Satrangi Sasural 4th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Satrangi Sasural 4th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
While all are praying, granny joins them and blesses nilima. Arushi comes and tells Nilima that parlour girls shall come soon.

priyanka is stealthily moving out, hoping noone notices that she is going. granny asks her as expected. She says that she has

a small work and rushes out. all are tensed, as to where she went. They start making guesses, while mini says that she must

have gone to get a gift.

A person pays a beautician, when she comes aside as she and her team are heading towards Nilima’s house, and then gives her a

dead lizard, in a box, and asks her to get to work. The man tells her that the lizard is just unconscious, and would wake up

after a couple of hours. she complies.

At home, all get emotional as they give nilima the last bachelor meal, and give the credit of this happiness to nilima. A maid

comes and announces that the parlour girls have come. Arushi takes them all up, while granny takes her turn to feed nilima.

All get overwhelmed with emotions. Then they ask nilima to get ready. As her team gets busy with nilima’s makeup, to dress her

up, she stealthily hides the liazrd in a fake wig, to don nilima. She is supet tensed, and nilima asks if she is okay. she

distracts her saying that she normally sweats this much. she is about to place it on nilima’s head, when arushi comes and

stops her. she is scared. Arushi is boggled, saying that this wont look nice, as nilima’s hair is itself beautiful. The girl

tells that this hair switch shall be nice. They have mixed opinions. They leave the final decision on Nilima, as she knows

what gautam likes best. They have a good laugh. After much deliberation, nilima agrees for the hairswitch and asks the girl to

place it.

In vihaan’s room, he is eyeing nilima’s pic, when granny comes and asks why isnt he ready yet. she finds him upset. As she

consoles him, he breaks down distraught saying that he cant afford to lose out Nilima. Granny asks him to be strong and

patient, for Nilima’s happiness. she again gives credit to arushi, for having done everything so smoothly and efficiently. he

acknowledges, and then says that she hopes everything is okay. granny assures that it will all turn out well. priyanka comes

in and overhears them talking just then. priyanka says that it wont happen, as this isnt a fairy tale wedding, and the reality

is far from fantasy.

Later, arushi and vihaan are going through the chevklist to ensure everything is done. Suddenyl vihaan asks her not to move,

and finds an eyelid on her face and asks her to make to a wish. she is amused at his innocence. She complies. he is eager to

know what she wanted. She denies to tell him. he is angry. She is about to leave, when he holds her saying that if she tells

him, maybe he would fulfill it for her. He tries to get romantically intimate with her, while teasing her, that she is lucky

to have him. She says that she didnt wish at all like that. she distracts him, and then turns him aside, while kissing him

unawares. She tries to rush away. he says that he too made a wish, but would tell at the time of marriage. she asks him to

tell it rightaway. he doesnt, playing her tune and leaves. she is amused.

After the makeup, nilima is tensed of her wig, concerned a little. Arushi comes and says that its perfect, but nilima

continues to fidget with her wig, sensing something wrong. Arushi asks for the hairdresser, and is told by the other girl,

that she just went. they are tensed as to why she went away.

Outside, the hairdresser calls the same person, asking her to keep the money ready, as the work is done. Just then, Arushi

comes from behind and calls her. she is visibly tensed. arushi is boggled. She asks where is she going, as she should stay

back, for Nilima’s needs. she asks why is she so tensed. the hairdresser is fumbling. Just then, geets and harpreet com,e

dressed and arushi is distracted. the hairdresser says that she can take this time, to leave stealthily, and not to be

stopped. arushi too leaves to get ready.

At the party venue in the evening, all are dressed up and again compliment arushi. but mini and priyanka continue to taunt and

find faults, while granny reprimands them to keep quiet. arushi comes and announces that the baraat has come, and they all

rush to greet Gautam. Hearing the barrat, nilima is excited. But Nilima keeps fidgeting with her wig, sensing something wrong,

but keeps assuring herself that nothing is wrong.

Granny welcomes gautam, who vihaan has escorted inside with the ceremonial arti, and then presents priyanka a chance to do so,

but she and mini turn around and ignore and chose not to invite gautam. gautam stands tensed while granny and others are

mortified ane embarassed at their behaviour. arushi and narmada eye granny tensedly. The screen freezes on arushi’s face.

Precap: Arushi rushes to nilima’s room, and discarding all her concerns regarding the wig, she cites that she is perfect, while unable to see the reash created on her neck. She then dons the dupatta on hwer and tries to take her inside.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Poor Neelima. Nice episode.

  2. Grown women get a life stop trying to discredit your daughter in law.Let the woman marry whom she wants to and stop playing games with this stupid lizard in a wig.

  3. this is the height of nonsense putting a lizard in the wig for nilima to wear leave the woman alone and let her get married and find a man for yourself toooooooooooooo who ever it is that put the lizard in the wig you are just being jealous of nilima

  4. I agree wz gloria keiller

  5. rosey
    u even came here???????????

    1. Lolllllll

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