Satrangi Sasural 27th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Satrangi Sasural 27th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
All are shocked, while arushi is tensed as they eye the fallen puja thali. priyanka and all the other mothers begin to taunt her about the same, that if she is involved in work, then she shouldnt be so fake in her puja. granny too supports her, and arushi stands alone, with only geeta supporting and saying that arushi is trying her level best. granny asks her to simply go and prepare another thali. Vihaan and arushi are tensed as geeta complies. They pray with the new thali successfully. the priest asks them to do the prasad distribution and then begin with the Bhoj. Arushi follows the instructions diligently, while granny amusedly watches. After doing this, when arushi begins to work, mini comes and asks if she would help with the Bhog. She stands tensedly, when mini says that she can work inside too, as she doesnt need to show that she is the one with all the work. but geeta stands for her, and says that they shall manage. But priyanka and mini still try to disturb her by making her meet guests so that she isnt able to fully concentrate. Vihaan’s mothers begin to serve bhog to all, while arushi gets with her presentation, tensedly to finish in time.

Scene 2:
Location: Arushi’s residence
As Kasturi and dadaji find prahlad hurt, they are tensed. mili comes in just then. she asks where had she gone and if she is okay. Mili says that she got delayed in school. dadaji asks her to rush and call the doctor. they decide to call arushi. Meanwhile, While arushi is working, she gets kasturi’s dishevelled call, informing about the injury to her father. Arushi wonders what to do now, attend the guests, finish the presentation or rush to her family. vihaan finds her tensed and rushes to her, asking whats the matter. She tells about prahlad’s injury. He asks her to relax and handle everything here, while he shall go and check everything at her family, and assures that he shall manage everything, as its his family too. She asks him to call and let er know. he agrees. before he can rush out, mini and priyanka ask him where is he going, and he tells them. They are surprised to know that Arushi isnt going. He says that he shall handle there while she handles here. he leaves. priyanka says that this is their upbringing that he cares for his wife’s family so much. priyanka says that whenever she sees a happy couple, she wishes she too had gotten a husband, who loves her immensely, and not beat her, or ask her to dance for his friends. she gets emotional, and rushes inside, while mini is tensed.

Vihaan arrives to find prahlad having been banadged by the doctor who assures him that its just superficial wound and nothing serious. He pays off the doctor, and after he is gone, he reprimands prahlad for his brashness. prahlad greets him with folded hands, surprising everyone, apologising to everyone, that whatever he did ws okay, but what he did with his daughter, Mili was a sin. he says that he doesnt rightfully deserve to stay here, and he has pained them a lot. He begins to go to his room and starts to pack his things, with kasturi after him. He says that he is packing stuff, to leave, as he is a very bad man. he comes out and apologises again, saying that he is a bane to this family, and hence is leaving from here forever. kasturi is distraught, while vihaan asks her not to stop him, as he is running away from his responsibilities, which he has done all life, and maybe its for the better that he is leaving, since he wont let anything wrong happen to this house, as its her arushi’s house, and there’s no place for anyone who tries to spoil this happiness. prahlad is tensed. Vihaan asks what happened and why isnt he going now. he tells him that if he actually regrets it, then he should stop this drama and work instead, as there’s no problem in it. he asks him to start the work in the money he gave him, while prahlad says that he isnt in the age to work now, and if he gets a small loan, he would have started some work. dadaji and kasturi are angry. Vihaan says that if he promises then he shall give him the money. dadaji warns him otherwise, while prahlad assures him that he shall utilise the money. but vihaan says that he shall give a chance to prahlad, and walks out. dadaji is tensed, while prahlad tries to tell him that he isnt lying. vihaan comes back with a cheque book, and gives him the cheque, and prahlad happily and eagerly awaits for it. vihaan eyes him tensedly, and warns that if he tries one wrong thing with the money, then he shall know from kasturi, and then he would have to face serious consequences. he gives the cheque to kasturi. prahlad resignedly agrees. Vihaan begins to leave, while kasturi says that this isnt needed, as if arushi knows she would be angry. Vihaan asks her not to tell arushi, as she is already very tensed. he leaves. prahlad snatches the cheque, and finds that its in his wife’s name. dadaji says that this is exactly what should have been done. preahlad says that he shall have to beg in front of her for money, and she says that its her son’s money after all, and hence she shall see its properly utilised. prahlad fumes in anger.

Meanwhile, granny finds arushi tensedly catering to everyone, but tensed. She asks her again and again if everything is okay and she complies. Later nilima sees her dilemma and asks her to finish her presentation as they shall handle everything here. she gets to working. Arushi doesnt realise but her saree is caught in fire, while she is working on the laptop. priyanka notices it and is shocked. she douses the fire with her hands. priyanka starts hollering at her, that this is completely irrational trying to juggle things. granny tensedly asks her if she is okay. Arushi is scared and in tears, while all mothers eye her angrily, and rush to see priyanka. Geeta asks her to check herself and the laptop, to see if she can retrieve the mail. She complies. Arushi sees and doesnt find the presentation. she thinks that everyone would feel that she is making an excuse. she dials but noone picks up. She thinks that maybe the meeting has started, and thinks that nothing is working out for her. geeta is distraught, as she finds arushi apalled, hoping to god that everything turns out fine. geeta feels for her.

While priyanka fumes that she saved arushi’s life, and noone cares for her, as if she is the worst. Arushi comes in and she asks her not to pretend to be nice. Arushi says that there’s noone around. priyanka asks if she is trying to be funny. Arushi insists despite her protests, and attends to her injuries, with ice. Arushi says that today she proved that she isnt that hard and rough as she shows. priyanka asks her to go, and arushi finally complies. After she leaves, priyanka keeps her hand on the ice bowl. Arushi peepes to see this, and thinks that priyanka may try hard, but one day she shall impress her, and create a space for herself. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Vihaan tries to assure narmada that arushi didnt send him, but it was his descision as arushi’s father was sick, and her family needed him. Narmada says that all his descisions are his these days. While narmada and vihaan fight, arushi begs with folded hands not to fight for god’s sake. Arushi says that she shall resign from her job, and wont give them another chance to complain about her.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. what the hell! Now Arushi should resign from her job.This is curious.

  2. what I said before has been clearly shown in this episode that the seven mothers are jealous of arushi because she has a loving and caring husband like Vihaan and as prianka said her husband abused her and make her dance for his friends I find the way she is thinking is not right she should be glad to see that they raised a good and kind hearted son vihann and that he is showering his wife with soooooooooooo much love and attention instead of being soooooooooo jealous of arushi come on writers get a good man for each of the mothers so that they would cool themselves and accept arushi into the family for real

  3. PRAHAD should have become senile after he did the head bangs and this would have been a good remedy for his callous behavior.All about him is scheming his way to get money.I am glad Vihaan gave the check to his wife.These mothers I really have pity on them .Their behavior makes me think that some thing is wrong with their minds.They have emotional problems from their before life and wants to live it out with Vihaan.Such utter nonsense.

  4. Aroshi ky dad ko to such m marr jana chahiye …… soo annoying ..

  5. its a rocking movie..I Luke de stunning ov vihaan n aarushii..kip it up ash….

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