Satrangi Sasural 6th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 6th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Arushi’s residence
Prahlad and girish sit down with gattu, to have drinks together, as he arrives at their house, with gifts and sweet packets. Prahlad asks mili and arushi’s mother to serve them drinks. Gattu sks why bother them, and enquires about arushi, and gets to know, that she is in office. He eyes her picture leeringly, and passes snide comments, while prahlad and girish smile. Inside, in the kitchen, arushi’s mother is enraged, and comes out and lashes at Gattu, asking him to never again talk about her daughter. prahlad tries to calm her down, but she doesnt. girish gets tensed and irritated too. dadaji comes and asks girish to take the sweets and throw them out. gattu leaves, unaffected. Dadaji warns prahlad not to convert it into a bar again. Prahlad and girish too leave after him.

Outside, gattu asks girish to come along, who requests gattu, that he wants some work, which earns him name, fame and scare. He requests gattu to help him beat someone, and settle old scores, and gattu readily complies.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road and newspaper office
Vihan gets tensed as the car breaks down, while he is anxious to meet Dilwali Kudi. He doesnt wait for sarthi to mend the car, and says that he shall instead take a rickshaw to reach the newspaper office. He rushes while sarthi is tensed. When he doesnt get a rickshaw, Vihaan rushes through the streets, on foot, in his impatience to meet the girl. Meanwhile, the editor comes and tells arushi, that in few minutes, Dilwala Munda shall arrive. She hopes and prays that she doesnt have to meet vihaan. Vihaan rushes madly, and finally reaches the newspaper office, thinking that now he would meet Dilwali Kudi, and find a way to his love story. But he doesnt realise, as Girish gives afatal blow on his head, from the back, with an iron rod, and he along with gattu, beat him with hockey sticks, as they find him alone, and abuse him. Thereafter they leave. In the office, arushi citing delay, rushes out, to avoid meeting Vihaan. She comes on the road, to find a man, lying unconscious, but doesnt see Girish and Gattu, rushing away in the car. She is shocked to see that its Vihaan, and screams for help, distraught. The editor calls for an ambulance, while she continues to try and wake him up.

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Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Narmada is tensed, instinctively, while priyanka is disturbed to find her like this. She asks whats the matter. Narmada starts crying. She composes her.

Scene 4:
Location: Press Courier Office
The manager of the office, informs Girish of his payamount, and his duty and chores. Gattu asks him to agree, and girish complies. The manager asks him to get on with the job then, from today onwards.

Scene 5:
Location: Hospital and On the road
As vihaan is rushed inside the hospital, on the stretcher, she asks him if its still paining. Vihaan holds her hand and says that it isnt paining anymore. Arushi asks how did this happen. Vihaan asks her not to call his mother, but sarthi, the driver. she complies. He is taken inside the ICU. The nurse comes and tells her that her husband shall be fine. She is shocked to hear this, but doesnt rectify it. The doctor tells her that there’s no major injuries, and the head is slightly hit, but there’s no fractures, just a slip disk on the shoulder. He says that vihaan shall need rest. Sarthi and arushi come to vihaan, and sarthi is enraged to know that it was the same person. Arushi asks whats the matter. Vihaan tells how girish had earlier ran into a tussle with him. Arushi is tensed, but doesnt realise that its her own brother. Vihaan asks sarthi, if his mothers were informed. Sarthi replies, that he told the ladies not to worry, as its a minor injury and nothing serious, and informs him that they are on their way. Meanwhile, arushi too gets a call, and says that she wont be able to come, however imp the work maybe. Vihaan thinks that if his mothers see arushi here, then they shall have questions, which she and he wont be able to answer. He thinks that even arushi doesnt know how much he loves her. He tries to ask her to go to work, but she says that she wont, and asks why is he in a hurry, to get her away from here. This silences him. She gets another call, and decides to go to the office, saying that she shall come in the evening, and as it is, he wanted her to go. While arushi leaves, his mothers come in. Vihaan is relieved. The mothers are apalled to find him in such a state. they all ask how did this happen, and ask sarthi where he was. Vihaan asks them to relax, as he shall explain everything, and begs them not to cry. The doctor comes in, and they all say that they are his mother. He is surprised. The doctor asks them to leave, for a routine checkup, of vihaan. they tell him to co-ordinate with their family doctor. He complies. They go out. granny arrives with the doctor and asks how is he. They tell that he is fine. They send their family doctor inside. all stand tensedly outside. Granny gives an emotional smile to vihaan, as she catches eye on him, as he too smiles at her, when the door is left ajar. After the door closes, she asks sarthi how did this happen. When sarthi explains everything, granny is angry at the ladies for their interest in Dilwali Kudi. They apologise saying that they didnt know this would happen. sarthi explains that he has doubts on some peeple. Granny asks him whats he doing here and asks him to report this to the police station. Granny instructs him that whoever maybe the person, he should not be able to escape, after having beaten Vihaan. He complies.

Sarthi arrives with the inspector, at the crime scene, explaining everything. The police does his investigation, and finally get a rough sketch of the assailant drawn, and it matches with girish, who they are finally able to track to his locality. the police raid arushi’s house, and say that a boy called Girish, from this house, was behind the attack.

Meanwhile, vihaan tries his level best to cheer his mothers, from the tension that they are in. he says that he would end their search for an ideal match for her. He thinks that asap he would have to tell about arushi to them, after he proposes to her. Granny gets to know on the phone that the police has arrested the boy who beat Vihaan. The screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: Sarthi tells arushi, in the police station, that the police caught the person who was behind the attack on vihaan. As arushi sees girish locked up, convicted of Vihaan’s attack, she is shocked. Meanwhile, Sarthi tells this to Vihaan on the phone, who is tensed too.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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