Satrangi Sasural 2nd March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Satrangi Sasural 2nd March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: At the mandap
Granny is tensed but is a part of the wedding nevertheless. Vihaan and arushi hope and pray for the most successful marriage, and hope to take full and mature responsibility of each other, and the family and the house, that keeps them together always, as they take one after the other circle, around the fire. They commit to always love and be with the counterpart, and never doubt others’ intentions. Then the sindoordaan begins, wherein the customary smearing of the head with the vermillion. They both pray for such strength in their relationship, that no problem, evil or trouble can keep them apart and that they are always together. All clap as vihaan complies. Finally, the priest asks for the mangalsutra donning, and vihaan complies, amidst much cheers, applauds and claps. Granny is tensed though. After the marriage rituals are over, arushi and vihaan takes everyone’s blessings.

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Later priyanka apologises for her hurt behaviour, and kasturi says that she doesnt mind at all. But priyanka says sorry for her hurtful sentiments expressed, while kasturi says that arushi’s family members behaved such, that they were apt to doubt arushi’s intentions. she says that arushi is nothing like her father and that she would never do wrong, and asks her to have a big, open and genuine heart, so that before doubting arushi, she should atleast given a second thought, and those are who simple and kind hearted never hurt anyone intentionally. priyanka hugs her and complies with her promise. sarthi rushes to her, and priyanka asks about her gift to vihaan. sarthi says that he shall just get all the gifts ready, including hers. He leaves.

Later, prahlad finds a stockpile of gifts, lying stranded, and sensing that noone is around, he tries to look in. girish comes and asks whats the matter. Prahlad says that this is expensive gift, while girish says that this is vihaan and arushi’s wedding gifts. Girish is tensed, but prahlad is convinced and convinces him too. they both try to lift some gifts, revelling about the diary, that would help them to blackmail vihaan. nilim comes and finds him hidind something. she asks and he deftly keeps them back, so that she doesnt see it. he says that he was just safeguarding the gifts. nilima asks him not to worry, as there are good people around, mostly. She then finds him still hiding something and wants to know whats it. He says that there’s nothing, but she bluntly says that she doesnt trust him at all. He tries to say that its just a diary. girish is tensed. Nilima asks him to be calm and quiet and let this marriage happen. She leaves, while he lashes at him. girish angrily reprimands him, and takes him away.

sarthi gets the gifts and priyanka asks him to keep them in the car as they are for the grihapravesh. Sarthi complies, and rushes out, and collides into prahlad, and the diary falls out of his pocket, and into girish’s tray of gifts. sarthi and prahlad compose themselves and leave.

Vihaan teases mili about the shoes, and shows that sarthi has gotten an exra pair, when mili demands for money. but sarthi’s box is empty and vihaan has no choice but to pay 1000 to her. when she gives the box its empty and all are boggled. Just then, someon comes in asking that the rates are double, and now he would have to give 2000. Nilima happily complies. The guests comment that this is the fault of marrying in class difference marriages. Arushi says that this is a customary ritual, and nothing wrong with that. Vihaan asks from nilima, and vihaan gives the money to girish. but the box is still empty. prahlad comes in saying that he has them finally, with 3000 as the charge. Prahlad comes in saying that now for his dexterity, he should be paid too. Priyanka says that mili and girish’s threats are justified, but he doesnt leave any chance to have money, while prahlad wards it off as humour. the guests start commenting. Arushi gets tensed. Mili says that they have to be honest, and then combines his and her money and joins 3000 and gives it to prahlad, and barters the shoes for vihaan. All are happy with her behaviour. mili wipes the shoes, and helps him wear them. All clap.

Girish asks prahlad for money, and he glaots that whats his is his son’s too and vice versa. As he takes his hand in the pocket, he finds his diary missing, and tells this to girish, and both go distraught and tensed. Girish and prahlad lose the diary, and get frustrated at each other. Just then, priyanka comes and asks whats the matter, and why he did so. Prahlad fumbles that this was arushi and vihaan’s plan and he didnt know anything about it. Priyanka is boggled and asks why and what does he mean, if vihaan told him to steal the money. They realise that she is talking of something else. They silently let her reprimand them, for this brash act and then leave. after she does, they wonder what to do now, as their plans are ruined, without their diary. girish asks them to come for the vidaai, and later search for the diary. they both get to searching the diary prioritising it.

Arushi’s vidaai ceremony happens, while all get emotional. Arushi is advised by her mother to manage her new home, family and relationships the same way that she did here. She hugs her mother, and cries. the screen freezes on arushi’s face.

Precap: Vihaan and arushi stand on the door, while all the mothers eye them tensedly. He asks them all to let the grihapravesh happen. they all stand stoically. He jokes that since they arent in the mood, they shall have the griha pravesh themselves. they begin to come in, but priyanka asks them to stop right there as the grihapravesh wont happen.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. why things cannot go as planned and someone or something always has to step in and bring it to a stop arushi and vihann love each other so to hell with everyone else Vihaan take your wife arushi and get to hell out of your parents house and go out on your own as for arushis family to hell with them also this couple arushi and vihann needs to be by themselves with no interruptions from family members writers do not bring in any obstacles to stop this

  2. No disrespect to indian ppl. how you ppl do it living in a house full of so much ppl no privacy trust me i would go crazy…i know Vihaan and Aarushi lives will be full of obstacles it won’t be easy for them

  3. Why will the grihapravesh will not happen so that they can go into the house? After all these set backs before the wedding ,they manage to marry ,then now another hurdle.Do they have to do a marathon in jumping hurdles inorder to finish this race.Please too many rituals to do ,this will not make them love each other less because what God has joined together no man can move them apart.Let them be.

  4. I totally agree with you rosey

  5. all serials are in trouble i hate it

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