Satrangi Sasural 8th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 8th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
The ladies are super happy, as they find Dr. Seth, possessively taking care of Vatsal, and forcing him to rest, when he tries to go out. In their hidden pretext of tea, they in their banter, interrogate Dr. Seth, and are fully satisfied with their response for the questions that they out her through.

In vihan’s room, he is tensed for his phone. As sarthi comes in, he gives vihaan the phone, when he asks for it. He desperately tries to switch it on.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Meanwhile, Arushi tries vihaan’s call, and doesnt get through, oblivious that his phone is off. She is tensed that vihaan’s phone isnt going through. She too starts hallucinating vihaan standing angrily in front of her. He asks how could she hide such a big fact that she is Dilwali Kudi, and asks if she thinks she shall be forgiven. He says that whatever her brother did was still okay, but whats wrong, is what she did to him, as she is a hypocrite, who says that she doesnt lie, and lied herself. Arushi tries to tell about her contract, that forced her to keep a secret about her columns. He says that girish physically hurt him, but she hurt him deeply, and asks her to never cross ways with him ever again. He leaves. She starts screaming asking him not to go away from her. She comes out of the dream with a jerk, as she finds noone there. She finds the Masala Tea Stall, and remembers Vihaan’s statements regarding it, as he quoted the columns. She hopes that vihaan doesnt go far awya, and is highly apologetic. She wonders why is she crying so much, as she got a friend like Vihaan, and she couldnt sustain the friendship, as she remembers their moments together.

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Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
As all sit together in Vihaan’s room, granny asks for the newspaper. Vihaan is tensed that if they see the news about the columnist saving his life, there would be drama. Sarthi, being an idiot, doesnt understand his gestures and signals, when he tries to tell him to make an excuse. He hgands the paper to granny, taking it from where vihaan hid it. granny reads the paper, and Vihaan’s news, and all the ladies read it hurriedly. Sarthi too professes for her. Vihaan thinks that if they met Arushi, she would tell them that her brother did it, and they would be upset, and marrying her would be out of the question.

he thinks that he would be stuck anyways. They all decide to thank Dilwali Kudi. Vihaan says that they shouldnt meet her, as its not a big deal. But they think otherwise. Vihaan says that he has already thanked her, and asks them not to bother her. Priyanka says that she feels that he doesnt want them to meet her. He says that its nothing like that. Then they decide to meet her. He thinks that he doesnt want anyone to meet her, till he proposes her, as that would complicate matters.

In their room, the ladies think that they cant meet Dilwali Kudi, and decide to give her a thank you gift instead, and start discussing, and finally conclude that they can given an assorted goodybag. While all agree, the bengali mother isnt happy, and says that she wont give anything, and storms out. All other ladies are tensed. As granny finds her sitting outside, she is tensed, and asks whats the matter. The bengali mother tells grnny, that Dilwali Kudi is highly unlucky for him, as he had an accident, when he went to meet her, and they shall not let him meet her. Granny is tensed.

Scene 4:
Location: Arushi’s residence
Arushi’s mother finds her lost, and arushi exclaims that she and vihaan arent friends anymore. Arushi’s mother starts blaming girish. She says that she too is to be blamed. Just then, girish comes in, asking for food. Girish acts rudely with arushi and her mother. He gets a call from the manager, and says that he shall report from ten in the morning. He tells them about their job. They both are surprised. Arushi asks what work, as he didnt tell her, and asks about his study. He explains his jobprofile, and assures that he would manage work with studies, just like her. She asks whats the need, as she is earning. But girish says that he has become mature, and its his responsibility too, and makes her swear that she wont talk him out of this. She smiles. He leaves. dadaji overhears this, and thinks that there’s definitely some strings attached. Arushi is very happy with Girish’s changed behavuiour, and hopes the best for him. She says that if Girish wants to improve, then she should also reciprocte by forgiving him, for the past. She and her mother are excited and hopeful of a better future.

In the night, arushi is tensed, and gets excited when she finds vihaan’s call. she accepts it, and vihaan sks her to come outside, as he is outside her house, in their area. She is shocked, and canecels the phone, and rushes to the roof, to check, and finds vihaan, standing in the doorway. Vihaan strolls impatiently on the road, and smiles when he sees Arushi, staring at him, emotionally, from the terrace. they both eye each other romantically, and overwhelmed with emotions. Then she leaves the roof. Vihaan is tensed.

Arushi rushes out of her house, and makes a mad dash for him, and clutches him tightly, overwhelmed with emotions, tears streaming down her cheeks. Vihaan is surprised, as he too is flooded with mixed emotions. He hugs her back, happy and excited.

Precap: Vihaan tries to propose to her. Meanwhile, girish sees the two of them together and gets angry. Vihaan and arushi are tensed. Later, Arushi tells vihaan on the phone, that a thank you is necessary for the love and affection that his mothers showered on her, and hence she wants to meet her. Vihaan says that this isnt required. Arushi says that she has already come. He asks what does he mean boggled. She says that since he didnt pick her phone, hence she took his details from the bank, and having gotten the address, she came to his house. He is shocked and scared.

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