Satrangi Sasural 5th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Satrangi Sasural 5th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Hotel
Arushi asks vihaa if he is okay. he apologises for what he couldnt handle, and how he has given her only sorrows when he promised her loads of happiness and a satrangi sasural. She says that he wasnt at fault for whatever happened, and they are married, and hence their sorrows are combined. She says that neither them, nor the mothers were wrong, and time was, as if they had told earlier this wouldnt have happened, and that the mothers arent wrong too. He is frustrated that their marital life started like this. She assures him that there are problems, and since they have faced every problem together, they shall overcome this one too, and that she shall never leave his side. She says that his mothers shall definitely forgive them, as they cant be angry for long. she says that she would do whatever it takes, but not let his family be apart. she promises him, and he is overwhelmed.

The next morning, arushi tries to wake up vihaan, from his sleep, but he falls on ther floor unconscious. she is shocked, as she tends to him. she desperately tries to wake him up, as he lies motionless. he calls the recption and asks them to call the doctor, as her husband is unconscious. Butlers come in and carry vihaan on the bed, and arushi ask for water. The doctor comes, and arushi hurriedly explains whats the matter. the doctor rubs his plams, and checks his pulse. He asks arushi if vihaan had nything last night. She denies, asking if he is okay. later, when he wakes up, arushi asks if he is okay. he says that he is, as he got tired after yesterday’s tiredness. she says that she is angry with him. He teases and tries to cheer him up. She says that she got a charger for their phones, as it went off. She says that she didnt get any calls. vihaan is hurt that one incident changed his mothers’ love and they dont give a care as to how he is. She says that she would call, but vihaan asks her not to. He instead asks her to call her parents to let them know.

Scene 2:
Location: Vihan’s residence
When priyanka serves granny tea, she asks if all others wont drink. they deny. granny says that she doesnt want this, as if they are so disturbed then they should change their mind, and call the girl back. Nilima says that they dont want to chnge their descision and call her back. granny says that then crying wont help, and asks priyanka to get them tea. Geeta says that she cant, as she doesnt know if vihaan has eaten anything at all or not, and in what condition he is. Just then, sarthi comes in and says that even though he is a mere driver, but he wants to say that whatever happened was wrong, and that he has never seen a mother do wrong, but here seven are. mini asks how can he blame her, as he was the one who brought this relation, and asks how could he lie to them on their faces, after being brought up in this house. he tries to advocate for arushi, and how interested she is to come in this house. Nilima thinks that now she has sent him, and asks him to get lost. sarthi tries to speak, but priyanka reminds him of his status, and says that he cant speak in their matters, and if he wishes to, he can leave the job, or else just stick to his work profile. sarthi goes outside. He meets arushi’s parents but doesnt say anything. They are tensed, as they come in. they find that granny and all of vihaan’s mothers are tensed and angry too. priyanka asks why are they here. they say that they are here for arushi’s pagphera. Dadaji says that they look tensed, and asks whats the matter. Priyanka says that this means they dont know anything. nilima asks them to keep their gifts and leave. dadaji and kasturi ask them to explain clearly. priyanka asks them to stop the pretense, as they have created the problem and now ask whats the matter. She asks them to leave, as they dont wish to clarify anything. dadaji looks at prahlad, and he vehemently denies that he hasnt done anything. Granny says that indirectly he is to be blamed, but his daughter did what his father does, and hence blood relations did work finally. she asks them what happened. kasturi asks what does she mean. narmada asks if she knew that arushi and vihaan loned each other. kasturi stays silent. narmada asks her to answer and she complies in a yes. Narmada asks why did she make this an arranged marriage, and betray them, when she knew about their love. dadaji says that love isnt a crime. nilima says that playing with trust, and betraying mothers is. dadaji says that if they find them at fault, they can, but god knows that they didnt mean harm. He asks about arushi. granny says that her daughter isnt here, and tells everyone. Arushi’s family stands distraught. he asks how could they not tell her, and where are they. Mini says that they have no clue where they both are and asks them to get lost too. dadaji says that they respect them immensely, but if anything happens to arushi and vihaan, they shall face worse consequences. The ladies are tensed and enraged. dadaji leaves with his family.

Scene 3:
Location: Arushi’s residence and the hotel
Arushi’s family is disturbed when their phones dont get through. prahlad angrily starts bad mouthing the mothers. dadaji asks prahlad to shut and stay within his limits. prahlad is fake angry. Girish says that he feels that they are there only. Both prahlad and girish are angry with the mothers, that they want to get rid of them. kasturi says that arushi isnt this careless, as she would have known that her mother would be tensed. they are all worried.

Later, Arushi calls dadaji, and then makes a fake story as to how loved she is here. dadaji sees this through and says that he knows everything. Arushi is tensed. He asks where are they, and she says that they are in the hotel. He asks to talk to vihaan. He takes the phone, and composing himself, he seeks dadaji’s blessings, who asks why are they staying in the hotel, when they have this home. But vihaan says that he cant as society would taunt them. dadaji says that he cares for them and not people. He says that he isnt requesting but ordering. vihaan asks him to understand, while dadaji says that he and kasturi are tensed, and if they dont comply, they shall see him dead. He asks him not to talk like this, as he shall go. he eyes arushi tensedly.

Buaji and prahlad think that their games got ruined as the diary went out of their reach. Girish comes and tells prahlad that they thought their problems are over when in fact they have just begun. Prahlad asks what bad news he brings now. girish says that dadaji has requested and gotten arushi and vihaan to come and stay with them in this house only. they both are surprised. Buaji is shocked that a married girl would stay in her house instead of her sasural, the second day after marriage, and wonders shall shall people say. Arushi and vihaan enter the house, while dadaji tensedly welcomes them. arushi starts crying and hugs dadaji, while vihaan stands tensed. Kasturi and mili come too. They hug and cry some more. Arushi asks her not to cry as nothing has happened and everything would be alright. kasturi asks how can she say nothing has happened. vihaan comes and apologises to dadaji, for not having fulfilled his promise, of giving a satrangi sasural. dadaji says that noone is at fault, and he should stop blaming him, and that to get him, is extreme luck for arushi, and this problem shall fade soon. He says that he is very kind and genuine like his mothers. the screen freezes on his tensed face.

Precap: Narmada comes and finds harpreet crying, and asks her to stop. harpreet says that she is missing vihaan terribly. narmada sks her not to soften as vihaan doesnt deserve their tears, when he could betray them so badly. harpreet says that if they think of it, it isnt a big deal. narmada says that it is, as years back, his father too did the same and left his husband and ailing, old mother for money. She says that today vihaan left his seven mothers for love. All are tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  2. I am happy Vihaan is okay so no one could’ve blame Aarusha, what’s up with Priyanka she’s always talking about status…don’t worry Aarushi and Vihaan this will soon blow over it’s only a matter of time see one of the moms is missing him already

  3. Narmada disowning the son that she herself bore?!?!? Just because he married someone he loved!?!?!? Stupid!!!

  4. i am disgusted at all those mothers but especially with Vihaan”s biological mother.How can she send her son and daughter in law at that hour out of the house.How can she stand and let the others speak to her only child in this disgusting way.Even though they helped raised him but there is a limit.These women belittled Arushi and her parents so much that it was hurtful.They always speak about status.Are they better than the others because of a little money.Please cut the crap.You can be a billionaire today and next day as poor as a church rat.The important thing is that they both love each other.I think if they stay away from that house they will be better of.Those old hags do not love his wife anymore.One incident and all the love they had for her has gone through the windows.How ironic.

  5. this storyline is a whole pack of shit sorry to say started it off good like all the others but escalated to a mountain of shit

  6. Guys u n y these mothers are behaving dis way? it is bcos they dont actually understand d meaning of these four powerful word LOVE. Had they understood, they would have known dat where love is, money stand no where.

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