Satrangi Sasural 9th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Satrangi Sasural 9th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Arushi comes to their house, late at night, while vihaan’s mothers are surprised to see her at the door. they ask her to go away, while she tries to tell how desperate and distraugt vihaan is not having seen them for so long. they all turn away one after the other. Finally, harpreet closes the gate on her, while she is tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: Old age shelter
Arushi takes vihaan to an old age shelter, and he lights up interacting with them. she thinks that vihaan’s mood hasd changed and hopes that what she has planned goes successfully, and it ends Vihaan’s plight. She waits anxiously for Naramda’s arrival, hoping that seeing vihaan like this, she would definitely melt. Finally, narmada comes with geeta, to distribute things to the old age people. geeta is surprised to find everyone happy. She is told by the caretaker that a person is responsible for their happiness. geeta goes upto the person and finds that its Vihaan. the caretaker praises profusely and says that he is a role model for all chidren, as to how he should take care of his ailing mothers and fathers. Vihaan and geeta are emotionally overwhelmed to see each other. But geeta goes away, while vihaan rushes after her.

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meanwhile, Arushi confronts and requests narmada to talk to her once. Naramda says that she knew that she would be here and asks whats this enw drama. arushi says that hence she got vihaan too, and requests her to meet vihaan once, as she too is suffocating inside, and asks her to resolve all differences. narmada replies stoically that heart wounds dont disappear so easily. She asks arushi not to address her as mother. As narmada begins to go, she finds geeta, behind whom vihaan too comes. Narmada is surprised and turns away. He asks how long would she ignore him or his talks. he asks what mistake he did, that caused so much distress in their hearts. He holds her hand, and she slaps him tight across his face. All are shocked. she says that there’s no difference between him and his father, as they change sides anytime. She says that he too did the same. She asks him not to touch her. geeta however talks how good the caretaker was praising him. she again blames arushi. Narmada taunts him that having given his own parents’ so much pain, he is going to give love to many others. She says that life has given them pain, and they have come out stronger. she asks him to live his life, away from them, as they wont look back. She says that due to this girl, he left all of them. he tries to catch her, but she doesnt listen to anyone and takes geeta away from him. He cries profusely, while arushi stands dejected.

Later, Vihaan asks arushi why did she make up this plan. She says that she just wanted him to meet his mothers. he asks what happened even if he met, and if she is satisfied now. she says that she cant see him like this, and asks him to go home like this, without her, while he denies. She says that mothers are happy with him, but angry at her, and asks him to go to his mothers. He says that he wont leave her, and asks her never to mention it again.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
harpreet and nilima are apalled to hear from geeta, that vihaan got slapped. narmada comes hurt and distressed too. Nilima goes to her. she asks why did she talk somuch and slapped him. narmada says that she couldnt stop herself, as it wasnt in anger but in hurt, as she loves him very much. he says that vihaan gave his decsision by choosing the girl instead of his mothers, the girl who hurt them, whose family disrespected them, and h mixed with them to betray his mothers. She says that there’s no place for arushi here, and if vihaan wants to stay with that girl, they would have to forget vihaan. She leaves. All are apalled. harpreet says that a mother cant forget her child at any cost.

Scene 4:
Location: Arushi’s residence
Arushi comes home to find vihaan, crying and desperate. She comes to him, while he is barely able to control his tears, saying that he got slapped for the first time, and asks if he is that bad of a son. she asks him not to say so, as she is angry but loves him too, as those words reflected her hurt and not anger. she assures him that their anger shall cool down soon. He says that he is very restless, as he feels something bad shall happen. She assures him otherwise. She asks him to come out of it for sometime, and asks if she can ask something from him. He asks what. she asks for a lunch date with him, to spend sometime. hearing this, prahld too comes to dadaji and says that he wants to eat out. But dadaji rebukes him, reminds him that arushi feeds the family, and asks him to earn if he wishes to eat out. dadaji leaves. buaji comes in taunting him, for the same. She tries to concoct a plan that they can have all of vihaan’s money. She asks him to slap him, while he is boggled and reluntant. He gives her a tight slap, and she cries out.

Scene 5:
Location: Police Station
Buaji goes onto give a fake report against Narmada of having beaten her, and not letting arushi enter the house, due to unfulfilled demands of dowry, hence vihaan too stays with them. the police decides to file an Fir rightaway after talking to vihan and arushi. Buaji says that they both are scared, and hence she can call the daughter’s father if need be, as the girl’s respect shouldnt go out. the inspector agrees as he finds that he personally knows buaji’s husband, forgoing the statements of the bride and the groom.

Scene 6:
Location: Restaurant
Vihaan gets sad that he had high dreams of their honeymoon and what they are actually doing. She says that her happiness is in his happiness. he smiles. She says that her heart feels that in the next ten days, she shall be in her satrangi sasural, with his mothers. He hopes so ardently.

Scene 7:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
harpreet opens the doors and is shocked to find the police, asking for narmada vatsal. All the ladies come. Narmada identifies herself, and the police asks how much dowry she demanded. Nilima vehemently and shocked, tells the inspector says that they didnt and neednt demand dowry, and asks who filed the complaint. the police says that the matter is under investigation if its true or false. but right now they have an arrest warrant for narmada. All are shocked and stunned. She is told that her bahu has filed a dowry case against her, and she is arrested, while narmada is shocked. All the ladies try to resist but in vain. Narmada is taken away.

Scene 8:
Location: Arushi’s residence
Buaji and prahlad enjoy their win, having reduced the mothers’ status. Prahlad is more anxious about the money. Buaji asks him to be patient, as arushi would now dirvoce and then ask for a huge alimony. the screen freezes on prahlad’s tensed face once he knows whats alimony and what prospects it has for them.

Precap: Arushi comes to harpreet’s house wishing her a happy holi, while she is shocked to see arushi. But harpreet, furious and enraged, slaps her tight across her face, shocking her.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. I do not even know what the hell this show is supposed to be about any more! Crap!

  2. why these bua is creating problems?can’t she go to her own house.

  3. Why to da b*t*hes buas live in der Myke. N not in der sasural

  4. Why do da b*t*hes buas live in der Myke. N not in der sasural

  5. hell with this freaking show
    all these mothers in this show should go to hell vihaan real she want to commit suicide she think vihaan commit a crimes by married arushi no wonder they dont have a man in them life because them want to rule n overrule people life hey stupid writer take off this shit on tv it a waste of time and space on tv go and bring something that make sences and not crap like them these

  6. Pl ease give this show some real meaning.Lets these two people fulfill their life dream.Mothers act like mothers and not brawlers.Stop slapping the children.They are grown.Why don’t you all slap some sense in your heads.You all are getting old and there may be no one to help you all if they walk away from you.,then the time for reconciliation may be too late.Arushi’s father and brother are making it worst with their crooked ways.Let these two young couple be.

  7. There is NOT one mother amongst these SELFISH WOMEN. it is a wonder to me that any young woman in India wants to get married, if mothers-in-law are like these witches.

  8. these mothers r so stupied that the reason they dont have a man in their life i guess they want him under their skirt and when u love some one they claim they love him i dont think so because when u love some one u forgive why the bleaming the girl they r no better the insult everyone they can

  9. Hello @Rimjhim waiting for today’s update thank you 🙂

  10. i think these mothers are too much to handle, think too much of themselves and too little of others love is love,there is no high class and low class,but theres unconditional love which they lack extensively ,i think the couple has tolerated more than they should have,even the granny is deur mekaar

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