matter anyway. Also if you stop watching IB, nobody cares anyway.

    1. Kajol

      dear priyali none it is not to blame RuvyA it is just to see things how it changed for bhavya and not saumya It is that Rudra was wrong Poor bhavya dont even know about it.It is just a Truth andNone here is Spreading Hateness It is how saumya’s character was Left..

    2. Kajol

      And Plese if u don’t want to read then Do no i am not to fight here and please I hope same for u

  5. Aarti32

    I completely agree wid u Kajol..Saumya had sacrificed a lot..won’t say much, but for me, d happiest moment of Ishqbaaaz wud be RuMya reunion

    1. Kajol

      same here??

  6. Navz

    I am also a rumya fan . I am also not satisfied with abrupt rumya ending….but always rumya will stay in our hearts.

    1. Kajol

      it wud be Surely

  7. Niyati

    I agreed to u dear . I miss my cute somu so much.I have no problem with Bhavya but our rumya is always my favourite. Infact they done same with ishkara story .I love rikara but I found some different story with ishkara as ishaana is con girl & om hate lies . I am still watching IB as I love shivika so much.

    1. Kajol

      Yaa but what to do Somethings don’t go on..????

  8. Truly said but truth can’t change that Neha has left the show and soumya will never return .
    Once shivika decided to unite rumya so where they that go
    Om took responsibility as bro where that go
    Eventually I hate the part when soumya left and the 1st screne of bhavya was not so good
    She can’t be compared to rudra
    Her role could be protrayed better as they did with gauri

  9. I totally agree wid u. I juz donn understand how could Rudra do dis!?!?!? I mean he is still married wid Soumya then how he could marry Bhavya??? Wid dat AUNTY JI…..who is 4 years older than him. Ok I understand in LOVE years doesn’t matter but marriage does. Nd I don’t understand what kind of useless family Oberois r??? Insane, useless peoples. They r pretending as Rudra is STILL unmarried nd there qas no girl in his life or in there life named Soumya. Where is their big big talks now. Why will I watch a show where they cutted off my favourite couples ( IshKara, RuMya, nd our old tadibazz ShivIka). I don’t watch dis type of crappy show where everything is insane nd which freaks my mind to waste my precious time.

    #missing old IB..#missing IshKara…#missing RuMya….#missing our old Shivika wid a lot of tadibazzi. I loved them…… I still love them nd I always will.

  10. I totally agree with u dear.. I love rumya couple after shivika a lot, but nw I’m not oni hate bt oso skip ruvya scene and hate rudra character for reject sumo.. Rumya Jodi look cute n lovely to look together.. miss them and hope so tat soumya wil return not in negative but positive character..

  11. Jahanara

    Jst can’t see rudra wit someone else ….. Tat bhavya looks lyk an sister to him how could she fall in luv wit her brother ????….. i remember evry awsm dialogues of rumya lyk the one in raksha bandhan ‘ Bade bhaiyya bade baal wale bhaiyya ban na wale, bade baal wale bhaiyya crybaby ban na wale,Aur crybaby i don’t care…..????…. thn tat if whn the was talking n stairs while shivika will eardrop thier convo??…..Hw she saved Rudy frm romi” this is a hand of paratha eater.. if it hits u u’ll nt be able to get up fr 3 days???…. so on…. hw to frgt thier marriage ??…. missing thm a lot

    1. Aniru

      Even I liked Rumya’s staircase conversation where Shivika eavesdropping.

    2. Jahanara

      My fav scene???

  12. Riana

    I am still a RUMYA Fan…Its still hard to accept RUVYA btw Ruvya isnt a bad couple and but i somehow like Ruvya…Its necassary to accept for watching the show peacefully…Though i still Bhavya to leave rudra’s life and soumya to return…

  13. Nikita_jai29

    I also like rumya… The spark or magic which is reflected in rumya is not seen in ruvya..

  14. yeah… its true. its like none of the oberoi’s even miss Sowmya.. they forgot her just like that. bhavya and Rudy have no cuteness and care that was seen in rudra and Sowmya jodi.

  15. Yeah still miss sumya, the way she left is not acceptable the way d family forgot she exist not acceptable too and one big truth d writer keeps forgetting is dat ruddy is married with capital M,u don’t just sweep it aside like it never happen not in indian

  16. I agree with you..rumya as a charm,they r magical but they just left soumya character as such which unacceptable..hope Soumya returns back…just love neha di a lot..

  17. Gangu

    Well actually Neha stopped show ,I think so and that’s why bhavya entry was there. Rumya looked cute together bwith their fights

  18. Totally agree! Rumya was amazing! I don’t hate Mansi for replacing Neha but personally I think Rumya was better. I love Ruvya as well but Rumya was much better. I love Rikara as well but I think Ishkara was seriously better…

  19. Please send this article officially to GulNeet mam so that they know that we want neha aka saumya back for rudra.. rumya is way better than Ruvya.. Rumya is cute bubbly pair. ??I loved them a lot.. no offence but iam still not able to c bhavya with rudra. She does not match him at all compared to saumya.

  20. Is there any hope that rumya will back

  21. Juhu

    i to feel the same soumya is perfect for rudra . I dont like rudra and bhavya pair . I dont know why but i am still hoping that soumya comes back in show

  22. Totally agree with you. I really miss Rumya but have no hopes of her coming back in the show.
    Even I skip Ruvya scenes
    Ruvya’s story looks forced while Rumya’s story was natural. Both Shivaay & Omkara got takkar ki jodi but what about Rudra. Soumya has been & will always be perfect for Rudra. Nobody can replace her!

  23. Nita D

    Fantastic write-up….completely agreed….

  24. I was never a typical Rumya Shipper but my pov on Rumya nd Rudra_Bhavya:
    Rudra nd Soumya were exact opposites of each other as promised on ishqbaaz promo….Gulmam’s excuse that Rumya story had no potential and had lack of chemistry was total rubbish…Nehalaxmi was part of d show for more than 200 episodes and definitely needed a better exit….Harneet clearly said in an interview that Bhavya’s character was Gul’s idea and previously she had expressed her dissapointment of ending a character she loved…Unlike d general concept of ishqbaaz,here Rudra was being paired opposite a girl who was no where related to him..Also was a well trained Acp…She had d concept that d girl ll have a dark past nd will b like Shivaay-Protector r wall..Mansi Srivastav was selected for this role….Mansi’s initial scenes including fight scene was good…Then she was givenn scenes with Rudra….Clearly,Mansi lacked that intensity that Shrenu nd Surbhi had with der respective partners…..Viewers were dissapointed with this….Then slowly,they started including her in family drama…Jhanvi in 1 meeting accpted her as her daughter,Annika nd Gauri kept shipping dem,Parallels between Rikara nd Ruvya were drawn which obviously was a really bad move coz fans were disappointed….Even Priveer who were not leads had better chemistry than them…Then Gul played her masterstroke,after merger happend,She started giving Rudra-Bhavya intimate scenes which were due to situations created by Shivika nd Omkara…These things were again unacceptable….Viewers got to c a permanent frown on Bhavya’s face,expressionless eyes nd face,Dialogues spoken without emotions,flying Bhavya which earned her numerous funny nicknames nd der long intimate moments played in fbs…Viewers gave feedbacks nd suggestions…Then Gul started adding some depth to track……I liked d age concept between Bhavya and Rudra but again she twisted d same tracks given to Rumya and gave it to Rudra-Bhavya….Her entire concept Of Bhavya protecting Rudra was rubbish….Mansi Srivastav s a very average performer but yes her expressions have improved,her changed hairstyle s also good….Past s past but just hope,Leenesh Matoo s given justice..He s a brilliant performer…Accepting Rudra-Bhavya story was never a choice but v had to forcefully accept it…Roping in Mansi Srivastav for Bhavya was a mistake…Bhavya’s character sketch already had flaws nd MC only made it worse….Sorry Mc fans but truth s MS does not look good opposite Rudra….Also as a matter of Fact,Bhavya centric episodes like monday was a really boring one..Yet watched d entire episode coz I love ishqbaaz nd want trps…

  25. Don’t even start with the out fits they make Bhavya wear she looks like Rudra’s chachi. Their romance looks forced and a waste of screen space for the Jodi ‘s with good chemistry. Soumya and Rudra were natural chemistry the real deal not this fake romance of Ruvya makes me want to puke then am forced to fast forward their part. God forgive me but truth be told Bhavya and Rudra are a no no no no no. If Saumya is not coming couldn’t they find a better girl for him the same way they found Gauri for Omkara after the Ishkara disaster story line.

  26. O also want soumya to come back

  27. VHM

    Saumya and Rudra pair definitely was sizzling, funny and natural…i miss them in the show….definitely miss them….

    However change is something that’s constant….Bhavya initially was not upto the mark …but in recent episodes she is better….

    The problem that’s existing with most of the viewers including me is …drawing comparisons between previous and current pair….and in this comparison game RuMya scores higher points than RuVya…

    And solution to this will be …to stop drawing comparisons and make an effort to accept Bhavya….

  28. Rosemill2017

    no on ever let become rumya , what it was actual meant to be , and that means kajol if you are hurt , then it is correct , but because i have known bhavya before saumya , i don’t know what to say , we can’t decline the fact that saumya never got her married rights , even if they didn’t believe in marriage , what they should have got .
    that dosen’t mean if she is not present , you are blaming bhavya for that , and no matter how hard are you trying to make us believe that you don’t hate bhavya , you just do it , but not your fault .
    i don’t know, but it is truth saumya was never justified but we can’t blame bhavya for that.
    sorry if i hurted someone’s feeling

    1. C none of Us hate Bhavya… But its true Bhavya’s character has a lot of flaws…Nd MS As Bhavya has not given her best..Its a fact dat she has been a very average performer on d show where v have had some amazing performance be it actors in positive r negative role….More than Missing Soumya,Its Bhavya who has reminded us this…..

  29. Kajol, agree to the points. I have one more point to add. When Shivaay married Annika, Annika went to her home. Dadi forced Shivaay to accept the marriage saying that 7 rounds are 7 vachans and she herself went with Shivaay to bring Annika back. But when it came to Rumya, no body’s interfered. I accept that it was writers/producers choice to keep a character or not.

    Rubya track is ok. However where is the Takkar ki ishqbaazi? She always consider Rudi as immature, baby. She does not even bother to say bye when she is going for mission even after staying with him. She used him and family for her mission. Also, Bhavya being a cop, ACP, she could not execute her Svetlana mission in OF. Its not Mansi’s fault. Its the fault of Characterization. Also, With a power pack performer like Leenesh, Mansi is less than average. So the viewers are not able to accept it.

    Soumya’s case, she looks good with Rudi. Not all the people are good looking. In any story, character should be deep and Neha was giving justice to the character. She was also a college going girl like Rudi. Neha has to put on weight for the character. During Rudy’s engagement scene where Rumya shaadi was exposed, CVs clearly showed as that Soumya has accepted the marriage even if she denied the same for the sake of Rudi’s happiness.

    With Soumya, Rudi was improving from immature to mature. Now CVs are not giving justice to Rudi’s character. They are showing Bhavya is the protector and Rudi is still showing as useless younger brother.

  30. Charms22

    I completly agree with you Kajol, I love RuMya a lot, I can’t accept RuVya as Rudra is already married and if tehy get RuVya marriied then it means that their marriage is illegal. About IshKara and RiKara, I love IshKara to the core, but Gul Khan’s storyline was fresh for them, but then she got rid of Ishana in a disaterous way, I like RiKara, but still my first love is IshKara as opposites mostly get attracted to eachother

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