Satrangi Sasural 5th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Satrangi Sasural 5th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Arushi’s residence
Arushi explains what caused the dealy, and the people compliment her on her caring nature. She is shy and nervous. her family is proud of her, and the propsective people too start praising her on her handicarft skills. She quotes vihaan, and is taken back to his memories. on the families agreement, arushi and rajkumar, the prospective groom, decide to spend some time alone, to get to know each other. as they leave, arushi’s brother doesnt like it. he leaves. Arushi’s father asks to go out, and dadaji asks whats the need, as they can talk here only. Her father insists to go out, and dadaji and her mother are tensed. Her father takes rajkumar’s father out.

In her room, rajkumar and arushi chat, while he asks what kind of a person does she believe as her life partner, and she says that she never gave it much thought. she adds that she doesnt want to leave her job, and wants to be self dependant. he lieks her thoughts.

Arushi’s father hesitatingly brings up the topic that her daughter earns god income. Rajkumar’s father asks him that they dont want any dowry. He denies, and says arushi takes care of the entire family, and once she goes, their financial condition would go down the drain, and hence he has a proposal. He says that once the marriage is done, all the responsibilities of her family shall be his, and starts negotiating with him, that they have to be taken care of, as they are giving away a daughter that earns. It ends in a heated verbal exchange, and finally rajkumar’s father says that he rejects his proposal.

Inside, rajkumar’s mother accepts the girl, and leaves the final descision on his father. he storms in and asks her to get up right now. All get tesned and ask whats the matter. Rajkumar’s father asks his wife and his mother to come along. Arushi is tensed, as rajkumar leaves. she follows. Her mother asks if they made a mistake. rajkumar’s father says that they wasted their time. all ask whats the matter, but he refuses to divulge. he storms out, with his family in tow. Arushi’s father is pleased while all others are tensed. dadaji angrily eyes her father. her mother asks whats the matter. He pretends that people arent what they seem, and say that they put a price tag

Arushi remembers that rajkumar didnt want any dowry. Her mother asks did he reply then. Arushi’s father is angry that they demanded dowry, and arushi is tensed. Her mother asks what now. He says that he said that she wont give any dowry. She asks how would arushi get married then. He again tries to initiate a fight with her, asking if she has money. Dadaji retorts back. Arushi tells her father that he did absolutely right, and its good that the relationship isnt settled. dadaji says that its good that they didnt ask for dowry, in front of everyone. He angrily asks whats he trying to say. dadaji says that he is old, and sarcastically comments that his words dont mean anything. Arushi cools down her father and says that infact she is happy. she tries to get everyone’s mood okay. she leaves to change, while her mother wonders where and when would she get married.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Vihaan is lost in arushi’s thoughts, as he drives the car. He thinks that he is mad for her now, and wonders what to do now. He gets his driver’s call, and asks whats the matter. the driver asks him to stop, as he is running after him, and when vihaan sees this, he is surpriseed, and pulls the car side. Vihaan asks sarthi why was he running after the car. Sarthi says that he had to take care of him and the car. vihaan apologise and they change seats. Vihaan apologises again, saying that he forgot about him. sarthi asks about the lady handkerchief, and asks if she would come and meet him soon. Vihaan is taken back to her memories.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
The prospective bride comes with the family, and is shocked to find being confronted by vihaan’s sevent mothers, and yet they maintain their composure. she tgakes everyone’s blessings, though nonresignedly, while granny amusingly watches how she manages through this. The ladies start teasing her too, while she keeps a brave face, and yet smiling. As the conversation begins, the girl finds the mothers fighting amongst themselves, deciding her routine once she gets married. She is visibly nervous, and her mother assures her by clasping her hand. The mothers see this, and get tensed amongst themselves. Granny watches the entire scene quietly.

Outside, in the garden, the girl asks her mother why wasnt she informed earlier, that vihaan has seven mothers, and how can she being a mother herself, put her through this ordeal. Her mother asks her to be quiet, and says that the son is good and the house too. the girl points out, that she cant handle seven mothers together, when its difficult for them to even face one. Her mother is tensed too, and they are surprised, to find themselves being confronted by all the ladies of vihaan’s life. The screen freezes on Granny’s tensed face.

Precap: Dadaji explains to arushi’s mother, that her daughter’s happiness are being stopped by her own father. Meanwhile, the prospective bride agrees to granny’s wish, that she would be able top handle all the responsibilites dutifully. Her parents are tensed. outside, the bride points out to vihaan, as to how difficult it is to find a bahu, who will satisfy the whims of even one mother in law properly, leave alone seven, and insinuates that he might end up as a bachelor forever. Vihaan is tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. This show is not yet filling my Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya void!!!! sigh

  2. It seems to be a comedy, that’s good for a change. I welcome this show and expect it to surpass all others with it humor.

  3. Yup u rite…jst a waste show…should b ended soon…and aur pyaar hogaya sud b brought back…

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