Satrangi Sasural 31st December 2015 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 31st December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Barnshed
Vihaan wakes up kyra, and when she does dizzily, he tells her that she needs to stay and wait here, while he goes and gets some help to be able to save her. she complies, having thanked him for saving her life. he kisses her on the forehed and leaves. Kyra drifts off to sleep.

The next morning, kyra wakes up and asks the caretaker where is the person who got her here last night. He says that the person just went on the highway. She rushes in and hitchhikes a truck toget a ride. She gets a call about a certain location. When she reaches there, she is shocked to find vihaan, unconscious on the road, with a severe head injury, surrounded by strangers. hen she turns him around, she sees that it isnt vihaan, and then asks the strangers showing his pic. one of them says that he saw them going towards this side. She is distraught at not having any clue about vihaan. she starts walking listlessly on the road.

Scene 2:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
All are tensed with vihaan, kyra and mili’s disappearance since last night. they hope all are fine, harpreet as usual reprimands kyra for having trapped vihaan once again. Geeta and harpreet start a scuffle, wherein mili comes and asks them not to fight amongst each other as this isnt the sasural that she had seen when she was young. Just then, mili comes in, and they all ask where was she all night. she says that she sent a message on harpreet’s phone, and actually there is one. they are all relieved. now they are tensed for kyra and vihaan. mili then comes to granny, asking about kyra and vihaan. Mili tells them kyra doesnt love vihaan and wants them to harm. Mili tells granny that if anything happens to vihaan, its on her. the others are tensed. Granny asks her to mind her tongue, as they are married, and wherever they are, they shall be together. Later, they all pray for their sdafety, when the earthen diya suddenly douses, and they consider it an omen, signifying trouble. Mili evilly smiles. Granny alights it up again.

After sometime, mili goes again to the temple and prays, alighting the diya heerself. meanwhile, kyra comes back, and they are all shocked to see her. They all ask where is vihaan, and she says that she has no clue. As she fumbles, granny asks them to sit down first, seeing her wounds.kyra then naraates the entire story and blames mili for it. all ae shcked and tensed. kyra swears that she wont spare her. she is about to lunge at mili, when harpreet stops her, and slaps, and throws her out asking her to come back when vihann returns with him. mili however stops her, and then pretends to be caring and smypathetic, saying that they like it or not, kyra is the rightful bahu of the house. kyra gets angry at her pretense, and asks her to stop this drama. mili says that she knows she feels inferior in front of her. kyra swears at her. mili asks her to cone along, to cater to her wounds, and immediately get first aid. kyra asks her not to touch her and stops her pretense. Harpreet reprimands kyra for her behaviour. Kyra tries to point out mili’s vicious plan, by gaining sympathy, but mili pretends to be hurt, and rushes to the room, swearing that she shall not just leave the house, but leave the world too. She says that she would set herself afire. they rush after her. she locks the room. they scream at her from outside not to do this. Kyra thinks that she knows mili wont harm herself, and instigates her to go on and do this. Mili meanwhile thinks that she shall have to do something. Mili meanwhile douses petrol on herself, while all are aghast as they watch through the window. but just then, vihaan storms in, while mili hugs him, as he asks her to relax. she eyes kyra viciouslu. they ask vihaan where was he. He reprimands them for their careless, and kyra that he has had enough of her jealousy pangs. kyra is boggled. She takes kyra’s hand and puts it in his, and says that they both are a couple married, and hence her good wishes are with them. she begins to go. They all ask where is she going. she says that she is going where she came from. Kyra wonders what happeneed suddenly, and how she agreed to leave the house so suddenly. But granny and geeta say that it would be a good break for her too.

Later, harpreet says that they shouldnt have left mili out like this. Vihaan asks her to let bygones be, and accept kyra as the bahu of the house. granny says that he is right, as they should start on a positive note. then arhaan comes and they all wish each other a happy new year. harpreet resists, but finally gives in. granny then makes everyone promise that they shall make this an ideal home for their ideal bahu, kyra. kyra thanks granny for her support and undying love and blessings, and hopes that after mili’s departure, there can be peace. The screen freezes on her peace.

Precap: Vihaan attends to kyra’s wounds, and dresses them up, while she looks overwhelmingly. Mili meanwhile thinks that kyra can enjoy this momentary marital bliss. Later at night, vihaan, hypnotised by mili’s magic, puts a finger over the bandage of kyra, and keeps piercingly presing till blood starts gushing out it, while she writhes in her sleep.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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