Satrangi Sasural 29th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Satrangi Sasural 29th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Fashion Week
As its time for Vatsala’s presentation, priyanka and vihaan are boggled as to whats the plan now. Priyanka and vihaan are shell shocked that all of his mothers are on the stage, dressed as models, for arushi’s theme. All are boggled, ioncluding the jury, while vihaan and priyanka stand speechless, as all the mothers exude great confidence and pise on the stage, presenting arushi’s theme for Vatsala. They are nervous, but excited too. Arushi gives a background vocieover, as to how Vatsala is dedicated to carry fashion comfortably for all age groups, irrespective of body sizesand figures. Arushi then presents the showstopper. They are shocked to see granny descend down the ramp in a glamourous avatar, carrying the showstopped dress. She along with other ladies, takes the ramp one last time. Vihaan and priyanka are thoroughly jaw droppingly shocked that this is possible. Arushi then comes, saying that vatsala presents the fashion, that makes you feel young, and proudly presents her theme. All stand nervous to await the audeince’s reaction, as the audience murmurs amongst themselves. Meanwhile, priyanka is embarassed as she thinks that once again arushi managed to insult and embarass them in public. Finally, all the jury members stand up to give a standing ovation, and the crowd follows, and vihaan goes bonkers feeling victorious, while priyanka finds this highly unbelievable. Arushi takes a bow with the ladies, and retires. the MC announces that it really was out of the boxes.

Backstage, all the ladies give in to their nervous energy, while branding arushi as mad, as she appreaciates the wonderful stage presence that each of them had. She hugs all of them, but stops when she finds Mini distant. but she is thoroughly relieved and others are happy, when mini gives her a tight hug. vihaan comes in and joins them. He tells them of the overwhelming response. In her excitement, she hugs vihaan, and then granny coughs, while others giggle amusedly, to separate them. He asks how was this possible, and they all celebrate.

Outside, the MC finally announces the indian company for the foreign tieup, while all pray, arushi and her team together, and priyanka in the area, to be Vatsala. All are overjoyed and overwhelmed with emotions. Priyanka too is extremely happy, while inside, all happily congratulate each other. They then join everyone on the stage to receive the applause and the accolades. Arushi then announces that she would like to call, the joint Md of Vatsala, without whom this would have been incomplete and impossible. granny is emotional. priyanka is shocked. Amidst the thunderous applause, priyanka joins them too. She takes granny’s blessings. All smile at each other.

Scene 2:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
The celebrations continue at home too, where all applaud and compliment her for her remarkable feat, while priyanka watches her from a distance, sulking. Arushi gives all the credit to her team, and especially Granny and vihaan, and her supermodel mothers. All of vatsala’s team applauds her. Arushi finds priyanka sullen. She then continues that she thanks immensely to the captain of the project, priyanka, without whom, they wouldnt have landed the deal at all. She too joins them all. Priyanka overhears granny talking about promoting arushi to a better post, as she is a worthy leader. Priyanka leaves inside. Arushi notices this. Vihaan and others celebrate. She begins to go, but mini stops her saying that she shall call her. she leaves. Priyanka is about to slam the door shut, when mini stops her, asking her to come down. priyanka angrily says that she wont come down, to celebrate arushi’s win. priyanka asks if she wants to be noble, by dedicating her win in priyanka’s name, and trying to prove everywherer what a terrible failure she was. She says that she doesnt have a problem if she takes her post, but she wont bear her condescending attitude. Mini says that she is overthinking and maybe they took time and misunderstood arushi, and starts praising arushi. priyanka asks her to shut up, and asks whats wrong with her. She asks her how she couldnt stand arushi uptil yesterday. Mini keeps insisting, and priyanka almost raises her hand to hit her. They both are emotionally shocked.

In the temple, granny thanks the lord profusely. Vihaan and arushi come to granny and he asks granny, if by her permission, he can take arushi out, for a friend’s party tonight, and that it shall get late. arushi is boggled, but plays along. Before they can leave, Mini comes with tearful eyes, and asks arushi to stop, and then to everyone’s surprise, she apologises to arushi. She says that she has always insulted and without any motive bothered her, and even tried to throw her out of the competition and apologises. Arushi asks how can she say this, as she didnt mind. Mini asks her to say yes. Arushi confesses that she was hurt a little, but didnt mind. Mini points out how she kept her cool till the last minute, and that she was wrong completely about her. She says that she isnt ashamed to say sorry to her, as time and relationships have changed. Granny smiles. They both are overwhelmed. All smile. As they hug, priyanka finally opens her room, feeling guilty, and then finds them hugging and gets tensed. priyanka thinks that everyone is against her now. Arushi notices priyanka sulking, and then goes inside. she thinks that priyanka feels upset and lonely, and she cant let that happen, and shall make her too a part of this celebration anyhow. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Arushi wakes up vihaan, in the middle of the night, asking him to takle her home, as she wants to go right now. he asks whats the urgency. Arushi says that she is highly worried for priyanka, and tells how she saw priyanka upset last night. Meanwhile, the next morning, all the mothers are shocked to see that priyanka isnt opening the door, locked from inside. They get worried.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. prianka you are a grown woman and a mother to Vihaan stop with all that childish behavior and admit that you were wrong in treating arushi the way you did you prianka are never to old to apologize and say you are sorry and was wrong about arushi all along come on prianka join in the celebration mini mom did so do the same also vatsala has made it and that is something to be thankful for all thanks to arushi

  2. farida uttan

    Priyanka – stop being selfish and admit you are not good enough to run the company. Give the accolades to Arushi

  3. Let Priyanka stay locked in her room .She is a jealous.small minded brat that has not grownup.Nasty attitude and feels the world owes her something.She does not love ihaan because if she did she would have apologised Arushi and set things right.It makes me feel as though she wants him for herself.Ido not like her at all.She needs to get a boyfriend in her life She is too damn arrogant —men will run away from her.

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