Satrangi Sasural 29th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Satrangi Sasural 29th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vihaan and Aarushi are sitting in what looks like a small garden or a park. Vihaan pours himself and Aarushi some masala chai from a flask. Aarushi is surprised over his appearance and questions him about it and then about the many missed calls from him yesterday. Vihaan blurts out if her Rishta is fixed. Aarushi says no and Vihaan relaxes. She asks him if everything is fine and he confesses about his mom being in the hospital and him being tensed. She inquiries in which hospital his mom is admitted and he answers “City Hospital.” He asks her about the Rishta and just when she is about to answer, her phone rings and her friend calls her for a meeting. Aarushi apologizes and tells him about the meeting. Vihaan asks if she cannot wait for a bit but she denies and promises to pray for his mom before leaving. Vihaan looks after her wishing that she would trust him with her problems too and that he would in turn take all her burdens away, giving her every happiness possible. He gets up to walk away and wishes that her meeting would get cancelled. Aarushi get’s a call from Rosanne that the meeting is cancelled. Vihaan turns around but Aarushi doesn’t turn back and he leaves. Aarushi turns back towards him but she doesn’t stop him from leaving and leaves herself too.

Vihaan’s 6 mothers are laughing in Dadi’s hospital room. The nurse comes there to tell them off but they claim that laughter is their way of keeping sickness away. The nurse leaves them to it. Bua Maa comments on how their Daughter-In-Law will think they are crazy because of their behavior and Dadi get’s worried again about Vihaan’s marriage.

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Aarushi’s dad and brother are having lunch and discussing how close they were to loosing Aarushi plus her salary. Her dad instructs Girish to inform him about every happening in the house from now on to avoid such situation in the future. Her mom asks them if they need any more Roti and after their denial, she takes her plate and comes near them to eat. Her Dad scolds her and tells her to stand up. Aarushi’s Dada comes there and stops his bullying by scolding him for his behavior that caused Aarushi’s rishta to be broken. Her Dada promises to slap the dad when he crosses his limit. The Dada and the mom leave. Her dad promises to leave the house himself once he wins at gambling.

Gattu’s scene from last Monday is repeated where he says he will make the Queen his.

The female doctor warns Vihaan about taking better care of Dadi’s Blood pressure. All the mothers file out of the room and complain that they were kicked out to Vihaan. He tells them to rest now that Dadi is better. Chachi Maa sees the doctor and starts questioning her about her family and her profession. The doctor get’s a call from her daughter and Vihaan is relieved. Saarthi blurts out that they don’t need to look for a girl anymore for Vihaan and everyone is shocked. One of them asks Saarthi if Vihaan likes someone. Vihaan quickly takes over and says Of course not. Saarthi is just implying that the right girl will come to him someday and not to get worried. Vihaan is relieved that he is saved again and thinks that if his mother’s come to know about Aarushi, they will straight away take his Baraat to her house. But he wants her to fall for him and say yes to his proposal, only then will he think about marriage with her.

Rosanne tells Aarushi that Vihaan traveled to their office specially to meet her but Aarushi denies it. She claims that they are just friends and Rosy scoffs.

Vihaan warns Saarthi from telling the mothers about Aarushi. Saarthi promises not to divulge the secret. Some random old man tries to commit suicide by trying to fall down the stairs and Vihaan saves him. Old man is angry at being saved while his wife cries and asks Vihaan to leave.

Aarushi and Rosy are trying to find a Rickshaw with no luck. Rosy tells Aarushi to visit his mom. Aarushi agrees and calls him up but his phone is unreachable. She worries that his mom’s heath may have worsened. Aarushi get’s a call from her mother who asks her to buy a packet of salt and 2 kilo potatoes. Aarushi takes her mother’s permission to go to the hospital.

The nurse informs Vihaan, Dadi and Saarthi that the old man wasn’t trying to commit suicide just break his hands and legs so he could stay in the hospital for a few more days since he has no house. The old man is a professor who owned a lavish 2 bedroom hall kitchen apartment, which he transferred to his sons 2 years go. After that they ignored him and he pretended to have chest pains and started living in the hospital by one or the other reason because he thinks of the hospital as his house.

Vihaan goes to the old professor and tells him that he will be discharged soon. The professor get’s angry on Vihaan and Vihaan tells him that even he was abandoned by his father but he didn’t quit living. He tells the old man to get a brain. Vihaan tells the old man to live for his wife. The old man claims that old parents only want some love and attention from their children. The doctor visits and says that he will be discharged ASAP. Vihaan tells the moron, I mean the old man to rest and asks if they need anything.

Aarushi queries the hospital receptionist on Vihaan’s mother’s room. Vihaan sees her walking towards the room and get’s shocked. Vihaan thinks that if Aarushi sees his 7 mothers so soon, she will reject him before she accepts his love.

Precap Girish is clicking pictures of Mini Maa exercising in the park. Vihaan confronts and slaps him.

Update Credit to: In-Sanity-Metis

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