Satrangi Sasural 3rd March 2015 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 3rd March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: At the mandap
Arushi is finally given a tearful farewell, by everyone, as the atmosphere gets emotional. Arushi takes everyone’s blessings. later, Geeta says that there’s still sometime before the griha pravesh, and while they make preparations, sarthi can take the newly wed, for a spin in the city. priyanka says that its good, as this would give them a chance to know each other better. Arushi and vihaan are guiltily looking at each other, while arushi’s family is tensed knowing the truth. The mothers tease them and leave.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Sarthi drives vihaan and arushi, around the city, while he asks her to smile and be cheerful, as she complie. vihaan asks sarthi to pull aside. Arushi is quizzical. sarthi gets down and vihaan steals the car and drives off. both are amused at manohar’s plight and bogglement. They enjoy their first ride as a married couple. They stop at the tea stall. Vihaan happily makes tea for arushi, while they engage in the fond memories of how their love story started here. they amusingly gossip. Arushi says that their test isnt over yet, but has just started, and reminds him of the promise, that they had made to each other, that they shall tell the truth to the mothers, once they got married. vihaan is tensed as he doesnt want to spoil their mood. arushi says that it wont be spoiled as they didnt do anything wrong, and were pure n their intentions, and if they dont tell, and they find out, they would be deeply hurt, and feel betrayed. he is convinced saying that they cant start their marital life with a lie, and hence they shall tell everything once they reach the house. They happily comply.

Scene 3:
Location: Arushi’s residence
Arushi’s mother wishes in front of mili that arushi be always happy in her new home. buaji comes and taunts that this is a good idea to lure a rich guy. Arushi’s mother is angry and asks indirectly when would she leave. Buaji says that se shall stay here for some more days. her mother is tensed. dadaji comes, and mili asks why hasnt he slept yet as he must be tired. dadaji says that he wont get sleep tonight, as the house feels lonely. buaji says tjay today he should sleep well, as he got rif of one daughters. dadaji is irritated, while buaji continues with her snide comments. Mili comments that she herself would be a big headache on him. dadaji complies, but says that daughters are god’s blessings excepting buaji, who fumes.

Scene 4:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
While all are busy preparing for the couple’s grihapravesh, they find that they have booked the same date for vihaan’s honeymoon. Mini says that they should cancel the surprise and let the couple decide where they want to go, as they have finalised everything, and now they should take them to take over. Granny too joins in, while geeta says that her concerns were not necessary, as arushi’s entrance would bring a new chapter in their life. They all wish the couple’s marriage all the best. granny smiles along with everyone, saying that she desperately hopes that she is proven wrong, and their statements are correct, as she too wants arushi to be happy with vihaan. they wish that this shall be. They start adjusting the gifts for the grihapravesh, while granny is again tensed and still unconvinced, praying to be proven wrong.

Later, arushi and vihaan come home, and he starts shouting for his mothers, where are they, as they were waiting anxiously for their return but are now nowhere to be seen. Finally the ladies come out. All the mothers eye them tensedly. He starts teasing them that they are being made to wait, after their much cherished dream came true. Vihaan and arushi stand on the door, while all the mothers eye them tensedly. He asks them all to let the grihapravesh happen. they all still stand stoically. He jokes that since they arent in the mood, they shall have the griha pravesh themselves. they begin to come in, but priyanka asks them to stop right there as the grihapravesh wont happen. They ask what happened. All the mothers say that they dont have any place for this woman who betrayed and hurt them terribly, and misused the love they showered on her. They also reprimand vihaan, for the fact that he terribly hurt them. Vihaan and arushi are apalled, and boggled, and he asks them to clarify something that hurt them so badly. priyanka asks if they are feigning ignorance of what they did, as arushi’s face says that she knows what they are talking about exactly. Vihaan turns to her. She begins to speak, but mini huts her up, asking her not to dare speak, or else she shall talk bitterly. narmada asks her to compose herself. vihaan asks why is she talking like this to arushi, and asks her to tell him whats the matter. priyanka asks why is he feeling so much for his girl, but cant see their painb. arushi is apalled, as all the ladies get emotional, that their cherished son did this to them. Vihaan breaks down asking he doesnt know what caused them this pain, but he demands to ask whats bothering them. harpreet and then one after the other, all the mothers start pointing out how its an uncanny co-incidence that arushi kept meeting them, at different times, so that she is chosen by seven different mothers, and this planning can either be done by god or someone who knows the ladies perfectly. He still says that it could be a co-incidence. priyanka asks him to speak the truth now atleast, and not lie anymore insulting them further. narmada says that they neednt give proof, but since he demands, then so be it, and shows him the diary, seeing which vihaan and arushi is shocked. priyanka remembers as to how while unloading the gifts, she came across this diary, that gave everything away. she says that she planned to surprise them with gifts, but instead herself got shocked. nilima starts pointing out that she is her father’s daughter, and atleast her father is bad on face, but she sneaks in evil. Nilima wonders how could such a big conspiracy be behind this. geeta starts reprimanding vihaan for falling in her trap, blaming the mastermind on arushi. they all taunt arushi, in the name of her father, hearing which arushi breaks into tears, and vihaan is extremely upset and distraught. He asks her not to cry, trying to compose her, while the ladies smirk. Vihaan tells them that they arene right. they start comparing the love that he has for them and for this new girl. He says that he cares for their tears too, but asks them to make allegations like too against arushi, and tries o say that this was all vihaan’s plan. harpreet refuses to believe as he has never ever uttered a lie to them. priyanka asks him to stop defending this girl. Vihaan tries to say that since they got to know, they should know everything. He says that they didnt mean to hurt the ladies, but he just wanted confirmation of his love. Narmada says that they took pride and happiness in the fact that even in today’s world, there’s a boy, who agrees to the girl his family decides, for an arranged marriage. She says that he is worse than the children who say in front of the family, that they dont care for relations, and shall marry the girl that they want to marry, as they atleast tell the truth, and not betray anyone. Vihaan stands disturbed and terribly disappointed. narmada says that if he didnt want to hurt them, he wouldnt have done this, and he did this entirely in this girl’s trap. all the ladies are tensed. the screen freezes on arushi’s tensed face.

Precap: granny says that arushi shall never have grihapravesh in this house, at any cost. They are shocked. Granny says that they dont consider this a marriage, and arushi their bahu, and hence she should be instructed to go out immediately. Nilima asks arushi if she heard or not, and asks her to get lost. arushi stands distraught.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. I am sorry this has happened to arushi and vihann they meant well all vihann wanted was for arushi to be accepted by granny and all the seven mothers so do not be tooooooooo hard on them I know what is bothering them is the fact that vihann and arushi knew each other before hand but by pass all that for now the main thing is that they truly love each other so let it be mothers

  2. Maybe this is the reason they have no men in that house….they are too controlling .

  3. agreed Kristelle

  4. These writers love to separate lovers they never let them be happy only problems over n over it like in them life it dont have love n happy so them dont know what to write and what to bring it painful to see these lovers separate in these show oh come on for god sake writer stop separate these lovers in these serials and let them be happy so we can see same romance n love between them

  5. The writers them self dont know about love or never had anyone love them……

  6. What on earth happen to these old hags.Whether the marriage was by love or arranged they are already married in the sight of God.So what will they do send her away and find another woman.Please ,all you ladies need to get a life by finding a man to love you all and get married.Granny especially need to go and relax ,no man wants her now,she is one of the old hags.I cannot understand why a love marriage is not good.Why every marriage that takes place on these shows always get broken up before it even started.Is this how it is done there.Please stop and write something that is beneficial to the public.Tired of the same plot in all these story lines.

  7. These ladies need to find a hobby they control their son so much it’s not even funny especially their most price position ” a son” you never seen anyone doing that much for a daughter…c’mon writers times are changing plz change with the time girls are important too. Aarushi i feel it for you girl you have seven witches to deal with, because the least little thing bother them they are just silly and they claim their all educated so what if it’s a love marriage smh

  8. i totaly agree with u rani

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