Satrangi Sasural 26th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Satrangi Sasural 26th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Vihaan deliberately tries to tease her, he taunts that he isnt interested in coming close to her, given her promise and all, and she can be safe and nice in her solitude. she is tensed, thinking that she would have to go to the office tomorrow, as he cant miss it, since she needs this job, to run her family.

The next morning, arushi comes down dressed for the office, and priyanka is tensed. While arushi comes to take guruji’s bleesings, mini asks him if its necessary for the wife to be there, and he says that its obviously essential. priyanka and mini retort that arushi’s priority is office and not home, and that they shouldnt force her, lest granny gets angry. Arushi is tensed. narmada asks them not to force their decisions on anyone, as they cant make anyone do anything against their will, if they dont have enough faith and respect for the rituals. Arushi is tensed to see Narmada so angry, saying that responsibility cant be taught and that they shouldnt even expect. Just then, arushi gets rosy’s call, who asks her to be urgent in coming, or else the boss shall be mad. but she says that she wont come, shocking everyone as well as rosy. She tries to say how boss postponed the meeting only due to her, as he wants her to give the presentation. but arushi says that she cant at all, due to the puja here. rosy says that she shall go and attend the meeting, but asks her to look at the presentation, atleast, and rectify it. She agrees. After she cancels, priyanka asks her to help if she isnt working. geeta comes and asks what happened and why is she so tensed, and asks about office. Arushi tells her descision. geeta asks her to go and prepare for the presentation. she complies and leaves for the living area, to work on the laptop. the mothers are tensed. priyanka finds her working and eyes mini, and retorts that its better she has to work, to go to office, that be here. Geeta is apalled and asks why would granny scold her, when she manages both the things. Mini says that they shall see. when arushi coems to help them, priyanka says that they dont want to face granny’s ire, but she should give the puja thali for vihaan, being his wife. Arushi complies.

In the kitchen, she gets to preparing the puja thali. While trying to grab a jar kep high, she loses her balance, and falls right in Vihaan’s arms, who holds her just in time, to save her from falling. a romantic embrace and eye lock follows, and she thanks him for saving her, while he comments that she might not care for him, but he would always be there for her in times of trouble. their conversation is stopped by priyanka hollering for the thali. she gets to preparing it. he asks about her office. she tells about her descision, and how she is juggling. He says that she should have taken the challenge having asked for his permission. he tries to help her, and deliberately pretends to be hurt by the knife, to invite Arushi’s concern successfully. narmada sees them, and taunts that vihaan has started working and helping arushi in the kitchen, which he never did with his mother. He tries to spesak, while she asks him to get ready for the hawan. he teases arushi and goes. Narmada faces arushi tensedly.

Scene 2:
Location: Arushi’s residence
As money lenders demand for their money, kasturi apologises to the money lenders, and asks for some more days to pay the loan. They suggest that she should try and get her husband to work. prahlad comes in and starts to behave rudely and impolitely, while he asks prahlad to stay within his limits. prahlad pays off the person, taking out a bundle of notes, alarming Kasturi. She asks him and dadaji too gets tensed. prahlad asks her to be quiet, while she asks for Mili. dadaji is tensed too. they both ask where is mili and if he got some work again. prahlad asks how can they accuse him, and they ask him about the money. She vents out her frustration at him, that he spoiled the lives of both his daughters. they ask him to speak up. what he tells them shocks them all.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Granny gives arushi the neg, for having successfully manages the puja as well as office, after the completion of the puja. she says that she passed the first step. the defying mothers are tensed, while vihaan and geeta are very happy. the couples takes everyone’s blessings. they all comply. Arushi finds her chance to work, but priyanka asks hjer atleast wait till after the puja to continue with her office work. Arushi complies. She asks geeta how much more time. geeta says that its another 15 minutes. Granny does the puja, while arushi anxiously eyes the watch as time passes by. While granny is about to hand the plate to arushi, it slips from her hands, shocking them all. Arushi is worried that it would bring their ire. The screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: Vihaan’s mothers begin to serve bhog to all, while arushi gets with her presentation. Arushi doesnt realise but her saree is caught in fire, while she is working on the laptop. priyanka notices it and is shocked.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. What’s with all these mental mothers

  2. like I said writers get a man for each of the seven mothers maybe that would take them off arushis trail for a while tooooooooooooooooooo many set backs in this serial arushi to hell with those seven mothers what they think is take your husband and leave that house before it is toooooooooo late consummate your marriage have a child and live happily ever after without any interference as for prahlal I am fed up with him now where did he get money I hope he did not sell mili this time writers throw prahlal ass in jail now and end it with him he is just a parasite in this world lol

  3. Men like Prahlad should be castrated so they wouldn’t be fathers and husbands ,preying on the women in their family.

  4. Arushi you have a lot of courage .I really applaud you for this.

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