Satrangi Sasural 7th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 7th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Police station and Hospital
Arushi comes to the station, asking why girish, her brother has been locked up. The police asks her to wait for sometime. she nervously complies. she overhears sarthi giving his statement regarding vihaan’s attack to the inspector. She calls to him. Sarthi tells arushi, in the police station, that the police caught the person who was behind the attack on vihaan. As arushi sees girish locked up, convicted of Vihaan’s attack, she is shocked. Girish refers to her as Didi, and sarthi is boggled. Arushi asks girish angrily if he beat up vihaan, while he stays silent. Sarthi asks if he is her brother, and gets tensed, when she says yes. She is distraught.

At the hospital, the doctor asks them to leave, so that vihaan can rest. Narmada says that she shall stay back, and all comply, and move out. Vihaan waves them goodbye. Sarthi tells this to Vihaan on the phone, who is tensed and shocked too. He tells everything what happened. Vihaan asks sarthi to give the pone to the inspector. He complies. Vihaan asks the inspector to leave that person, as Girish isnt the culprit. The police says that they have caught him after much invesatigation. Vihaan says that he doesnt want any action against him anymore. The inspector says that the FIR has been filed, and they wont be able to release the person, as the matter is out of their hands now. Vihaan then asks sarthi to get girish out anyhow, by any means. Sarthi is boggled, saying that he had beaten him up. Vihaan asks sarthi to send girish home in an hour. He complies. vihaan says that he cant do this to arushi’s brother.

Scene 2:
Location: Arushi’s residence and Hospital
Arushi asks dadaji that she would lend some money on the jewellery, to be able to get girish out on bail. dadaji is angry and says that girish deserved this. Her mother asks arushi that she along with girish shall apologise to vihaan. Arushi asks how can she talk to vihaan, after the way he beat up vihaan, and if girish went through this, would we forgive the culprit. Gattu and girish comes saying that only the weak ask for apology, but he and girish do so bodly. He enters leeringly, and prahlad welcomes him, while arushi, her mother and her dadaji are enraged. Gattu says that he went and got him out on bail. Prahlad asks mini to get water for gattu, and he says that he is about to leave. Arushi goes and slaps girish, asking why he did this. Gattu is surprised. girish asks her to ask this from vihaan only, and defiantly says that he wont tell, and if given the second chance, he shall do it again. He says that had he been at fault, the police wouldnt have released him. He leaves angrily, while she calls out to him, in vain. Gattu comes beside her, and says that she is siding with vihaan and going against her own brother, and asks if he means anything to her. He leaves, while she is tensed.

When vihaan sees that Narmada is only caring for him, and not eating, he emotionally blackmails her into going to the canteen to eat somthing. She complies. while arushi is crying on the terrace, she gets Vihaan’s call, and doesnt respond to it, thinking that she is sorry she cant pick up the phone, as she has nothing to say to him, as her own brother did this to him. Vihaan is tensed, thinking that she should pick up the phone once, as had he known that girish was her brother he wouldnt have done this, as he loves her.

The next morning, the doctor is assured by granny, that he is in the best of hands, as he tells about vihaan’s doctor, Devika Seth, who’s a lady. Meanwhile, the ladies outside see the girl, and admiringly start wondering about her as Vihaan’s would be wife. The doctor starts checking up on him, and suggests some physiotherapic exercises, and on granny’s insistnce, decides to discharge them today itself. She is highly polite to all the mothers, who admire her immensely. She tells them that they can be by his side, 24 hours a day, to ensure positive mood of the patient, so that he cn recover fast. they fall for her all the more.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence and arushi’s office
Vihaan is pampepered and taken care of by his mothers, and also say that they shall assist him in wearing the tshirt. He is embarassed and relieved when sarthi comes in. vihaan says that he shall hell him. he goes to his room. sarthi tells about his lone encounter with girish, when he beat him up, and vihaan vents out his anger at him, saying that girish’s act ws just a revenge, and he just elevated the matter, and that this is the reason arushi isnt picking up the phone, sarthi gets tensed. Vihaan says that he hurt him today. sarthi is extremely sorry, while vihaan asks him to leave him alone for sometime. Vihan is supertensed, while sarthi leaves. He finds the newspaper headlines, that say that Dilwali Kudi saved the life of her fan. He is shocked as he remembers arushi rushing through the hospital with him, to save his life. He connects the dots together, and wonders whether Dilwali kudi is arushi herself, as he starts finding uncanny resemblance with her articles and her encounters with vihaan. He is shocked. he calls the editor, and tries to confirm it from him, that according to his papers, Dilwali Kudi saved his life, but it was arushi who was with him, and asks him to clarify if arushi is Dilwali Kudi. The editor finally says that he didnt tell anything, but being a true fan, he found out, that Dilwali Kudi is actually arushi. He is shocked.

Arushi is advised by rosy, to call Vihaan, s talking would sort things out, as she wasnt at fault in anything that happened. She calls up vihaan for her, while arushi is still hesitant, and the phone is on the nightstand, which vihaan has difficulty getting to, due to his injuries. In his struggle, the phone falls on the ground, and the battery comes out, switching off the phone. She gets a busy and disconnected beep, and wonders why he cancelled the call, thinking that he is angry. Vihaan gets his phone’s battery on again wondering if its arushi’s call, and how girish must have told that manohar did it first, and hence she would have been very angry. Both think that the other is very angry at them. The screen freezes on both their tensed faces.

Precap: The bengali mother tells grnny, that Dilwali Kudi is highly unlucky for him, and they shall not let him meet her. Granny is tensed. Vihaan goes to meet arushi, and tries to propose to her. Meanwhile, girish sees the two of them together and gets angry. Vihaan and arushi are tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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