Satrangi Sasural 6th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Satrangi Sasural 6th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Arushi’s residence
Prahlad comes in showing an extra display of love and affection, asking how he would stay here, in poverty, and that he shall himself leave him back to his house, as its house after all, and noone shall be able to stop him. dadaji intervenes and says that vihaan shall stay here. prahlad says that it would be a blow on vihaan’s self esteem. Vihaan says that they shall stay in a hotel, and smiles for arushi. dadaji says that this is his house, and he makes descisions. he says that he is his dadji too, and they shall stay here till everything is okay. All are tensed. Dadaji says that as far as respect is concerned, his respect is their responsibility, and that he shall never have any problem due to them. kasturi asks him not to be tensed, and come inside and freshen up and rest, as they seem tired. mili insists and takes them both inside. Then, Dadaji asks prahlad to get the bre essentials commodities for vihaan, from the leftover money from the marriage. Prahlad says that vihaan must have money. dadaji angrily asks if he shall go or not. prahlad and girish silently leave.

In the market, as prahlad wnders how to get money from vihaan, he asks girish to pretend about their extreme poverty. Girish gets irritated. he says that vihaan doesnt have cash as it is. Prahlad says that he must have debit and credit cards. girish is convinced. They decide to extract what they can.

In the room, kasturi tells vihaan that the bathroom floor is sinking. He says that it would just take two minutes. But she is scared and asks him to bathe in the verandah. Buaji asks how is this possible, for a rich man like him. kasturi is embarassed. vihaan says that he has no problem. She smiles. buaji is tensed. He leaves with the towel. While he stands bare torsoed, arushi is embarassed and turns away, as he comes to give him clothes. he awkwardly asks her to leave, so that he can take a bath. She says that she is here only, and hence wouldnt allow anyone else in, and asks him to bathe in peace. Later, in the kitchen, kasturi is very happy about vihaan’s adaptable nature, and wishes them all well. arushi hopesz that he is called back soon by his mothers, as he is distraught. she says that a bahu’s first priority is to keep her family intact.

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Scene 2:
Location: Vihan’s residence
Harpreet is crying, when granny comes in asking whats the matter. harpreet says what happened wasnt right, and maybe vihaan should have been stopped. granny is boggled. harpreet says that vihaan was stuck, one side his mothers and the other side, wherever he went, it would be a wrong descision. She says that when her husband renounced himself, granny didnt blame it on her for her husband’s fault, then why what arushi did today is punishable to vihaan too. granny says that she has given all justifications, and denies to give an answer. harpreet asks her if she has no answer. She says that she is wrong, and asks her to think first. She leaves, while granny stands tensed.

In the night, geeta and harpreet are tensed, when nilima comes and says that crying wont help. But geeta is beyond consolation. She says that she shall call him here. nilima says that he would have come here if he wanted to, and wouldnt have left only. But geeta says that love is beyong right and wrong, in a mother-son relationship. She and harpreet decide to call vihaan here. Narmada asks them to stop and asks what are they doing. they say that they are calling him just to know how is he. narmada says that they dont need to know, as he too doesnt bother. She says that vihaan’s entire life revolves around arushi and asks her to accept this, and that this is their destiny. She says that she thought vihaan would take care of all of them, but she was wrong, as he doesnt care for them at all. harpreet says that she is missing vihaan terribly. narmada sks her not to soften as vihaan doesnt deserve their tears, when he could betray them so badly. harpreet says that if they think of it, it isnt a big deal. naramda says that she gets angry everytime she thinks of him and arushi. Nilima asks her to calm down, while she says that she cant, as she is ashamed to have borne him. Just then, arushi enters. Oblivious to this, narmada says that it is, as years back, his father too did the same and left his husband and ailing, old mother for money. She says that today vihaan left his seven mothers for love, and she is left alone once again. she says that she thought that vihaan is like her, and not her coward father, and says that she should have died before seeing thius. Arushi is apalled. nilima comes to console narmada. geeta says that she understands her pain, but vihaan isnt like his father, as she doesnt know whats right or wrong, but knows, that she cant live without him, and asks harpreet to call. Narmada tensedly tells them to call, and even call him home, but asks them to remember that if vihaan came back, they would see her dead. All are tensed with shock, while arushi is apalled. narmada asks them to carry on with their descision while she shall with hers. Harpreet throws away the phone. Arushi is determined to end this misery once and for all.

Scene 3:
Location: Arushi’s residence and the hotel
In the night, kasturi prepares bed for him, and asks him to rest. he asks where will others sleep, and is told that they shall be on the roof. But he asks how is that possible. Arushi teases him to have the extra attention as the son in law. Arushi says that there shall be mosquitoed and heat on the roof. vihaan asks if its just for him. Arushi says that he isnt habituated to, and he says that he isnt habituated to live without the mothers too, but is staying. Arushi and her mother are distraught. She says that she feels very bad, as he is distanced from his mothers due to her. Her mother asks her not to blame himself, as destiny must have given this test for them to pass, after which they thrive, and says that she shall pray for them.

On the roof, arushi finds vihaan distraught and in a state of shock. He is barely able to compose himself, and refuses food, whole she is tensed. She keeps the plate on the folding, and he says that she had said that mothers shall call in a couple of days, then what happened. She says that he cant stay without his mothers, and asks him to look at his condition, and begs him to return home. He asks if she thinks that he shall go without her. she says that this is for his and his mothers’ happiness. He asks what about her. she sys that she too would be happy with this. he asks if she would be able to live without him. he says that he cant live without his mothers and is breaking from inside, but the truth is that he cant leave her alone too, and asks her never to suggest this again. he leaves, while she thinks that she thought that she would bring happiness into the family, but her entry only brough grief and misery, and says that she wont let vihaan’s family break, and vihaan shall definitely meet his mothers, as she wont let them cry ever again, and thats her promise.

The next morning, arushi finds vihaan gazing at his mothers’ pic over the breakfast table. dadaji sees this too. they both come and console him. prahlad asks him to go out with him, while he says that he doesnt want to. prahlad insists, and vihaan frustratedly complies. Arushi and dadaji are tensed.

Scene 4:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
All the mothers are tensed, and nonchalant, when the phone rings. Granny picks it up, and then asks the other person to fix the meeting, as nilima would attend, and vihaan’s presence is not confirmed yet. then, granny briefs nilima about the two meetings scheduled today. Nilima asks what if vihaan is present there too. Granny asks if she doesnt know how to behave like a colleague, as he is a partner in the business, just like they all are, and asks her to finish the work and return home, and asks her to straighten out her professional and personal lives. nilima is worried, while all others are tensed too. Nilima silently complies. the screen freezes on narmada’s tensed face.

Precap: Vihaan hugs Nilima and begs to be forgiven, apologising profusely for this one and last mistake. Nilima gets emotional. He then asks her to please accept arushi now. hearing this, nilima gets stern and detaches herself. he is surprised. Nilima acts professional, and addressing him as Mr. Vihaan Vatsal, she tells him that it would be good if they behave professionally. Vihaan is distraught.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Vihaan after a while all wounds will heal.Ihese mothers are as stubborn as ever and Granny is making it worse.Best they get their own home so that they can live peacefully.Arushi ‘s live will be a living hell with these women.

  2. this serial is very poor acting and all not much to look at frustration all over again

    1. This serial has some of the most talented senior actors, what are you blabbering about lmao. If you don’t like the story line, comment on that, don’t criticize the acting.
      And no ones forcing you to watch it, I’m so confused as to why you’re watching it if you feel nothing but frustration because of the storyline and the ‘bad acting’

  3. Why do elders in these soaps threaten to kill themselves to force others, especially their kids to do their bidding?!?!? It is so shameful!!!

  4. These mothers are so stubborn, no wonder all the men in their live have left them.

  5. I totally agree with Maya

  6. i too agree

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