Satrangi Sasural 29th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 29th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Vibha’s mother presents a sentimental emotional drama, that they have hidden vibha intentionally so that arushi gets away scot free, and demands that arushi immediately be taken into custody. the judge allows a half an hour break so that the defendant gets time to gather the witness, and present them in court. He leaves. Nilima tells granny and others that if vihaan presents the witness, she would be able to get arushi out on bail. raunak assures them that being a high profile case, it might just be fast tracked too. Arushi desperately hopes that vihaan stays out of trouble, and is able to get vibha here, as she cant imagine life without him. Granny wonders whats taking so long for vihaan to arrive. nilima says that once vibha comes, she would handle everything. raunak leaves to check on vihaan.

Meanwhile, in the hospital, Vihaan is anxiously searching for vibha, and finally lands in the morgue with the nurse. he rushes insidew, while vibha tries to hide behind a dead body, oblivious that vihaan is here to rescue her. He starts to inspect the bodies. She sees that it isnt her husband and is surprised. he is about to turn and go away, when she hollers at him. He is shocked. he rushes to vibha, and assures her that he wont let anything happen to her. The husband enters evilly with a knife, and tries to stab but vihaan and vibha escape just in time. He is determined to kill her and him both, as he wont let him take vibha from here. Vihaan asks him to come to his senses. Her husband asks if he really thought that he could get away without giving money, as now arushi would go to jail, he would get the money and then vibha too shall die. vihaan is tensed. Her husband asks him not to interfere in their matters, and warns that he might just give him a fatal blow, while vibha pleads vihaan not to leave her alone for this man, as she would die. vihaan is determined not to let her husband get his way. Vihaan grabs her husband, in a scuffle, and allows vibha to escaoe out. they both escape after him. Vihaan is locked inside by her husband, after he makes a mad dash for her husband. He hopes that vibha is svaed and reaches the court, as that would save arushi. he calls up but the phone is silent being in court, and she doesnt pick up. He is tensed, and then wonders what to do, and decides to message priyanka, who makes granny and nilima read that he wants nilima to manage till he doesnt get vibha, as that means she has something to say that would turn the cas ein arushi’s favour. they wonder where’s vihaan and when shall he reach here. They decide to call him. the judge takes his position back, and begins with the proceedings. granny is hopeful that everything would be alright. the judge asks if their witness is here, and they deny,. saying that its going to take a little while longer. Nilima tells the court, that vibha plans to unravel something that would clear the case,. the opposition lawyer says that this is just delay, as if there’s a witness, they should be presented, or else the court shall continue its proceedings. the judge complies. the lawyer begins to present the case as to how arushi went out on bail, and met vibha, who went ina coma after that. Nilima protests that its a co-incidence. But the lawyer presents this that its an attempt to murder. arushi vehemently denies that she just went to check on her. the judge asks her to remain silent. granny and others are tensed. the lawyer says that it isnt just a hit and run, but a pre-emptive strike for murder, and urges the court that arushi be taken in custody, and asks them to clarify what motive arushi had to meet vibha. nilima says that the lawyer is exaggerating, as the truth is vibha is out of danger, and shall soon come here. the judge overrules it, and likes the opposition’s point, saying that if vibha doesnt turn up, then arushi would have to be sent to strict judicial custody so that further investigation can be done. All the mothers desperately hope for vihaan to come soon for arushi’s sake. Arushi is disturbed.

In the lobby, vibha rushes and tries to hide from her husband, who is madly searching for her. he leaves out finally. Vihaan madly screams, and raunak arrives and finally opens, boggled to see vihaan locked. they both go to search for vibha. Meanwhile vibha comes out of hiding, seeing that her husband is gone. she stealthily takes a step out, and is immediately caught by her husband. Vihaan and raunak arrive there but done see her, as she lies in her husband;s trap. they decide to inform the police about vibha absconding, and the danger to her life. her husband takes her in the storehouse, reminding her of what she was planning to unravel their true faces, and hence she shall be killed. she desperately begs that she wont go anywhere or tell anyone anything, and begs him not to kill her. He says that its too late now, and that she should have died in the accident, and by not dying, the mistake she did is liable to punishment, and that she shall have to die, so that after her death, he and her step mother can unite. he raises his hand to give a fatal blow to her, when vihaan stops his hand, he is infuriated. but he is grabbed by raunak from behind. the husband threatens vihaan that he shall repent this. Vihaan tells her husband, that he should brace himself for a very long time in jail now. the inspector comes with his hawaldars and nads him too. Vihaan asks the inspector to get him too in the court. The inspector gets the knife. vihaan then assures a crying vibha, that they have to rush to the court, and asks her that nothing would happen to her, and reminds that they need to present her to the court on a priority basis. they finally rush.

Meanwhile, the judge says that they dont feel that the witness for the defendant is going to arrive, and hence he is about to give his verdict, listening to the prosecutor’s arguements, that arushi shall be in strict judicial custody for a month. But priyanka stops him saying that she wants to say something, shocking and baffling granny and others while scaring arushi, that she might just spill the truth. she asks the judge to listen to her, before giving his verdict. granny asks whats she doing. the judge asks her to identify herself and then say whatever she has to in the witness box. Priyanka tells granny that she should hacve done this a long time ago. priyanka makes her way to the witness stand, confronting arushi, while all others are boggled, as to what is she upto. Priyanka xconfesses saying that she should be standing where arushi is, as the day the accident happened, she was driving the car. all are shocked at this revelation, including vibha’s mother. the screen freezes on arushi’s shocked face.

Precap: The judge gives the descision that both priyanka and arushi be taken into custody for furhter investigation. arushi stands dejected, while all are apalled. just then, he is interrupted by vihaan, who gets vibha, that cheers up everyone, but scares vibha’s mother.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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